Arab media: Shalit wounded in bombing
Ali Waked
Published: 29.12.08, 07:07
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YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (12.29.08)
No more ARM TWISTING with GILAT SHALIT ISSUE is GOING To STOP US. WE will finish you Hamas TERRORIST this time !
2. Psychological warfare
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.08)
Or an excuse to cover up his murder. If Regev and Goldwasser's fate is any indication of how these murderers treat captives then this is a good way to turn it around and make us seem guilty
3. LOL Just two days ago they said Shalit wasn't in Gaza
Jonathan Boyko ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.29.08)
What a bunch of morons...
4. Bullshit
Sam ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.29.08)
It's a good sign, they tr desperately to find something to stop us. Kee up the good work, Tsahal.
5. Didn't you just know it?!
Li ,   Eilat   (12.29.08)
Weren't we all waiting for it?! Poor Gilad has been through hell & they never had any intention of giving him back but to use it is an ace card...I pray every day for Gilad's sanity & his safe release but Hamas have got to go...there is no getting away from Tzahal this time...elohim ishmor al hayalenu vekal hafei mepeshaa.
6. Funny, I thought they were saying that he was not in thhere
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (12.29.08)
Hamas has been saying that a ground op would not find him as he was not in the strip anymore - so how could he have been injured? So either they: - lied that he was never hurt - are lying that he was hurt in the raid - hurt in retaliation to the raid against their own religious rules. Pick one, only one to a customer.
7. NO cease fire untill" GILAT SHALIT IS FREE "
ISRAELI JEWS   (12.29.08)
NO cease fire untill" GILAT SHALIT IS FREE " NO cease fire untill" GILAT SHALIT IS FREE " NO cease fire untill" GILAT SHALIT IS FREE "
8. This ugly person (Shalit) already bring SO HARM to country..
Bob   (12.29.08)
Two black coffins from Hizballa nothing to learn Israeli...
9. Make sure all palis his age are killed
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.29.08)
in a land operation. Whether they are armed or not.
10. How they going to prove it?
israel   (12.29.08)
No credible person has seen Gilad since he was kidnapped. No-one knows what condition he was in then and now. They are playing their trump card through sheer desperation. But I think it's not enough.
11. Don't stop bombing until Shallit is back home, alive.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.29.08)
Sergio HaDaR Tezza ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
Why don't you use Nasrallah's press corps, instead of these lousy collaborators: at least they'd do a better job!
13. # 8, How DARE you???
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (12.29.08)
The only one ugly here is you. Gilad Shalit is a young soldier, who, by no fault of his own, was kidnapped by the enemy. His parents, like any loving parents will do anything to get him back home. In their situation I would do the same (That's why parents should not be involved in hostage negotiations). It's our governments' job to conduct negotiations, with the best of the country in mind. The government failed miserably in the Goldwasser/Regev situation. We got our boys back in boxes and murders and terrorists walked free. Gilad Shalit caused this country no harm. However, the government did. Bob, you need to be ashamed of yourself.
14. Didn't they say just a few days ago that he's not in Gaza?
They said (after Olmerts warnings to attack) that even if we bomb all Gaza he wont die cuz he's not there.
15.  diarrhea and peeing
dfs ,   free palestine   (12.29.08)
diarrhea and peeing, that's it. do you worry
16. #13 Esther
Kim ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
Unfortunately there are dispicable vile people who write horrible things here............such as #8. Best thing is not to even acknowledge ignorant losers like him. Obviously noone pays attention to him in his life so he has to come here to get some - pity it's all negative. The man ia a Loser.
17. Abu Abir said:
S.   (12.29.08)
"Even if Israel thinks about entering Gaza, or dropping an atomic bomb that would wipe out Gaza, it won't be able to kill Gilad Shalit," he said.
18. was/is he alive anyway?
Jerusalem   (12.29.08)
Who says they didnt killed him the very first day they got him, and now they trying to "blame" Israel for his death. Anyway if he got hurt they better take good care of him, no "" alive"Shalit, defanaly no trade. I still hope and pray he will be home alive...
