Sderot, Gaza residents call for renewal of truce
Daniel Edelson
Published: 29.12.08, 09:07
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1. Don't listen to them
chaya ,   bat Yam   (12.29.08)
While I understand their motives, this would be the wrong thing to do! Hamas MUST be defeated - totally!
2. They must be a very small minority
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.29.08)
I am positive that if a poll was done at least 90% of Sderot residents want the Hamas crushed once and for all. It is only naive sheep that believe that there can be co-existence with terrorists.
3. they never learn...
yael ,   israel   (12.29.08)
4. They already hate Us
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.30.08)
They already hate Us anyway that is why they are shooting Rockets
5. I doubt the truth of this article's statements
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (12.30.08)
I find it difficult to believe that during an ongoing miltiary operation, while kassams and grads are falling, someone is running around a closed military zone getting signatures. And how would he get the signatures of Gazans? This article sounds like an outright lie, either made up by the reporter or by the resident and perpetuated by a reporter who is incompetent and does not check facts.
6. Let's do the math
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.30.08)
We have 500 out of 500,000 that are currently being attacked that want a ceasefire. Humm that is 0.1% - sorry that is a mighty small minority. And what 1,300 Arabs out of 1,500,000 in Gaza, that is even less than 0.1%. Why is this news?
7. Notice who it is directed at - not Hamas
William ,   Israel   (12.31.08)
Hamas causes the problems, fires the rockets, destroys the economy, and slows the delivery of food and fuel - and these j*ckasses have the audacity to sign a petition telling the IDF to stop and speak with Hamas. 1) Sderot should remember Shalit was kidnapped DEFENDING their town, 2) Quiet doesn't necessarily mean "safe". Until I see a petition, with equal or more signatures of Pals on it demanding Hamas stop their bloody terrorism, I say PUSH AHEAD IDF!!
8. #6: 0.1% is a significant percentage. It keeps Olmert in
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (12.31.08)
and almost got Livni elected.
9. It's already been 60 years...
John Birch   (12.31.08)
It's already been 60 years and it's sad that there are still people from both sides who stubbornly refuse to give peace a chance. How many more generations will this go on??
11. To Adam E. Berkowi #5. I second your TB.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.02.09)
12. Ynet, this ridiculous article has been here for one week
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.05.09)
13. opinion
Dan J ,   London   (01.06.09)
Yeah Judah, it must be galling to hear stories that undermine your bellicose propaganda. You should perhaps just stick your head in the sand. Oh wait, you did already...
14. William, some elementary arithmetic
Dan J ,   London   (01.06.09)
1800 signatures. 500 from Sderot. Do the sums.
15. You numbskulls should be happy...
stirfry ,   San Diego ,CA USA   (01.07.09)
This article is posted. You need all the positive press you can get.
16. at least some good news
to Adam ,   World   (01.08.09)
He didn`t speak of Gazans, but of Palestinians in GENERAL
17. Bravo, Give peace a chance
Amandine ,   France   (01.11.09)
Bravo, give peace a chance and you will succeed, it is time to move forward. France and Germany was twice at war last century, nobody would think to live one without the other today, that could happen with Israel and Palestine too. Enough blood, extreme will only bring more extremists and more blood. People should not give their life or die only because 2 sides won't talk directly, don't play others countries game and demand from both sides to stop and meet now. People just want to live not die!
18. Beautiful !
Peleg ,   Haifa , IsRael   (01.11.09)
Very inspairing ! It's beautiful to see that some people think rationally and not just rush into killing everything.....a barbarian and stupid thing to do , for it wouls solve nothing and only promote violance in the world ! Way to go "Different Voice" !
19. stop now
girou ,   les sables d'olonnes   (01.15.09)
we are ashamed about this crual war because we are cool in our houses et hav'not no courage martine de france
20. Definition of madness
Ruth ,   USA, formerly UK   (01.15.09)
The definition of madness, according to Einstein, is doing the SAME thing and expecting a DIFFERENT result. Military attacks and keeping the Palestinian people poor and weak has made them vote for Hamas and hate Israel. What do you think will be the result of MORE military attacks and MORE deprivation? Yup, MORE hatred and a STRONGER Hamas. And, by the way, saying Hamas is the cause of those people's problems does not change their minds. All they see is, Israel is beseiging us, Israel is cutting off water, food, medicine, Israel is bombing us - therefore Israel is the bad guy. Hamas provides them with medical help, education, and social services and gets their loyalty. If you were to OUT-DO Hamas in those ways, don't you think their loyalty might waver?
21. ruth
lola ,   london   (01.16.09)
your exactly right, i was about to say pretty much the same, just not put as well probably. is refreshing to hear a post that made sense like this on ynet.
22. takes a lot of courage...
gberke ,   usa   (01.06.10)
to put ones name down on a petition. that is serious stuff. that is admirable and courageous.
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