Gaza reports: 7 killed, among them baby
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 29.12.08, 08:05
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31. #25 World is sick of your terror
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.29.08)
Read the comments from around the world including the Arab world. The Israelis are being cheered on. Even Palestinians want the demise of Hamas for making their lives miserable.
32. Only got themselves to blame for the chaos and bloodshed
Talula ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
But I feel sad and sorry for the young children that were unfortunately born into a life of bitterness, anger and enmity - and ultimately, died because of it.
33. #28 Anti-Israel Propaganda Not New
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.29.08)
People like you get threatened when Jews defend themselves. The facts precede you.
34. #28
don't know where you read your history, but you are delusional. you are not only wrong, but historically, your claim holds no water at all. want to talk terrorism...let's see. in the 1930's....does haj amin al husseini ring a bell, know, the grand mufti of jerusalem who incited terror mobs against the jews in the 1930's and 40's, culmnating with the slaughter of hundreds of jews in jerusalem and hebron, incited arab mobs against the jewish settlements where arab hacked jews with swords and gutted their eyes and cut off the male private parts and stuffed them in the males' mouths. in 1929-1940, where haj amin al husseini, the premium arab leader of the time has instructed his gang of thugs and arab terrorists to slay jews wherever you find them, incited his mobs to murder and slaughter jewish babies, mothers, pregnant women and men, innocent jews brought to death, their synagogues burned to the ground and all this BEFORE THERE WAS ANY ISRAEL OR ANY OCCUPATION TO SPEAK OF. then, this person traveled to germany in the 40's, lived there, befreinded hitler and devised the FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION IN PALESTINE. he was going to build a death camp in palestine where jews will be interned and murdered by arabs. READ YOUR HISTORY ON HAJ AMIN AL HUSSEINI, MORON! he eliminated all jews by murdering them in jerusalem (jews were a majority in both jerusalem and hebron at that time, living in peace!!!!) and in hebron, slaughtering them all using arab mobs. now, let's concentrate on jews in arab countries living there for millenia even before islam arrived. do you want to read about the life of jews (the dihimis) in arab lands. be my guest. pick a book called THE FORGOTTEN MILLION. it'll give you quite a nice indication as to the torture, degradation, oppression, nazi nurenberg like rules against the jewish community, ghettos they were forced to live in poverty and squalor, mob riots and decapitation, hangings and slaughter of the communities in these lands...and the final blow, after years of suffering under islamic rule, the arab lands expelled all jews without anything except the shirt on their back!!!! the governments confiscated all their property, money, accounts, homes, businesses, etc... and expelled them out of the country. israel absorbed them as refugees, gave them hope, a home, a citizenship and nationality and a hope to become part of a people, proud and productive in an israeli society in the 50's. you know what the arab governments, on the other hand, did with their palestinian refugees?? THEY PUT THEM IN CAMPS, IN SQUALOR, IN POVERTY AND OPPRESSION, FEEDING THEM A WRONG REVISIONIST HOSTORY OF THEIR STORY, INDOCTRINATING THEM THROUGH HATE AND WAR, THROUGH VILE ANTOSEMETIC EDUCATION, USING THEM AS FODDER TO FIGHT ISRAEL, USING THEM AS BEASTS AND MAKING THEM INTO DEGRADED BEAST SO THAT THESE REGIMES CAN DEFLECT THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE REFUGEE PROBLEM AND PUT IT ON ISRAEL'S SHOULDER. you my friend, need a lot of reading to do. please do not come on this site and profess your indignation and your one sided moronic opinions. base them on facts, not on fantasy. read, educate yourself before you come here and insult our intelligence.
