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Molotov cocktail thrown at Chicago synagogue
Associated Press
Published: 30.12.08, 16:14
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1. Protests
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (12.30.08)
Such ethical people. Funny, they didn't exist when the angelic Hamas was sending rockets into Israel. Anti-Israel; another way to tell the world, "let the Jew be killed". Only the faces change; the hatred still exists.
2. Lots of Jewish/Israel news in media
GZLives   (12.30.08)
There's the Madoff scandal and now there's the fake Holocaust book and of course the Israeli response to Islamist attacks from Gaza - so what's the message much of the media is feeding the non Jewish world - at least in the US on all the cable news programs? That the Jew is a liar, a thief and a murderer ? When they don't report the context of the Gaza operation ie the endless daily rocketing of civilians, a war crime by the way - just the Israeli response - whats the message? And in the midst of all that's occurring in the world, a book about one couple that supposedly took place during the Holocaust becomes a multi day Page 1 or 2 story - what's the message? Now combine that with the worldwide Islamist PR machine and their leftist useful idiots in the media, universities, blogosphere etc. and we have the ingrediants for an extremely dangerous brew. Watch your backs everyone because this is likely to get much more dangerous
3. Support of Israel
Vlaanderen ,   Belgium   (12.30.08)
As A European I have seen the footage on TV of these demonstrators: They are at 90% muslims. You have to know that europe is full of these muslims migrants. They bring with them the hate of jews. Even European became afraid of theese violent and agressive thugs.. The real occupied territories are in Europe. Please Israel, free us from these roaches !
4. Leftists fishing.
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (12.30.08)
Islamists caught a lot of big fishes : The leftists all around the world. The diner is served ! and after digestion, idiots will be defecated...
5. #2
Alex ,   San Diego, CA   (12.31.08)
I was thinking the same thing! Last night I was watching CNN and they were discussing the Holocaust book. Immediately after discussing this matter, CNN moved on to the Gaza situation. I was also thinking that things are going to get really bad, even here in San Diego.
6. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.31.08)
There are protests during the day and night at our local Israeli consulate. Funny, but these leftists and pro-Palestinians didn't protest after the disengagement, when over 6,000 rockets were fired into southern Israel. Hmmm I wonder why? Heard Ted Turner today said that he was mislead for years by Israel. He believed the Palis were totally at fault until Palis leaders were interviewed. Said no one likes having their land stolen. That's right, we Jews don't appreciate our land from the Med. to Jordan having been stolen by the Arabs. Maybe he needs another wife to sooth his hurt feelings (was Levin responsible)? Hmmm? So, Israel has enemies going back to the basics 1947-48, when THEY were offered a state and attacked instead..then in 56, 67, 73, War of Attrition, 2 Intifadas, and 10,000 Kassams and Grads. Guess we cannot win to lose, can you believe? The world (CNN) likes to report on dead Jews and how they suffered. But when it comes to live Jews protecting themselves..
7. # 6
Dirk Diggler ,   Paterson USA   (01.01.09)
Israel was founded by terrorism. Remember the King David Hotel? The Haganah, Stern gang and Irgun were worse terrorists than the Palestinians could ever hope to be. And as for the posts concerning the media, every major media outlet in the world is owned by you people.
8. Chicago is a mean place. The wonder is that such incidents
Rivkah   (01.01.09)
are rare in a place with so much violence and hate. When my husband who was born in Chicago went to his father's funeral, he was attacked by two uncles who threatened him unless he signed over an insurance policy from his father to them. Since he was in summer school at a university far away and could not spend the time on a court case in Chicago and did not have the money to stay there to fight them, he signed over the money to them instead of calling the police. My husband never visited relatives in Chicago again. It is a vicious, vicious place that produces vicious people if they stay there.
9. To #7
Reed Rothchild ,   USA   (01.01.09)
You prove with your words that in your line of work you only know about shtupping and no next to nothing about the world. If us chosen people owned the media then there wouldn't be so many misguided and uneducated opionions flooding the airwaves like yours. Those groups you mentioned were full of awesome people who helped give REBIRTH to the state of Israel. The UN partitioned Palestine in 1947 and while us chosen people celebrated and said "THANKS," the kind hearted and intelligent arabs chose war. They made their bed of idiocy and must continue to lie in it.
10. in 10 years they will throw it on churches
asdf   (01.01.09)
11. 7# Stole my land too. I'm American Indian
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.01.09)
....and he's sitting on my land. Just like the Arabs are sitting on land, they stole from Jews in the first place. It would be a disaster if the Arabs had to give some of it back Dirk Diggler. I seem to remember your terrorist activities when you marched my family onto a reservation. Choctaws haven't forgotten your terrorism either. Don't judge lest you become the person committing the crime though protests?
DOODAH ,   USA   (01.04.09)
Hey Dirk: You are correct in pointing out the types of groups fighting the Brits for Israel's independence but when you say that they're worse that other modern day terrorists: We don't cut off heads you MF...AM YISRAEL CHAI
13. #6 Comments
DOODAH ,   USA   (01.04.09)
First, let me say that the U.S. so-called fair and impartial news reporting is an embarassment to say the least. Ted Turner is an anti-Semite and a POS. The world doesn't care about reporting tghe truth only bends to the Arab oil and $$. AM YISRAEL CHAI
14. taking advantage of those civil rights!
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.06.09)
I'd search the moslem community and there you'll find the guilty culprit. Well, the immigrant moslems certainly have made themselves quite at home-just brought all of their Jew-hatred right into the US. Just curious--have there been any Hayim Salomons among the immigrant arabs? Didn't think so.
15. Dirk # 7 , the ignorant
Charles ,   Petach Tikva Israel   (01.06.09)
The king David hotel was the british HQ in Jerusalem . The Brits were told 30 minutes in advance to leave , but the commander : i give orders , don't receive from them . There were Jews amongst the victims there . The Haganah attacked ONLY the British military , not "innocent" civilians . Yes there was Deir Yassin , but how many Jews were murdered before this case ? I have added Israel , as you are ignorant , it was needeed
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