Egypt refuses full opening of Gaza crossing
Ynet and AP
Published: 30.12.08, 15:02
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1. Absolutely, Criminally Unreal
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (12.30.08)
When is Israel going to wake up. Hamas was an elected government. Most people who work for government have no political affiliation. What the ******** hell have 18yr trainee traffic cops in Gaza got to do Israel's security. Yet they were the first bombed. Looking at a cross section of websites around the world I am surprised at the level of disgust at Israel's actions. A level much higher than Lebanon 2006.
2. Assad, you must be really blind if you
consider Hamas and the Palis unarmed after 8 years of pounding and rocketing Israel ! No wonder Syria is considered by many countries a wile country !
3. We Dont care about Crossing now.. its time for Defeating IDF ,   Gaza   (12.30.08)
im from Gaza near the border , and i have short message for Barak and Olmert.... insane if you think that we will fall or cry due of killed civilians , till the last child of our generations we will resist you. we ready for being all in the heaven with Muhamad peace be upon him .... come on and we will give israeli defence forces our special Roses of Death
4. #3 You are hopeless
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (12.30.08)
You don't care about your neighbours, you don't care about yourselves and your children, all you care about is spreading hate, missiles and suicide bombers that's why you are doomed people.
5. 1# New zealand, land of sheep & anti-semites
Jack ,   LONDON   (12.30.08)
Yes I am sure your study of "various" websites was very scientific. Did you learn anything from your parents apart from hating jews? It must be on the national curriculum.
6. You Are A Funny Man, Hosni Mubarak
emanon ,   USA   (12.30.08)
Israel must "accept an unconditional ceasefire", indeed! Very funny. I do support Mubark's decision to keep the border closed. It goes to proves that even other Arab nations do not want the terrorstinians spilling over into their country. This does not mean I totally trust Mubarak, either. Should violence shift into Egypt, I've no doubt he would change his tune. His words about who he perceives as the aggressor shows where his true loyalty ultimately lies: any side that is against Israel . . . just as long as *his* country is not harmed.
7. Mubarak
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.08)
Wise President sending the clearest message of all. In the other hand he failed to stop the flow of missiles to Gaza . Strange situation. Unless it was planed like this with the Israelis in order to push Hamas to try their luck and then destroy them.
8. Explains why US supports & loves Mideast dictators
KJ ,   USA   (12.30.08)
Probably in less than 10 years from now all those dictatorships will be gone, Israeli occupation will be in big trouble at that time, assuming that it will last that long.
9. Yes! Open the border to Egypt!
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.30.08)
Let them out! Let them in! Out of Eretz Israel! Into Egypt! Why doesn't Egypt - the ARAB Republic of Egypt want to let in their Arab brothers and sisters? I thought Arabs show solidarity for each other especially when hating Jews is the only thing that unites Arabs? Maybe not even that! Fatah seems to be pleased about IDF wiping out Hamas! Ha! "Freedom fighters" and "solidarity" ey?
10. letter to MR Mubarak via Ynet .
an Arabic observer ,   USA   (12.30.08)
MR Mubarak ..who controls the crossing on the palestinian side is a palestinian matter ,not egyptian issue .. occupation is when you don't have the right to control your own life and decisions. regardless whether you are physically there or not .. so basically ,israel still occupying the strip . MR President ,you are adding an egyptian occupation as well . we are not saying do not respect the peace treaty ..but stand with your own people and skin and cousins ..make sure they don't smuggle weapons their cars and trucks .. at least show your nation that you care .
11. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.30.08)
Mubarak is not wise. Over the years he used all his abilities to weaken Israel and plan its destruction with American weapons. One day he woke and realized that Hamas and the Brotherhood are loved because they are not corrupt, and he saw that maybe he won't be able to make his son the ruler of Egypt. He is now desperate that Israel defeat Hamas. Otherwise he has no future.
