Arab media: Shalit wounded in bombing
Ali Waked
Published: 29.12.08, 07:07
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31. Hamas: "women and babies! women and babies!"
You know how the Hamas treats its women and babies? The aid that goes to Gaza for these "women and babies" in confiscated by Hamas to fuel their army , pay for the uniforms, and buy guns and bombs for terror. THEN, when they do their ops, they HIDE BEHIND the women and babies.
32. #14
Did you really believe that Shalit is not in Gazza? How did he get out? Did he just walk out or swam the Mediterrenean?
33. sending a message....
Uri D ,   tel aviv   (12.29.08)
Is this the message we are sending to young IDF soldiers? Go and fight for your country but try not to fall into the enemies hands, because if you do, you are on your own.
34. hamas' bombing of israel from gaza
k dutton ,   royal oak, MI USA   (12.30.08)
How does Hamas defend its policy of dropping bombs on israel? Can they expect to continue it without reprisal? Do they really think they will destroy Israel? Does Iran fund Hamas? If so why do not World Leaders point that out?
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