Déjà vu in Gaza
B. Michael
Published: 29.12.08, 16:47
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1. B. Michal.....you are a pathetic idiot!
ari   (12.29.08)
2. who let this person deficate all over my screen?
3. B. Michael = Defeatist Coward
CEK ,   The US of A   (12.29.08)
What do you propose? Allow hamas to continue to fire rockets at civilians? I guess you feel only arabs can be victims and jews deserve to die.
4. game over
sam ,   ta   (12.29.08)
the time has come to end the bloodshed by doing on to others as thay wold to to us just doing it first its time to take gulianis sugjestion and ad gaza to the sea then we will know peac
5. Michael
jb ,   Canada   (12.29.08)
Its thanks to support from imbeciles like you that the genocidal policies of Hamas see the light of day. Move to Gaza with your friemds, dummy. You would have condemned the Allies for invading Europe in 1944! Fuck you you mumzer!!
6. Funny, I feel like a prisoner
yehuda ,   Holit, Israel   (12.29.08)
Of constant rocket and mortar attacks. Of the Islamic world constantly pushing for our death. I feel the prisoner of the attiudes of people like this author which tie our hands from any significant action that realy leads to true security. Since it is attitudes like his that hold us back from actualy doing anything truly significant to achieve that security. Since it is so obvious that our enemies have never desired a true peace and those that have have not lived for very long. For once let us finish this, once and for all. Let us fight instead whining about how tough things are.
7.  war of occupier against occupied
emanon ,   USA   (12.29.08)
The author has the roles reversed. Jews with legitimate claims were illegally thrown off the land so the terrorstinians could illegally occupy the land and use it as a staging are for the demise of Israel.
8. B. Michael has it wrong
ARA ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.29.08)
B. Michael is on the wrong wavelength. He has never noticed Hamas's final goal, expressed in Hamas's covenant (or whatever the document is called). Hamas's final goal is the destruction of Israel. Its bombing of southern Israel is carried out to drive Israelis away from the area. The purpose of Cast Lead is to convince Hamas that any more bombing of southern Israel will cost Hamas a high price. The price has to be high enough for Hamas to take pause in its pursuit of the destruction of Israel.
9. yeah because they loved us before....
Danny   (12.29.08)
10. Michael you are an idiot and you have no pride
yourself and your country.
11. How long?
Brent ,   Lawrence, USA   (12.29.08)
So only hatred, anger, and revenge will come of this? You may be correct Mr. B Michael, but you fail to answer an important question, which failure makes you sound weak, ineffectual, and sympathetic to Hamas. That question is "How long must the people of southern Israel suffer before something is done to solve the problem?" Inasmuch as Hamas will accept nothing other than the destruction of Israel--so says their charter--on what common ground do Israel and Hamas negotiate? There is none. For Hamas to achieve what it wants, Israel and all non-muslim Israelis must be destroyed. That is not the basis upon which one can negotiate nor find common ground. In effect, only one entity can remain--either Hamas victorious with Israel destroyed or Israel victorious with Hamas destroyed. There is no third path.
12. its better than paralyzing 250,000 israelis with rockets
Chezki ,   NY   (12.29.08)
13. b.michael, still disilisioned!
oded   (12.29.08)
so what do you propose israel does in the face of an ongoing onslaught on its civilians? the bleeding hearts just don't get it... never will ,either!
14. Only hatred, bereavement, pain, and desire for revenge will
So what's new???????
15. He's right
Ofer ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
These half measures will get us nowhere. We have to completely devastate Gaza as the allies did to Japan and Germany. Otherwise we will have no peace. This war must be conducted with devastating cruelty. If their going to hate us, they should also fear us.
16. Like they didn't hate us before??
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.29.08)
This is one of the most absurd articles I have ever read!!
17. Don't cry for them
sue ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
The pals caused this problem. Instead of spending money on infrastructure, culture, schools they spent money on weapons. What is any sovereign nation to do if its citizens are fired upon by rockets. Sit and take it. They are a bunch of islamofascists. I feel bad for the normal pal caught up in this tragic mess. All we in Israel want is to live in peace, we don't want people to die, but we have to protect our right to exist. They want to destroy us...so they must be destroyed first. They feed the Muslim world with hate and fear of the all powerful Jews. They brainwash their children from birth to hate us. How can a normal society send its children to die as suicide bombers..Occupied or not this is an abomination. The Arab world needs to stand up against this awful and evil sacrafice of children. And Turkey says to stop the aggression,like they show it with the Kurds, yeah right.If the Kurds were only as media savey as the Pals they would have their own country by now .