12. Mubarak exercising common sense
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.30.08)
1) He does not allow Nasrallah to draw him into a direct confrontation with Israel. 2) He is wary of the border with Gaza, just as we are. He has the luxury of not receiving ridiculous international pressure to act against the interests of his country. 3) While annoying, he must condemn our attacks or become alienated.
13. Sending a dozen roses to # 3
Mike ,   Israel   (12.30.08)
14. To nr 8
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.30.08)
The "US backed" despotic Arab states are as anti-Israel and as anti-Semitic as non-US backed Arab states, so it would make no difference to us. Second: mind your own business. Third: What about US military intervention across the globe for 100 years now? If you want to give moral lectures, clean up your backyard first. Fourth: How can Israel occupy itself as Israel is the only owner of the land of Israel since 4000 years back, the only historical, legal and moral owner? Fifth: repeating the word "occupation", "occupation" sounds like a retard on a toilet seat. Repeating something without purpose, meaning, intention and without truth, facts and morality is completely stupid and meaningless. The repetition of the word "occupation" is as intelligent as accusing Jews of being "Christ murderers", "Christ murderers" or "well poisoners" , "well poisoners". The word "occupation" hits the news and the brains of millions become hypnotized, almost enchanted. The lives of 6 billion people in 200 states North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia are suddenly disrupted because a bunch of Jew hating Arab fascists bent on our destruction and bent on taking our land, claim that Israel is "their property". What if Mexicans wold accuse you of occupation of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California?
15. Hatred for Jews is the petrol in the engine that keeps
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.30.08)
..Arab regimes going. When the hatred is gone or when Israel's enemies are crushed or when the people of the Arab republics find out that they have been deceived by their own leaders, the regimes of the Arab world will fall, one by one. It has happened before and it will surely happen again. The Arab world is weak and pathetic.
16. A ROSE, is A ROSE, is a ROSE...
Jan   (12.30.08)
TO : Palestine with love....# 3. You keep talking (writing) " to the last drop of blood " --- " to the last martyr " --- " to the last child " --- to be with muhamad " And I am waiting with great anticipation, expectation, to these sensational events. My only question is : WHEN ?, WHEN ? Bear in mind that preparations to garner enough virgins takes time.---Very few left these days you know.....! Thanks for your cooperation. With my special Rose of Love. I remain...........!
17. Mubarak You are a disgrace
Ali ,   Lebanon   (12.30.08)
to the arab world, what a pitty you stand with the enemies side against your brothers, you did it to us in 2006 but we stood alone and here we are, Hezbollah is much more stronger than before. Hamas will not be destroyed, they will defeat you and Israel, they will stay there simply becoz they are the people of Gaza God bless the people of Palastine. With Love From Lebanon
18. Mubarak is absolutly right in this matter
Egyptian3569   (12.30.08)
Although he has many mistakes sush as lack of democracy and human rights, but when it comes to dealing with barbaric Hamas, he is right. Hamas is a a faction of islamic political Iran and Moslem brothers. andWahabi Saudi.They do not accept the other party openion. They do not fit in real politics arena. Hamas are imature and violent and need the Isreali Hammer.
19. To Ali in Lebanon: You are Syrians
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.30.08)
Arabs of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel are "Syrians" - at least according to former Syrian dictator Hafez Al Assad. Is there a "Palestinian", "Jordanian", "Lebanese" or "Syrian" language, alphabet, religion, ethnicity, race, religion, culture or history? The answer is NO. If you show solidarity with your brothers, why do "Lebanese" people hate "Palestinians" so much and why doesn't Lebanon want "Palestinians" on "Lebanese" territory?
20. To nr 3 - a member of a non existent fictional "national" ..
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.30.08)
..entity. Absolutely! Sacrifice everybody and anybody in Gaza so that we will finally get rid of you anti-Semitic retarded fascist Arab occupiers of Jewish/Israelite land.
