Let’s talk about justice
David Moria
Published: 31.12.08, 16:51
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1. Wise words spoken.
Hertzel H'Tveriani ,   israel   (12.31.08)
You pain is something most can not imagene, may the lord of Israel grant you all your wishes for justice, for it will be a good thing!!!
2. great article. David Moria
Eden ,   Israel   (12.31.08)
God bless you. The sad thing is however to go and read one sided BS on Haaretz is like a knife going through ones heart. To them, to hell with the David Moria's and their deep forever loses. For them it is only their side; the revised manufactured variety of the intellectual left. Today I was looking at all the far left Israel hating blogs, websites and print media and low and behold the editorials of Haaretz and those who posted comments therein were quoted non stop. We Jews have to say enough of self-loathing, high and mighty Jews once and for all. We only have ourselves for it is plain to see our enemies wish to destroy us and in the world we truly stand alone. This story and others proves one thing which is in the world of victim and victimizer whatever Israel does is wrong. We have given our blood, our sons, our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters to live in peace and now is the time we fight with all our might for our peace. Even when we stand alone.
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.08)
4. Kol hakavod achi.
G   (12.31.08)
5. Wise words spoken.
Hertzel H'Tveriani ,   israel   (12.31.08)
You pain is something most can not imagene, may the lord of Israel grant you all your wishes for justice, for it will be a good thing!!!
6. bravo, great aricle, wise words.
fish israel   (12.31.08)
7. Spoken True and From The Heart
emanon ,   USA   (12.31.08)
8. Yashar veLainyan
yariv   (12.31.08)
9. root causes
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.31.08)
These Palestinian terrorists who killed David Moria's son did more than kill an Israeli Jew. They created another family which will hate Palestinians for life.
10. David Moria
Solomon ,   London , England   (12.31.08)
Peace with Arabs will comes when arab nations do not need to use the Palestinians as a cover for their own problems. The process will speed up when Oil has been devalued with advent of renewable energy. Meantime our only choice is to fight if we want to survive as a nation
11. There is no subsitute for victory
daniel   (12.31.08)
It won't return your son, it will cost many lives, but the alternative is defeat. A constant erosion of life in Israel.
12. All you say is truth. But.
John ,   Europe   (12.31.08)
The truth not necessarily produce good. Nor good necessarily produce good. We can bomb the G-d out of Gaza. We can raze all their homes, we can massacre them without taking precautions on women and children. Let's for the sake of argument now say that world does nothing. But THEY WILL STILL BE HERE AFTER. And so will Israelis. So what then? Blood on blood? And you wonder why there is higher emigrant rate than immigrant? Gaza op is strictly an "stop-the-shelling" op. Piece with Palestinians and 2 states is another op.
13. Interesting debate
Petero ,   Toronto Canada   (12.31.08)
I agree with the author of this article. However I take issue with those that label any dissent in Israel as traitorous. A true debate about the actions we take as a people is in part what separates us form the animals we must wage war with in Gaza and elsewhere. Thoughtful debate and argument that weighs justice, revenge, short term goals, long term goals, etc.. is what ensures that we act as rational human beings rather than religious zealots. I am not one that believes that the Israeli left hates Israel. In fact, I find the argument absurd. They may be wrong, they may not be wrong. But to suggest that these same men and women who bled for Israel are less deserving of a voice in how the Jewish people plot their future is insane.
14. let them eat the sweets of their bitter fruit
15. PeterO toronto
Solomon ,   London, England   (12.31.08)
Gazans are not animals. Decidedly brainwashed, and being used. They are no different to extremist Jews on left and on right. A debate is to air a prospective as you see it & not to ram your views on the opposite side. Jewish existence depends on Israel surviving intact. Usually the left do not accept that fact hence the ill feeling they generate amongst fellow jews. They are free to go if scared as some of them do.
16. Good argument
Haroon Abdelrahman ,   Helsinki   (12.31.08)
I like this straight way of thinking and I would like to share similar bullets: - Fighting to drive the occupation away is good -Fighting to take our home, houses, villages and cities back is good -Fighting to kick out rude intruders who have stolen our personal, national and holly religious assets is good -Fighting to eliminate the evil discriminative barbaric blood thirsty monstrous regime is good -Working to fragment the so called state of Israel is the ultimate best thing ever
17. #16, so put your money where you mouth is
Danny   (12.31.08)
and move to Gaza. Become a "shahid".
