IDF: Tunnel bombing cripples Hamas
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 29.12.08, 00:31
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1. lol ...Sure it does.....thats why it took the IDF so long t
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.29.08)
2. Til Now We Have Been Silent, But No More
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.29.08)
LOL yourself, we well prevail, 100m Jews and Christians are preparing to aid our brethren in Israel. We (US) freed 50m Muslims from tyranny by the Taliban and Al Qaeda Iraq, and now are freeing 1m Muslims from the yoke of Hamas. To those who think otherwise, remember the expression "Don't tread on me". We will fight you, as long as it takes. We are marching against Islamic fascism, just as we marched against Hitler. Personally I am getting angry against Hez, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda. I know of thousands who are ready to go directly to the battlefield in the M.E. We will take your kind on, directly, both there and HERE Do not underestimate our will. We have G-d on our side., the G-d of the Jews and Christians. We are strong and getting stronger. We are not appeasers.
3. illusions will not Give you Security.. ,   Gaza   (12.29.08)
we have more than 10 thousand of Grad-Rocket beside 15 thosuand Local rockets...... till we die , and these rockets finished,we will fight. after that you your IDF will face Nea Gnerations who fed up with Resistance Culture. Million of Che Guevara Characters inside our kids. Long life My Revolutionist Soul
4. fight till we win…. or we fight until we die ,   land of Gods   (12.29.08)
fight till we win…. or we fight until we die we have more than alot of rockets...... till we die , and these rockets finished, we will fight. after that you your IDF will face New Generations who fed up with Resistance Culture. Million of Che Guevara Characters inside our kids blood. (Long life My Revolutionist Soul) Fight for the Palestine bound for glory Armed with a heart of steel I swear by the Brothers who stand before me To no man shall I kneel Just for Allah my God
5. no use of this raid
lion ,   jordan   (12.29.08)
hello sir, i want to till all israeilain generals that no use of all these raids, Arabs will be more bowerfull , more insist on their case,we will take revenge untill deth... this is our right , and.we will be more ferocity..thank you so much.
6. The tunnels
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.29.08)
Tzahal and Shin Beth knew of the tunnels and their function. The 1% government ORDERED Tzahal to stand down. When this war is concluded, the attorney general has an OBLIGATION to charge the 1% leadership with aiding and abetting the enmeny
7. lol
ur a completetl ignorent. we could have finished them off in an hour if all these country's woul'ent have tried to get us not to. where taking it easy on hamas and its only the begining.
8. "The Egyptians were briefed on the upcoming operation"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.29.08)
The IDF obviously felt compelled to warn the Egyptians in advance. But though one presumes these tunnels were in active operation, the fact that so few casualties have been reported suggests word of the operation may have been passed to Hamas. I say "well done" to the IDF - proving those who believe there is "no military solution" to this or that problem are wrong - again.
9. they worked for years..
Alex ,   UK   (12.29.08)
..building tunnels, bunkers, training camps, collecting weapons, rockets, ammunition, sending fighters to Iran.. and then all this becomes dust, just in two days. ordinary Arabs and Iranians are not idiots. They see who is stronger. Days of terrorist dictatorships in the Middle East are counted. On a bit bigger scale, Iran/Syria might be next, if not changing their habits.
10. What kind of damn, fool babble was that, #4?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.29.08)
What empty chickensh***.
11. Only ground troops can get rid of tunnels, air strikes can't
Jeff ,   tel aviv Israel   (12.29.08)
Kadima won't allow ground troops in to get rid of the tunnels.
12. Death To Terrorists
RickD ,   USA   (12.29.08)
Remember Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. The result of Israel hitting Fatah hard was the destruction of Fatah as a terrorist army. Today former Fatah terrorists like Zakariah Zubeidi have given up terrorism in exchange for an amnesty granted by Israel. Did Zubeidi give up terrorism because he loves Israel? No. Did he forget all his former comrades who were killed by Israel? No. He gave up terrorism because he recognized the futility of it and because he was given a way forward where he could see his own personal gain. This is exactly what Hamas needs. They need to be hit hard and destroyed as a terrorist army. The foolish statements by Arab terrorist sympathizers on this message board ignore history. Hamas terrorists will give up terrorism when they see the futility of their struggle and see a way forward to peace.
13. Futility
Joseph Barnett ,   Archbold, USA   (12.29.08)
That Hamas leadership would resort to threats against Israeli leadership reveals their frustration at being unable to inflict even substantial injury to their enemies. How futile is it to continue sending thousands of missiles and mortars when so few casualties result? What a tragedy that Hamas continued following a course of action that would ultimately bring great harm and suffering to themselves.
14. To Pali #3. ALLAH is NOT Happy With You Guys.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (12.29.08)
You say :”Illusions (i.e. Paliwood productions) will not give you security “. Pali, now (finally now) you are coming to your senses. Security can ONLY be given by ALLAH, the Supreme Lord. BUT you guys love to fire Kassam rockets and mortars at UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel -- so, do NOT expect ALLAH, the Supreme Lord, to provide security for you guys. BECAUSE you guys love to fire Kassam rockets and mortars at UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel -- ALLAH, the Supreme Lord, is NOT happy with you guys. IF you want security -- you guys SHOULD stop firing Kassam rockets and mortars at UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel.
15. Consistency
AP ,   Canada   (12.29.08)
The IDF will acheive their objectives only by being consistent with their message !
16. to #4
Sam ,   Toronto,Canada   (12.29.08)
I am sure if you want to die, nobody will stop you. Why don't you just go into one of those tunnels and wait. BTW, the IDF is using to little force according to you..They should be carpet bombing the whole gaza and your wish will come true.
