Senior Hamas figure killed in Gaza; rocket lightly wounds Israeli
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.12.08, 23:51
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1. we love ısrael
destroy all hamas homes members all terror targets....GOD BLESSES ISRAEL
2. It's time for Israel to show the World they have a right ..
Roy C Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (12.29.08)
to defend their Home land the same as any Nation on earth & more so. that Land belongs to God. Yhat is where He put his Name. He gave it all to the children of Jacob, Israel. No one has a right to give any part to the PLO. Israel don't have to take it . they own it.. Itls time to show the world to Back off or get OUT like the EU told Ireland last week. Ireland was not shooting, just running off at the Mouth, & dragging their feet. see what is going on? Israel don't have to take it from any one. (!!!!) Roy C, Hudson USA
3. Hamas' masochistic streak in full view
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.29.08)
Perhaps it's that Arab feeling of superiority (despite all evidence to the contrary); perhaps it's the Islamic martyr complex. But one has to wonder. What rational person keeps shooting off missiles against a bigger, more powerful neighbor who's prepared to give him a serious beat down? Hamas cannot defeat Israel. Like Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas can only invite more suffering and destruction on the people it claims to represent.
4. Addition to #3
Paul ,   Phoenix, U.S.   (12.29.08)
Barry Rubin has an excellent article in the Jerusalem Post addressing this issue. Hamas doesn't really care about the well being of the people they claim to represent. The reason for their existence is to destroy Israel.
5. Israel has the guts
Joshua ,   amsterdam Holland   (12.29.08)
Let's support Israel! They have the guts for eliminating Hamas
6. terrorist leadership goes in to hiding
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.29.08)
After receiving building plans from naziralla, the hamass leaders have now moved in to the same style swiss roach holes. I wonder if hamass press secretary ali waked has one also?
7. #3 Rainman in DC
Elokim ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
If you are jewish (and it sounds like you are from you talkback), where would the jews be if other bigger countries didn't fight for then back in the 1940's? I'm sorry, but what you stated is showing the opposite of what you want to say. A smaller less equipped 'country' is fighting a "bigger, more powerful neighbor", hmmmm much like Russia and Georgia. BUT, the difference is the world was smart enough to step in and defend the smaller country! You can't say Hamas is a terrorist organization since it is by definition the elected governing party! This is the former PM's way of trying to get back into power. LOL Good luck... you didn't do a good job before, what makes you think the people will want you back? Oh yeah that's're showing them you're a killer!! look at this...
8. Israel for the win
dave ,   uk   (12.29.08)
9. To Number 2
Bill ,   UK   (12.29.08)
You are right every country has the right to defend its land. But the only problem is this is not your land
10. Hamas Asked For This..
Sal ,   Houston, USA   (12.29.08)
And as the saying goes: you get what you ask for. Hamas is foolish to think they can launch rockets into Israel, with a far superior military force. They have invited the full wrath of what Israel is willing to do, though often, not enough. Cut the head of the snake. Do not stop until they get it through their Jihad worshiping skulls!
ALEX ,   USA   (12.29.08)
12. To #9
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (12.29.08)
Not our land, Bill from the UK? The UN disagreed with you in 1947. Learn your history and shut up. I understand the "special sensitivity" a limey may wish to show the former colony... We are so sorry that we not only kicked you out but have also survived and prospered. If need be, you may find some solace among your local skinheads...
13. "Ding dong the witch is dead the witch oh witch the wicked
witch,dingdong the ,   wicked witch is dead   (12.29.08)
14. Israel
curtis ,   westminster usa   (12.29.08)
God bless Israel.
15. shalit wounded
marcel   (12.29.08)
If harm has come to shalit, severe harm will come to hamas leadership including the families. haniyeh-you are warned!
16. Win the war against terror.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.29.08)
What is the one strategy that can win? History has shown time and again that military confrontation does work. Israel could achieve military victory by eliminating or incarcerating Hamas’s leadership, not two or three a month (so that they are replaceable) but a few hundred at once. By breaking its command structure and its logistical apparatus, Hamas can be rendered inoperative. For this to happen, Israel and Western democracies must treat the terrorists’ mortal challenge as a war for survival, not as a series of skirmishes. And in war, you must fight to win, by all traditional means as analized (5 parts) at :
17. Israel is not a strong country
aafdfd ,   fddffa   (12.29.08)
Because why they can make ware only with week country oly,
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