18. Exactly who is this left wing fool?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.29.08)
19. B. Michael
Rick ,   Raanana   (12.29.08)
So weak, so simplistic and so married to the barbarians at our gates.
20. Gaza
David Sherman ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.29.08)
Nice sentiments about how awful Israel is, but the reality is that if Hamas and Gazans were to stop shooting rockets at Israel and were to focus on building Gaza instead, they could have peace an a vibrant thriving society with fully open. Israel can't tolerate constant rocket attacks on its civilians.
21. deja vu
עלית ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.08)
Thank you for your words. and what about: "Israel's air force obliterated symbols of Hamas power " -- what, or who exactly are these symbols of Hamas power? the Palestianian civilians who voted for them?! It always comes down to that to obliterate the Palestinian people under any pretext.
22. Hatred, and desire for revenge were the norm before this op!
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.29.08)
What kind of a narrow minded writer is this B Michael? Come on, guy, B Smart for a change. Show me any Hamas official documents from anytime before Saturday that were not full of hatred and calls for wiping Israel off the map. Seriously, do you really think that without this operation that Hamas was interested in peace, or even negotiating with us? Don't you even read Ynet? Hamas kept shooting at us precisely because we didn't shoot back. I say that instead of exercising the useless "restraint", we pound the everloving shit out of Hamas targets for the next month, and then see if they want to continue shooting rockets at us. And at the same time we tell them the same message over and over: "Tell us you'll stop shooting rockets at us, and then we'll stop shooting at you and open the borders." The answer is already known: Hamas will never agree to this simple, logical step.
23. Yeah, four miserable decades
naftush ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
In the course of that "7th day" (since June 1967), Israel has eliminated threats of overland military attack, concluded peace with 2 important Arab countries, contained terror from/in Judea-Samaria, sent Hizbullah into its spider holes, nearly tripled its population, quintupled its GDP. What a wretched four decades it's been....
24. mubarak
abserver ,   USA   (12.29.08)
he is your savier this time ,if they open Rafah crossing ,you will have a real fight , you are fighting armeless prisonors ...sitting in a big prison ..you are not a hero ..they are for facing you head on ..not from 30,000 feet up .
25. michel foucault
B.Michael, are u familiar with michel foucault's theory of power relations - that when u oppress someone, u'd be giving him the power to resist. all of the those who posted their comment impolitely maligning ur article will be stamping Israel's end very soon.
26. What happened to peace promised by left-wing Oslo Psychotics
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.08)
Before all Jews were ethnically cleansed out of Gaza, we had peace in Ashkelon, Sderot, Yad Mordechai and other areas near Gaza. Oslo Psychotic Left-Wingers peddled truckloads of propaganda about how Jews needed to be ethnically cleansed out of Gaza for true peace and friendship to develop. So what happened to all the peace these left-wing Oslo Psychotics promised us? What will we do with all the peace if we give up the Golan, E. Jerusalem and West Bank? Ship it to a landfill somewhere?
27. B?
Maybe what we are seeing in Gaza today is just a tiny bit of Israel`s hatred, bereavement, pain, and desire for revenge ?
dav zee ,   SC   (12.29.08)
THE ENEMY HAS ALWAYS SOUGHT TO GIVE PAIN TO JEWISH PEOPLE... so there's nothing new except it'll cost the gazans dearly and hamass needed a big punch in the nose, and a kick in the university nest of Israel killers...Israel need not fear these rifrafs spewings! May the Universe Bless the IDF, THE IAF and Israel and allow it's enemies to see the light...or, the light of bombs.
29. b michael
elliot ,   usa   (12.29.08)
is right--let them fire rockets and kill as many jews as possible until only the b michael's of the world -all 3 of them journalists-are left living and they will not hate or want revenge or anything---like in gan eden!
30. Maybe Michal should tell his immune system
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.29.08)
to quit working. We wouldn't want another battle. Bacteria being killed by his superpower immune system flying antbodies to combat the internal and external threats. We wouldn't want his immune system to fight the fungus growing in his throat. We wouldn't want him to survive the attack. We will just tell him to let the battle grow exponentially until his body can no longer function and succumbs to death. These microbes he feels sorry for are more important in his scheme of things. It's absolutely funny his own body doesn't follow his crummy advice. Humans are always fighting a war for survival. Wher has this putz been? He is one of the ones who gives up because the antibiotics are just to frigging effective at killing the bacteria. His motto is.....the bacteria didn't have a fair chance. They didn't get to kill enough Israeli's before an assault was ordered to stop them.
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