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Western Wall: Hundreds pray for soldiers' wellbeing
Published: 29.12.08, 08:56
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1. Number Wrong; Millions of Jews Pray For Soldiers' Safety
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.29.08)
2. HaShomer, Shomer Al Kol Beit Israel!
The Guardian Guards all of Israel! May His Hand Guide us and keep all soldiers and citizens safe!
3. hadn't they desecrated Shabat, prayer would've been accepted
observer   (12.29.08)
4. our lives are filled with prayer for the safety of israelis-
debra ,   usa   (12.29.08)
soldiers and citizens. may Hashem hold you all in the safety of his hands.
5. Pray for our Soldiers.
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (12.29.08)
6. everyone is praying
christians and jews in all over the world are praying for sucess and stamina and for lives of soldiers in israel. both christians and jews are praying for you here in the u.s. and europe. we are all one, behind you idf/iaf, suport you and the jewish people right to live in peace in your holy land, the land of the jews of israel. the lord and god keep you safe, keep you unharmed and keep you alive with no danger. we are all with you, christians and jews all over the world. may the lord keep you safe. we love you and are proud of your mission.
7.  We can say Tehillim
ima   (12.29.08)
Nos. 121 and 142 for the welfare and safety of our precious soldiers.
8. Christians also pray. Shalom.
Marce ,   Madrid   (12.29.08)
9. #3 Shabbat Descration
Meir ,   Toronto   (12.30.08)
The Gaza operation was launched on Shabbat as part of the element of surprise-precisely because it was Shabbat.
10. Pray for Soldiers Divine help.
Nieves ,   Australia   (12.30.08)
We pray for the Soldiers and for all the people of Israel , and we now "HASHEM ELOHIM " is is with you.
11. # 1 , is your church the right number ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.30.08)
12. Not much danger, culling Arab children from high in the sky
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (12.30.08)
Hardly worth your prayers. We know your brave soldiers wont be troubled by any pangs of conscience; the only harm likely to come to them will be the fear of arrest when travelling in Europe and a long jail sentence at the war crimes tribunal.
13. #9Meir, that Shabbat deception happened during 48-hour truce
observer   (12.30.08)
Five sisters from one family were killed only because their house was close to one of five stricken Islamic mosques in Gaza. The Al Shifa Hospital has been evacuated after Israeli threats that it is a target for the IAF. Millions prayers are really need to purify weapons.
14. #12 remember Hamas was shooting Grad & Katuysha Missiles...
we asked very nicely many times to stop we warned them that if they didn't stop we were going to womp on them! they didn't stop so we are womping them...we didn't want this war...the Hamas brought it we are defending ourselves... why is it that everytime we defend ourselves morons like you creep out of the woodwork with rediculous comments.
15. #12 boo hiss on you!
16. IDF
Kim ,   Israel   (12.30.08)
Our soldiers, are the sons of God. And only God will take care of them.
17. observer , a 48 h. truce ? are you joking ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.30.08)
No truce with them , Israel only allowed Egyptian supply to enter . Regarding those 5 killed , why did they live in such a dangerous neighborhood ?
18. I am in constant prayer
Amy Markell ,   usa   (01.01.09)
24/7 forour men homeland an people. for our governments to have the backbone to withstand public opinion and for us to be successful once and for all.
19. Why not on the Temple Mount?
Lee ,   Florida   (01.01.09)
The 'Western Wall' is just that -- a wall. Go up to the Temple Mount, that is where the Jews should pray. Do not let a pagan government stop you from doing what G-d has commended!
20. We pray, but not because Amar said so
anonymous ,   USA   (01.02.09)
Israel has been both blessed by Chief Rabbis like Lau and Ovadia, and embarassed by the two in the job now. Amar, in particular, has condoned thuggish behavior in his own family and has, at the last minute, blocked efforts to find humane halachic solutions for agunot. So yes, we will pray for the safety and success of our soldiers; but this in spite of Amar's call, not because of it.
HAL TRIPP ,   LA PAZ, BOLIVIA   (01.03.09)
22. prayer.
David ,   USA   (01.06.09)
My Messianic assembly prayed for the safety of the brave Yhudi brothers who carry the standard of HaShem and hold up the arms of Moshe in the battle for Beni Avraham against Amalek in Aza. I pray daily for them.
23. They'd have more prayer if women's side was bigger!
Jewish Lioness   (01.14.09)
Even a Christian friend who recently visited Jerusalem could not believe what a tiny, totally disproportionately small area women are given at the Kotel. What validity could any rationale for this discrepancy have? And do give me that "men are required to pray, women not so obliged" bull. Are women's prayers any less important to Hashem? A very clear and very discouraging and alientating message is communicated by this physically-imposed inequality. And every few years it seems to get smaller -- even encroaching on it with the ramp up to the Temple Mount. Couldn't that have build some other way, some other place? Seems Israel is now also saying that even the prayers of Muslim men are more important, more precious to G*d than those of Jewish women. So long as Jewish women give birth to Jewish children, they should be honored with full (or at least equal) access to our Holy sites, rituals, and other elements of a spiritually vibrant life -- and certainly enough space do they don't have to push and shove and/or wait in line for and hour or more, just to reach the Wall so they may pray there for their/our son and daughter soldiers.
24. I'll tell you why not on the Temple Mount
Lil' Rab   (01.14.09)
Since we do not know where, exactly, the Holy of Holies was, and since only the High Priest/Cohen can enter that ultra-sacred space, many Jews consider it risking sacrelidge to step foot on the Temple Mount, lest they accidentally tread upon the Holy of Holies in an unclean and unsactified way. That's following Ha Lacha, too. Furthermore, your admonition is really an incitement of violence, and you well-know it. As such, it is a chet. Try to emulate Aaron, the peacemaker, not his sons (nephews?) who, in their huberous, desecrated the Mishcan.
25. 1,000s of Northern Californians Praying for You
Tam Tam ,   USA   (01.14.09)
In every Bay Area county, and many cities, we have had, and continue to have "Solidarity with Israel" gatherings. All over the world people, your Jewish family, and others, are praying for your well-being, and for the Gazans to have enough of a sense of well-being that they will go about their lives and let you live yours in peace, security, prosperity, and grace.
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