Man lightly hurt as Qassam hits Sderot home
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.12.08, 14:22
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1. I hate Hamas...
palestinian ,   hebron   (12.30.08)
If Hamas werent exist this wont happen, the palestinian childrens are paying coz of ur twisted mind idiots!!! go to Iran make ur great emperor losers!!!!!!!!!!
2. Enough is enough
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.30.08)
In order to live in Sderot these days, you should not only be an idealist but also have a lot of courage …and patience. Qassam rockets are being launched daily on Sderot but the habitant of Sderot do not abandon their town, they try to go on in a daily routine life. You can only admire the passive and discreet courage of these people. But patience have limits : enough is enough. In order to be able to imagine what life in Sderot and the Western Negev was since eight years just open :
3. Gazan's Will Fight Till the Last Breath....Its Well Of Steel ,   Gaza   (12.30.08)
4. i am leaving my country.
leaver ,   il   (12.30.08)
i am leaving. I hate racism. i donot want to be part of this mass killings. You want hamas, get them. Why the 1000s of civilians wanna meet at benGorion?
5. let me get this one straight !!!
syrian ,   Damascus   (12.30.08)
are you shelling our mosques now ? a women and her 4 daughters was killed yesterday taking shelter in a mosque .. this is unbelievable ? what kind of people are you . good move on # 4 should .
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.30.08)
Carpet bomb Gaza until no more rockets are fired. Maybe it will take 200,000 155mm shells to do it, maybe more. but a single Israeli troop is more valuable than 10 city blocks of Hamas-infested Gaza. G-d Be With the IDF and Barak! Think smart! Let the artillery do the walking, NOT troops!
7. I am leaving too this country
Another leaver   (12.30.08)
I am leaving too this country, I don't see any solution to stop rocket attacks
8. Only prayers can save Israel, no IDF!
ben Avraham ,   אירופה   (12.30.08)
Never in Jewish history Jews defended themselves with weapons, only with prayers, so leave ugly weapons.
9. Rains od Death... in Response of IDF Acts in Gaza ,   Gaza   (12.30.08)
10. six month pre-plan & pretext
observer   (12.30.08)
fearing to come under another Winograd, Barak said that the plan of war was approved 6 months ago, when Israel was negotiating a truce with the Palestinians. To fill any hole in Israel's PR, other 6 months pretext-speeches were approved: "Arabs will fill the media with photos of the killed and wounded in much exaggeration than reality"; that's only one example. If Israel do not deliberately allege that, then why it doesn't allow international monitoring body or peace keeping force IN Gaza?, I mean even with the buffer zone INSIDE Gaza borders. It's not security that matters, but it's only overthrowing Hamas, and any collateral damage is cordially appreciated.
11. #4 - I do not believe you are Israeli
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.30.08)
You gave yourself away with the words "1000 of civilians."
12. #3 you talk the talk...
Al A. Who Sanck bar ,   World   (12.30.08)
but your beloved PaLIES seem to be cowering and crying now! boo hoo.
13. #4 Why do I have a feeling that you are neither from Sderot.
The Business   (12.30.08)
Or even an Israeli?
14. #4 leaver
Linda ,   Israel   (12.30.08)
Bye bye good riddens! We don't need people like you. Ciao adios
15. to #1 :so do u like Israel?????
nablus ,   nablus   (12.30.08)
you are a stupid .... why didnt you say if there are No israel we will not see that blood ....???? go to the hill you and your presedent abbas
16. 4 - you're a fake - not an Israeli
let's not ,   start excaudating   (12.30.08)
(1000s of civilians?)
17. What "1000's of civilians" ?? take your meds and go to bed.
Islamophobe   (12.30.08)
Poor guy.
18. 5 syrian - the Iraqis have been bombing Mosques for years!!!
er der   (12.30.08)
H Y P O C R I T E ! Have you found that "unbelievable"?
19. #7 - another fake!
paliwood on Ynet   (12.30.08)
20. Not One Terrorstinian Rocket Aimed at Military
emanon ,   USA   (12.30.08)
All the rockets were deliberately targeting *civilian* areas. Not one single military target in the bunch. If a soldier is injured, it is an accident oin the part of the terrorstinians. Compare that to the Israeli targeting. All military related. Any civilian casualties are accidental and related to the terrorstinian practice of using human shileds and using their mosques as launching grounds. The terrorstinians have no respect for human life nor religion.
21. OMG
anybody who cares ,   anytown america   (01.01.09)
I am SICK of all this Isreal killing civillians and creating a horrible place for others who originally belonged to that land, Isreal is a recent land thief there...-a very short time ago a whole bunch of persons were hijacked (6-day war) and it was done by a religious nut job rationalle..."-God said i could steal your land... so get over it" and let's just make peace w/out your real input in the matter you Palestineians... I think this is intractable and VERY UNCOOL.
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