17. #4 Please do kneel before allah as he eagerly welcomes you
to hell itself.Then ,   REAL terror begins!!   (12.29.08)
18. #3 If allah is sooo happy with you guys,why does he sit by
and watch you be des ,   troyed??? IDIOT!!!   (12.29.08)
19. Palestine My Love: Typical Pal Coward
kenstee ,   NYC USA   (12.29.08)
Now is the time for jihad and martyrdom and you hide like a crying old woman behind your computer keyboard! No wonder the world has no respect for you.
20. Gaza vs Cu Chi Tunnels in Nam + Airpower
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (12.29.08)
In Vietnam, the Americans suffered a high casualty rate trying to destroy tunnels from the ground. The serpentine design made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the Americans to destroy the tunnels. The VC had endless booby traps and were able to easily rebuild and circumvent damage to one branch of a tunnel. Finally, the Americans destroyed most of the tunnels with massive B-52 raids. Israel has much better intel and these tunnels are designed more for smuggling than for camouflaged fighting positions so these are much easier to destroy. This is an incredibly well-planned operation that shows that the Israelis incorporated their lessons learned from the bungled Lebanon War.
21. Why did they wait? Election maybe? ,   Nashville, USA   (12.29.08)
How could this government allow the tunnels for all this time? Olmert is a joke.
22. #3
Reuven ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.29.08)
You're right, Ahmad. That's why the only lon-term solution is transferring you and all Palestinians out of the country. See you in Amman!
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (12.29.08)
Presumably tunneling started in earnest only in 2005 -- before that IDF was patrolling the ground. So in 3 years they have made a couple hundred tunnels, according to some estimates. They'll be back, unless IAF keeps up constant raids.
24. some of the rat-holes are "filled"
Jan   (12.29.08)
Not all of them,YET. To # 4 & # 5 -- I can understand your anger, your rage.You have no one to blame but yourselves. You have received Billions $$ for the past 60 years; more than any enclave, group or displaced citizens on earth. What do you have to show besides your hatred, your misery, your despondency?NOTHING .... The arab world has more wealth, more money, more land, than any country on earth.The kings, the sheiks, the imams, the dictators, the mosques, are flushed with power, and THEY are the ones who are making PARIAHS out of you. You have become the beggars "par excellence" .What have you learned in 60 years? making bombs, immolate your children and bragging about it, stone & honor killing your women, your daughters, kill and bomb buses, restaurants, and of course each other with gusto. You just forgot a few things,IE :a few roads, a few clinics, a few "decent " schools including medical, libraries ? clean housing, kindergartens? Of course you will not find these necessities for a normal life in the koran. The opposite is rammed down your throat by the leaders you have chosen --- Farouk,Nasser, Ghadaffi, Abdallah, Saddam, Bin laden, Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad, Arafat (he got most of your billions),to name a few, all losers. Sad but true. For a better world, the world had to "flatten" Germany and Japan in order to have them join "civilization". Look at the results. They are the envy of the world. The only advice I have for you, get rid of your despot leadership and start anew. You will find the world, including Israel ready to help. Good luck PS : Ask Sarkozy of France to lend you the "Gillotine" rusting away in the Louvres, and go to work.
25. Israel in control of the Egypt-Gaza border crossing.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.29.08)
Israel should make no concessions to Hamas. The Egypt-Gaza border crossing should be exclusively under the control of Israel. The only second possibility should be the free choice of the inhabitant of Gaza to emigrat to other Arab countries (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). The time has come for these people to stop with politics and terrorism and search for a solution for their families based on well-being and peace. That is the real solution as explained at :
26. There are still many tunnels to bomb
Leah ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
that are used to smuggle explosives and weapons so I suggest that they are bombed too
jan   (12.29.08)
If you read number 24, and approve of it, copy it an send it to your friends. ------Who knows. don't bother sending it to your newspapers,as they belong to your "Masters"
28. #5 Mr. Bowerfull - Arabs know the US Pres, "When Bush Comes
meir elazar   (12.29.08)
#5 Mr. Bowerfull - Arabs know the US Pres, "When Bush Comes to Shove" In the mean time don't believe all that crab that you hear on Al Jazeera. Israel will bombard the terrorists, keeb ub the blockade, and brevent the shibs from Libya and Iran from getting to Gaza. We will bound the terrorists with missiles and bunish them until they stop the rockets. We will counter your ferocity with our velocity and will show you your deth that you wish so much. Inta Lazim b'daras e'Lurah Anglizi. Allah Ma'ana (G-d is with us!)
29. AND for those muslim readers
Jan   (12.29.08)
who have red # 24 & 27. I know, they tell me it's a lost cause,but. Gaza is a beatiful place, with stunning beaches, white sand, and a superb climat.With a thorough cleaning, a few nice houses, a willing population to put it's house in order, a rebuilt airport and getting rid of gun toting uniformed outlaws, get your agriculture moving again,etc ; you will have a gold mine waiting to be rejuvenated by 1000's tourists. How do I know all this, I was in the Negev in the late 40's , t'il the early 50's facing off within a few yards the then Egyptian/Brittish military camp ; the last battle of the war, I think. I'll spare you the heroics, but I know it can be done. The only requirements are men and women of good will.
30. # 24 Jan AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!
Petra ,   USA   (12.29.08)
The world applauds Israel and the pals can die any way they want. Best for everyone if they do. Aren't the recycled 'virgins' getting worn out?( I HEAR THE 72 YEAR OLD 'VIRGINS' WELCOME THEM) The pals are absolute trash that must be taken out. They use their kids as warriors, maybe the men will have to fight this time? No matter, they are idiots who will lose every time they make war on Gods cchosen. GO ISRAEL. G-D BLESS AND KEEP YOU!!
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