Egypt to Nasrallah: Our forces can defend nation
Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.12.08, 15:05
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1. Yesterday on Belgian television
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (12.29.08)
Subject 1: Turkey condemns Israeli operation in Gaza Strip Subject 2: Turkey bombs PKK bases
2. Minister Aboul Gheit says Nasrallah wants chaos
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (12.29.08)
He is right finally someone has found the real issue. Most of people in the area want peace after 60 years war, unfortunatelly there are some figures that serve interests not for good of the region.
3. Shi'as of lebanon don't stick your beards in Egypt
Seti ,   Egypt   (12.29.08)
As a Egyptian I feel insulted by nassrallah an d the Tehran gang. They have no right whatsoever to meddle in Egyptian internal politics. The Iranian hand was the source of all problems in the middle east. Isreal was willing to negociate and make peace. All major arab states wanted to reach a deal. Only Iran and their proxies are making trouble, using terror and destabilization. They are the real intruder.s. In Gaza Israel fought only against Hamas, not against civilians. I know many people, even by us are brainwashed by islamists, but I know Israel is right in hitting Hamas. One day, for sure ther ewill be peace, once Iranian nefarious influence will vanish
YA THINK? ,   ..............DACON9   (12.29.08)
5. @1 in Iraq even! Turkey is being hypocrite.
S.   (12.29.08)
6. yes! the United Arab front is blown away!
of course it never really existed what with Shites, Sunnis and Alawites all in the same was really only a matter of time before the internecine fighting began!
7. to 3, Seti
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (12.29.08)
Dear Seti i am glad about what you said, it gives hope that there are those who oppose the fanatics. of course, there might be a lot of discrepancies between the jewish and arab people. on the other hand, no one can deny that they are close relatives. what a blessing it would be with real peace between these nations.
8. Israel
James ,   Las Vegas, NV   (12.29.08)
victim or bully??
9. #7, don't hold your breath
GUH   (12.30.08)
#3 was a fake Egyptian I'm pretty sure- what sort of Egyptian would buy the sort of PR that this person has just claimed? Israel fought only Hamas= 365 dead? Iranian hand in middle east problems = conflict in Palestine and Lebanon older than Iranian revolution? Give me a break, what a phony!
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