19. what a load of crap...
sara ,   israel   (12.29.08)
kelu, anyone even knows he's alive! we all pray for the return of shalit, but come on, nobody's seen him for years, and now they're saying he's been wounded, looks like someone's trying to blame "the zionist enemy" for his death....
20. #13,16-Shalit was SOLDIER, if yappi Israeli dont understand
Bob   (12.29.08)
meaning of word "SOLDIER" (person , who go protect his country, even to pay highest price), so really U soon be crash - becouse Arabs know WHY they go fight, but U NOT...
21. #20 And you seem to fail utterly in realizing what it means.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.29.08)
A soldier may fight, and even die for his fellow countrymen - paying the highest price. But soldiers also have a very simple rule - you don't leave a man behind. Ever. Because he's your brother, the man watching your back, flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood. Arabs have yet to learn what that means - they merely parade shahids and prisoners around in a macabre parade of death and politics. Sacrificing your life to save others is one thing. Leaving a man behind, though... quite another.
22. ok .. BOB ! (#8)
Eyal ,   Kiryat Mozkin   (12.29.08)
uummm, Bob ? from your words we all can understand that you have the IQ of a dead ant .. and clearly you are not from this region .. oh, and go and learn some grammar Mr " bring so harm " .. We will free Gilad, even if it means to level the ground in Gaza. kapish ? BOB ? O_o
23. Show us, liars! He'd be jubilant at retribution even so!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.29.08)
24. remind me. how did hamas get him?
remind me ,   remind me   (12.29.08)
did nnot hamas get this hero from inside the tank! lmal
25.  "The children are terrified"
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (12.29.08)
Just saw an article on the humanitarian "crisis" in Gaza. It quotes Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, a psychiatrist who runs Gaza's mental health program as saying "The children are terrified, Adults are unable to provide them with security or warmth." Funny that they are complaining of this now, as that has been the situation in Gaza vicinity communities for the past 9 years - and Israel showed restraint by not shooting back. Seems that Hamas is giving its people what is sowed in Israel.
26. #20 Soldiers
Talula ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
Oh good, so you know what a soldier is. Now you need to recognize the difference between a soldier of a democratic country (Israel) and a 'soldier' of a terrorist group (Hamas). On Saturday our air force sent a missile into a group of Hamas 'soldiers’ during a falling-out parade and killed them all, bringing their award ceremony to an abrupt end. So why are you crying, they are also ‘’soldiers’’ but the difference is, those soldiers have sworn to destroy Israel. Our soldiers have sworn to protect it. 918 days ago more misfit terrorist ‘soldiers’ crossed into Israel from Gaza and kidnapped an Israeli soldier, which is in direct violation of international law. Why do you think you are beyond international law? It reinforces the world’s belief that you are nothing but a bunch of lawless thugs who thrive on murder and carnage. But now NO-ONE cares about you. Everyone has washed their hands of you. Can you see ANYONE demanding the missiles stop? NO! they only want minimum civilian casualties. No-one cares about your ‘soldiers’ – infact everyone is happy when another one is killed.
27. # 9 Jason White...
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (12.29.08)
Honestly, you're the reason many people in the world are "anti-Semitic". It's because of the arrogant, xenophobic, racist BS that you've been raised with- and you can thank the Talmud for that.
28. Jason White is a fool
Ziggy ,   SAfed, Israel   (12.29.08)
Israel's Jews are not xenophobic. The Arabs are the xenophobes. You, you fool in safe Chicago, Illnois ten thousnd miles away, how dare you excuse Hamas dropping missiles on our cities? We have Arabs who are Israelis. Jews in Gaza are non-existent because of Arab xenophobia.
29. 27#,"the Talmud" is too blame?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.29.08)
Anti-semitism has nothing to do with the Talmud. It also has nothing to do with whether Jews are too thin or too fat, too rich or too poor or too smart or not smart enough. Anti-semitism is a disease spread by ignorant people like you. It especially surfaces when Israel decides to fight back against its enemies.
He is in Egypt. Thats why they went ahead with the action. I heard this from a soldier.
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