18. @13 Calling for a cease fire now
daniel   (12.31.08)
Without having obtained any result, and with the possibility of renewed rocket attacks, a suggestion to stop the operation is equivalent to the abandonment of the South. If this operation fails, or is brought to its knees by diplomatic efforts, Sderot will become a ghost town. The first of many to follow. This is not about Gaza, its about Sderot. How can a town continue to survive, have long term prospects, if missiles continue to rain on it? We cannot expect the inhabitants of Sderot to be ready to run to a shelter within 15 seconds for ever. Whoever decides this must be the fate of Sderot cannot claim to love Sderot, nor the State of Israel. Yet this seems to be the desire of the hard left. Kadima remains to be seen, Olmert may yet save his reputation. If he brings Hamas to its knees, he will have provided Israel with its first major victory since 1967. We cannot suffer any more half defeats.
19. root cause
it is a two way street
20. Appoint this guy!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.31.08)
You'll win the war.
21. A difference between Hamas and Pals?
GloomBoom.com ,   Nashville, USA   (12.31.08)
I don't think so. They are all thugs!
22. justice justice....pursue it to the end
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (12.31.08)
Wishing you "ZL"-you're 100% right. It's a time for justice-a word that the corrupt world has forgotten.
23. Why are the terrorists houses still standing?
Michael ,   Galut   (12.31.08)
24. We will keep dancing on your dead body...
M ,   Middle east   (12.31.08)
I didnt read the article but i promiss you to keep dancing on your dead body... We are terrorists its true... We love it when you are affraid! You will always be
25. # 16
Yossi ,   Boston MA   (12.31.08)
Jews have been living in Israel for over 2000 years, how long are the so called Palestinians living there?
26. david moria
safta ,   beitar israel   (12.31.08)
dearest david--a son from a man of your calibre must surely be sitting at the side of hashem--forever- bless you and yours.
27. but there are hundred verses to recite on revenge
observer   (01.01.09)
The Merkaz was established back in 1924 by Rabbi Abraham Yitzhak Kook, chief Rabbi of Palestine. Kook taught that the messiah is an entity that doesn’t necessary have to come in a human shape, meaning that it could be an idea (?Zionism). One such ‘graduate’ of the Merkaz was David Raziel, the first commander of the terrorist group Irgun whose members have committed the despicable massacre of the village of Deir Yassin, where 250 men, women, children and elderly were butchered to death. Those who survived were loaded up on trucks like cattle and taken to Jerusalem were they were paraded in the middle of a Jewish mob who lined up both sides of the streets spitting at them, throwing garbage, rocks, animal manure, shoes (and anything else they could get their hands on) at the frightened, shocked and awed Palestinians, and all of this in the name of ‘redemption’. The Merkaz Harav became one of the most influential religious centers in Israel to effect policy regarding the illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. The notorious Israeli terrorist group Gush Emunim was founded within this Merkaz and called for settling the Jews on Palestinian land, again, a ‘gift from God’ to the Jews. David Moria!, You are right; in Judaism, there is only one or two verses to recite in time of illness, but there are hundred verses to recite on revenge.
28. Better to dance in the Street than to do as Jew Ben Hecht
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.01.09)
and have a little Holiday in his heart when he hears Tragic News
29. Jews Being Overjoyed as they murder British soldiers and Dip
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.01.09)
Diplomats.. Ys this has happened... After the British along with the Red Army and US forces of course.. Freed the inmates of Nazi Oppression... Yes the same Jews Murdered their Liberators... Yes Some Not Quite right about Jewish Attitude.
30. Stop telling lies
Mohammed ,   Dubai   (01.01.09)
hehehhe how stupid u r i really feel sorry cause one day i thought that there are some people in israel they want to live in peace it seems that u all are still the same terrorists not more today ur country is losing its shinning picture which u tried to draw despite all ur genocides against palestinians U r trying to take revenge of Hitler from the innocents in Gaza U r trying to punish the pharos from taking ur women and rape them by causing pain to the civilians But let me tell you something about the good and the bad, when ur stupid brain compare between our harmless rockets with ur massive killing machine is bad Killing the civilians untill now more than 250 of those who got killed are civilians children and women is bad killing five young sisters while they are a sleep is bad firing our rockets to break ur unjust siege is good killing ur people in tel aviv in the coming future days hopefully to make u pay back is good we gave u a chance for peace but it seems that you have never wanted peace and i promise u that we will win
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