21. enough is enough!
illac ,   spain   (12.30.08)
israel has been under rocket attack for 7 years..we did not fight back except by closing the borders every now n then..but a week ago 80 rockets were fired in israel on asingle day..wt do u want us to do?let our family die..there r civilian casualties in gaza not bec we wanted it bt bec its is unavoidable bec hamas put his weapons n military intallations in the midst of palestinians..he exposed the people in danger.where is he now?hiding ..while the people are suffering!
22. Open Borders
John ,   Los Angeles Califor   (12.30.08)
Would it not be cheaper, wiser, and more humane to open the Gaza borders than indulge in a fruitless war that will bring nothing but misery and death to both Israelis and Palestinians. Maybe the next leadership in Israel will be wiser and a little smarter.
23. Egyptian3569 #18
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.30.08)
It's interesting that Egyptians view Hamas as illegitimate in politics, while Europeans do not. I understand Mubarak is failing as a leader in several ways, political and economic, but I'm often pleasantly surprised at his actions with regards to Israeli-Egyptian relations. Although I wish he took the extra step this time and gave Israel full support in our military campaign. If this is indeed the sentiment in Egypt his support would have brought our countries closer. I think it's about time Egypt-Israeli relations went beyond peace on paper. Already Egypt is distanced from Israeli opposition in the east. One brave step and we could see a completely new relationship which could transform middle-eastern politics. The Palestinian problem is but a symptom of general animosity in the region,
an arabic observer.. ,   USA   (12.30.08)
and the chance of his son taking over is impossible ..
25. #18 Bravo!
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.30.08)
26. I have no problem with Egypt
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.30.08)
If Egypt wants to open the borders fine NO PA Control must be given. If the Egyptians want to retake Gaza except a North Buffer Zone controlled by Israel I say fine let them deal with Hamas but NO PA Control
27. #1 Peter Morris - wrong on all counts
Dennis ,   NYC, USA   (12.31.08)
You say Israel bombed the wrong people, "18-year-old traffic cops" having nothing to do with Israel's security. In fact, they comprise HAMAS's para/military, and upon their graduation were entering the frontline; HAMAS, designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., the E.U., and Canada, makes no distinction between police work/solidering/terror. When will Israel wake up?, you ask. This strike shows that to some extent Israel did, hitting 'em hard, in what had to be a major blow to morale. All 18-year-olds are kids, in all wars, everywhere. Israel is fighting this war (1) in self-defense to try to (2) stop terror ,in the form of literally hundreds and hundreds of mortars and missiles fired by HAMAS and its minions into Israel, from Gaza, in the three years since Israel pulled all of its forces and citizens out of Gaza. Though Israel's effort to target soldiers and avoid civilians so far has been extraordinary -- even using the numbers of UNRWA, hardly objective or fair to Israel, only about 50 of the first 320 killed were civilians, meaning that upwards of 80% of those killed were terrorists/militants -- and this is in the context of densely-populated urban warfare, where HAMAS almost literally shoots mortars from beneath women's skirts, fires missiles from where children sleep, and builds tunnels to move and hide weapons, materiel and terrorists, you will sneer with disgust at Israel's effort to strike back in national self- defense against terror. Re: your assertion that HAMAS was elected, (1) the Gazans bear responsibility for choosing terroristss to govern them -- let's see if they accept responsibility for bringing about further ruination -- and, (2) HAMAS shared governance with the PLO/PNC (Abbas's party) but, in violation of every democratic principle, seized power in a bloody coup, in which HAMAS soldiers you would deem "traffic cops" threw members of the opposition off of rooftops to demonstrate their ruthless and establish terroristic hegemony over Gaza. Coming from NZ, you should know better than to write what you did. You obviously haven't a clue as to what's really going on in Israel and Gaza -- that Israel has been under seige by Gazan terrorists representing the explicit policy of Gaza's government for years, and had no choice but to fight back. Perhaps your country(wo)men, the majority of whom know better than you what is actually pretty obvious if you were to really look around,, can set you straight or at least start to enlighten you.
28. #27 - Dennis - Bravo! Well writen.
William ,   Israel   (12.31.08)
29. #27 - Dennis. Indeed an excellent post.
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.31.08)
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