35. Apropo (Funny!) Meir Elazar-Slicing & Dicing Hamas
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (12.29.08)
It will be interesting to see if Israel uses it's IDF brains to slice & dice Hamas. I hope that Israel will: 1. Retake the Philadelphia corridor (with Egyptians backing them up from behind!), all the way to the Med; 2. Create a 1 km (at least) Philadelphia Buffer. Find & destroy remaining tunnels & camouflaged entries. Plant ground sensors, microphones, & deeply implanted, remotely &/or locally activated charges. You dig tunnels - you die inside them; 3. Chop Gaza into a large number of blocks across it's width, avoiding the main latitudinal boobytrapped roads. Isolate Gaza City from the south; 4. Do the same lengthwise, where necessary; 5. Establish a temporary Philadelphia Refugee & Northern (& perhaps Western) Refugee Camp in some of the old, evacuated Israeli settlements; 6. Tell all unarmed "civilian" Gazans (they voted for, cooperate with, hide weapons, & support Hamas-they are just as responsible) to come out to the temporary Refugee Camps for food & medical care. * Search, interrogate, & categorise them. Ignore international organisations, unless they want to contribute money & material via ISRAELI hands. * Expel all the Arab foreigners smuggled into Gaza to find work in Israel. Imprison all the Iranian, Muslim Brotherhood, & Al Qaida infiltrated terror trainers (if they are still there). Perhaps hand the MB over to Egypt for their "tender mercies"; 7. Go block by block; kill the holed up Hamasnikim with air, artillery, & tanks from stand off distance; find, dismantle, & destroy all the ratholes, tunnels, arms caches, & booby traps; 8. Take it slowly, carefully, & COMPREHENSIVELY. * Use overwhelming, overpowering, disproportional force. We are there to WIN, not play games or look good to the BBC, CNN, & Pallywood Reuters. News organisations edit & endlessly recycle their agenda driven BS, & Arab petrodollars buy A LOT of advertising. * Be strong & straightforward in explaining. No self pitying, overly "sensitive", soft hearted, soft headed pleading for international humanitarian "understanding". No other country would ever have absorbed these attacks, certainly not for so long. * Remember how brutal, direct, & EFFECTIVE the English, French, Russians, Chinese, or other EU members are when their self defence & self interest is threatened? 9. Remember: The UN, EU, politicians, & alphabet soup of NGOs have their own self important, self perpetuating commercial & bureaucratic agendas. It is NOT to defend Jews or Israel. They are repeating their own sound bite mantras, usually to look like they are doing something (behind the scenes, they are quite happy that Hamas is being eradicated) Too bad that Hezbollah had to be a missed opportunity. The world-especially now-cannot afford the time, energy, effort, & COST of preventing terrorist organisations from fragmenting the world economy, politics, & society. They need to be eradicated, for the common good. Someone needs to "Bell the Cat", although they all express "horror" when it is done, especially by Israelis or Jews. Remember Entebbe? 10. The vast '"Silent Majority" of civilised humanity supports Israel, at least in their understanding of self defence. Don't be swayed by "political class" jabbering. Remember: "Israel looks at the world through a telescope; the world looks at Israel through a microscope". A well directed "loose cannon" has a great deal of freedom & power! 11. General Patton: "The idea of war is not to die for your country; it's to make the other bastard die for his." War is not a Scout game. When forced, wage it comprehensively, effectively, & deter future problems. "War is the ultimate extension of diplomacy." Effectively, war is an extension of the "Peace Process". Whether quietly, in suits, behind closed doors, or on the battlefield, power, force, & violence of one sort or another resolve ALL problems. It is just called "Negotiations".
36. #30 You're not a racist if you renounce & accept Allah!
37. ISAAC - "now tell us how you really feel"
Islamophobe   (12.29.08)
Good comment. Yes you are a racist... but a good one.
38. #28 Alex: The world watched ,ignored rockets hitting Israel
Islamophobe   (12.29.08)
They said nothing. They DID NOTHING. You and your kind are hypocrites. Your "world" can go to hell. I hope that Israel continue to hit the enemy hard. Its so thoroughly deserved.
Petra ,   usa   (12.29.08)
WHO CARES ABOUT THE PALS? NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL ESPECIALLY THEIR OWN. Paybacks a bitch aint it mussie? Got what you deserved, live and die w/ it.
40. should we not do a mile in one anothers shoes?
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.29.08)
Then the Jews who are now Palestinian... can see how they have been wronged... and how Palestine was stolen from them. and the Palestinians who are now Jews can feel good about the fact that God left the land to them!
42. Israel must stop mindless violence
israel has no right to go about bombing innocent civillians in their homes and schools and then trying to JUSTIFY it by blaming Hamas!
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