US: Hamas must stop rocket fire
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.12.08, 22:41
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1. Bush Defended Israel -- [FAINT]
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (12.30.08)
I am still in shock that Bush has defended Israel's right to defend herself. Meanwhile there is silence from Condolence Reich and Hussein Obama. Thank you for waking up just a little bit and supporting your true ally.
2. That's Step One
emanon ,   USA   (12.30.08)
Hamas must: surrender, dismantle and evacuate. Total unconditional surrender by Hamas should be the Israeli goal. Terms of the surrender should include supervised turnover of ALL weapons in the possession of Hamas / Fatah. These same groups must renounce their charter promoting the dissolution of Israel. As a final gesture of good faith, Gaza must be returned to Israel and Hamas / Fatah will undertake the repatriation costs of the Jewish families thrown off their lands. Hashem knows Israel has made enough "gestures of good faith" towards the terrorists and look where that got Israel!
3. just wait
marty ,   us   (12.30.08)
Obama & Hillary will soon be telling Israel to use restraint and sit down and talk, maybe sign Kumba-Ya with Hamas
4. The Gaza Crisis is manufactured by the Iranian Government
Albie ,   London UK   (12.31.08)
The whole of this Gaza crisis is the product of the Iranian Government and their backing for their iranian stooges in Beirut, Baghdad, Gaza, Damascus and Teheran. The Iranian regime and their stooges are the biggest threat to world peace with their developing nuclear facilities which they continue to try and hide and divert attention from and their support for palestinian and lebanese, Iraqi destabilisation. For a solution to this problem look to take Iran out and let the Arabs negotiate a peaceful compromise.
5. Thanks a lot Bush
Dave ,   Warwick   (12.31.08)
We're all out of work and you're sending 85 million to the arabs via the Useless Nations Worthless Perpetual Refugee Agency?
6. must read
john ,   uk   (12.31.08)
Hamas has no nuclear weapons,no airforce of F-16,s, F-15, Apache gunships,tanks,navy and dolphin nuclear israel does... Hamas has water pipes cutup and filled with crude dynamite...these are not eaxcatly ICBM's=intercontinetel ballistic missiles...these are the weapons of the desperate bseiged Palestinians... 75 % rpt 75% of the Gaza population are refugees-those who were ethnically cleanesed by jewish terrorist gangs such as Hagnah,Palmac,Shtern and Irgun...Ram manual's father was a terrorist member of the Irgu...and Ram is an israeli and fought with the occupying jews in Palestine on two occasions..... Like apartheid nuclear armed white south africa,isreal is a passing phenomenon and will vanish into oblivion...oppression and injustice are ultimately short-lived...
7. Cowards Hamas Bury Themselves In Children
USABorn   (12.31.08)
There is nobody to blame for the attack on Gaza but Hamas. They have been firing bombs into Israel like it's a joke. Then they go hide among the population. If the citizens of Gaza want to support Hamas, then they should know what any country would do when being bombed by another. Israel has shown alot of restraint as Hamas fired at will.
8. That head of yours is lodged pretty deep, john.
Cameron ,   USA   (12.31.08)
9. #6, actually nearly 0% are refugees
Danny   (12.31.08)
as most of the people who are in Gaza were born there. Also as for this "militarily weak" crap, we have fought wars against people who had tanks, had aircraft and gunships and a navy and guess what a few days later they also didn't have tanks, aircraft, gunships or a navy. You honestly think it would make any difference if Hamas had tanks? You think they WANT to fight mano a mano with Israel? So why are they all in hiding, just like Hizbollah's leaders did in their war? If oppression and injustice were short-lived, then most of the countries in the world wouldn't be in existence.
10. Anti-American sentiment permeates the Arab Muslim culture.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.08)
The history of 22 Muslim Arab states and their discriminatory treatment of Jews and other non-Muslim, non-Arab minorities in their midst - who are deemed inferior 'dhimmis' - is just one powerful warning against any concession by Israel of its sovereign status. Besides, the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) watchdog group has released a report warning that hatred of the United States is a pillar of the Palestinian Authority’s ideology. More at :
12. hamas must stop rocket fire according to white house
elliot ,   usa   (12.31.08)
but hamas takes orders from iran-not america...therefore hamas must be eliminated or ordered by iran to stop but as in lebanon war iran has nothing to lose...the options are all problematic because israel and the west have been too long patient... i'm concerned iran wants wider gaza conflict but appreciate president's emphasis on a real end to terror..
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