South under fire; 2 Israelis killed
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.12.08, 01:58
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1. That's it...
zionist forever   (12.29.08)
I am leaving this country
2. rockets at Ashdod
Miriam ,   Canada   (12.29.08)
and why do we never see any pics in the news about those casualties? It is very considerate to respect the victims, but world opinion sees just one side of the conflict: trumpet up and fake pics of the Ghaza side- this does not help israel's image at all. After the fiasco in Lebanon Israeli should pull out all the stops and get on the publicity bandwagon like the other side. War is dirty- don't pretend to fight a 'gentleman's war'
3. hope for more
best news ,   all day   (12.29.08)
4. # 1 we are leaving, too
leaving ,   leaving   (12.29.08)
# 1 we are leaving, too
5. The strike illustrated Hamas' ability of launching rockets c
The strike illustrat ,   The strike illustrat   (12.29.08)
The strike illustrated Hamas' ability of launching rockets capable of reaching a range of some 25 miles.
6. This must stop! ,   Nashville, USA   (12.29.08)
We need to continue the fight until the rockets stop!
7. that's it
zionist forever   (12.29.08)
I will move to Qiriat Arba, all Hamas must be destroyed
8. good news
jack ,   somewhere   (12.29.08)
glad to read dat
9. #1 & #4
Boaz ,   Western Negev   (12.29.08)
don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out
10. #2...why do we never see any pics...
oscar ,   buenos aires   (12.29.08)
Israel Governement forbids them to avoid panic among jewish population.
11. #1, #4 um... why would you be leaving?
Because Israel is just starting to defend herself?
12. to those leaving; when the going gets tough
Ashdod guy ,   no place for pussies   (12.29.08)
cowards run to their mamas.. (good riddance)
13. harmless fireworks
Nick ,   London   (12.30.08)
everyone talks about rockets but these were just a few stray fireworks, Hamas need to celebrate New Year early as Gaza won't be there next week
14. #1 and #4
Hani ,   Sfat   (12.30.08)
Sorry maties there is no place to run to. Israel is the safest place to be. This is just the beginning.....
15. #9,11,14
Adam ,   Jslm   (12.30.08)
they are leaving because the bad goverments of Israel for the last 7-8 years allwed Hamas to arm up the way they did. now we are faced with changing 8 years of history with them.....and why? Because of elections this goverment and previous goverments only do things to please themselves. We are going to lose a lot of soldiers due to these mistakes and frankly people that are feeling insecure about the choices Israel has made now and yesterday and I concur with you it is not right to leave and we shouldnt but at the same time I understand why a handful of people will.
16. wipe out
alan ,   texas   (12.30.08)
wipe out the areas from which the rockets are fired. eventually the "peaceful" Arabs will get the picture. and if not., goodbye.
17. 3 Reasons why I think of leaving
Shimon ,   Poleg   (12.30.08)
1. Kever Yosef overrun IDF Druze medic left to die to appease PA 2. The Lynch in Ramallah 3. Pardon of baby killer Kuntar in exchange for corpses of murdered soldiers But I'm still here! I'll never leave!
18. #13 Wait till one smashes into your head
19. #17: G-d bless you.
Steve   (12.30.08)
20. hamas
jerry ,   st louis mo   (12.30.08)
Hamas will stop when they learn to love their children MORE than they hate jews
21. The Iranians are going
Alan ,   u.s.   (12.30.08)
to fight until the last Palestinian..
22. #1, #4
Moshe ,   tel aviv   (12.30.08)
Please wait for me, I am leaving too.
23. Stop this madness now
Daniel ,   tel aviv   (12.30.08)
if anyone thinks that this war is going to bring security to israel, they are deluded. This is an unwinable war just like the lebanon war of 2006 and hamas will emerge more popular, more in control and more militant. just like hizbulla, they will replete their destroyed weapons and rockets from iran. Killing scores of civilians in gaza daily will only increase the hatred and trigger reprisals, this war is so foolish. the rockets fired at israeli are so useless that up to last saturday, thousands were fired and only 10 israelis were killed in 8 yrs, this doesnt justify a war. it is likely that we will see a return to suicide bombing in tel aviv and other cities becuase of this stupid war and the bad miscalculations made by our politicians and all the peace that we enjoyed for 4 yrs here will end. this will be like giving colera to cure dysentry! Danny, a proud jew, but a human first.
24. #1 and #4 are doubtfully Jews they are probably people
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.30.08)
people trying to demotivate Jews into has veShalome leave our only country in the world. God bless Israel! I also ask God to give us real leadership because what we have now i a cruel joke. barak livni and olmert belong in a circus not a government.
25. I regret the lose of life...but
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.30.08)
the people responsible... are the Zionist goverment... and they will be brought to justice.
26. I regret that I have to change my original post
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.30.08)
to ynet.. I have just read the story on the murder of 5 sisters by the IDF... Now far from regretting the loss of jewish lives... I feel myself wanting Hamas to take a suitable revenge on those who perpetrate this crime ... and of course other crimes against the people of Gaza. May Hamas do what it has to do to protect its people... failing that May Hamas deliver the Retribution upon those who attack it ..AND >> those who support it in any way.
27. and If thats Not enough ...
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.30.08)
Those Jews wearing the stained broon pants.. that now seem to want to leave Israel. Pity yer not in the IDF waiting for yer chance to be first to clash with Hamas. on the ground.
29. Lesson not learned
Felix ,   Haifa   (12.30.08)
Seems like nobody learned the lesson from summer 2006. Once again civilians are left alone. Shame on Israel...opting for war when the home front is not prepared.
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