IDF says hit Hamas' arms development site
Roni Sofer
Published: 29.12.08, 16:03
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1. R&D lab
Talula ,   Israel   (12.29.08)
Pity they don't channel their 'R&D' knowledge into something more lucrative. Something that would put them on the map and gain some international respect. But no, instead they put all their miniscule brains together in an attempt to develop crudely made rockets. I see that the weapons factory is situated right next to, what looks like, apartment buildings in a built up residential area. Typical.
2. Well Done: Clean, Surgical Strike
emanon ,   USA   (12.29.08)
3. Why did they wait till now?
4. 3 years late however, hope they now are waken up
charles   (12.29.08)
5. go go go IAF!!!
6. Congrats IDF!
Mark G ,   New York, NY   (12.29.08)
We all realize how difficult it is to gather intelligence to know what to strike, to strike it with such precision that civilians are not hurt, or at least their losses are minimal. Congratulations IDF, and thank you!!
7. What Awful News For The Environmentalists!
David H ,   Marietta USA   (12.29.08)
All those chemicals and toxic gasses. Where are the left wing kooks to protest?
8. Rockets
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (12.29.08)
The rockets are not homemade crude weapons. They are sophisticated coming into Gaza from Iran and Syria. They should be destroyed at the source. If it means all out war in the region, so be it. Perhaps that would give the survivors a better chance at true peace.
9. Notice that the buildings next door appear unscathed
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.29.08)
Nice shooting, IAF. Using the new GBU-39 "smart" bombs, no doubt.
10. destroy every building near the border then mine it
zionist forever   (12.29.08)
Destroy every building near the border residentia, business, school if its standing then turn it into a pile or rubble so there are no buildings to operate from and mine deep enough into Gaza to make it impossible to fore at least short range rockets. Destroy Gazas port it will finally stop the boats full of do gooders and stop any weapons being smuggled in by sea. Gas stations, roads make traveling difficult. Jam cellphone signals so they can't communicate and plan terror attacks. Once this operation is over carry out regualr strikes against smuggling tunnels not sit around let them dig the things for over 3 years and only when a decision is made to carry out a full scale air strike that anything is done, This government has been neglihent in allowing the construction of these tunnels, without them there would be no Grads and other roockets in Hamastan possibly even saving us the need to carry out a multi billion shekel major operation.
11.  IDF says hit Hamas' arms development site
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (12.29.08)
god bless all of zahal
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