DCO: Gaza hospitals prevent treatment of patients
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 31.12.08, 11:06
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1. CNN and Co.
Raddai Satz ,   South Africa   (12.31.08)
The foreign media make us out to be monsters while we are giving free medical treatment to the real monsters along with the innocent. I've never seen ANY other nation on Earth show such mercy to its enemies. אמ ישראל חי
2. Very important article. There is no humanitarian crisis here
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.31.08)
What's interesting to note here is that the biggest obstacle to Palestinian healthcare is Palestinian bureaucracy. It's frustrating that the world does not realise that this is the case in general when it comes to the good of the Palestinians, they are their own biggest problem. It is macho pride of a band of terrorists that led to this conflict in the first place. They fired rockets out of a frustration that they weren't being bought off not to. Not that there exists a price that would ever bring quiet. After all, they are incorruptible.
3. remember: hamas was elected, chosen by the people of gaza
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.31.08)
ok, so fatah is corrupt. at least fatah doesn't treat fellow palestinians like their lives are a worthless tool for the organization's disposal. this is no surprise, this is the platform hamas ran on and now they are delivering. blame the evil terrorist hamas, not anything else on gaza's misery.
4. Hamas Has Completely Stocked Them With Weapons
Akiva ,   Maaleh Adumimi   (12.31.08)
All of Our Humanitarian Aid will be well sold on the black market.
5. II Chronicles 19:2 says if you help the ungodly, it will be
Rivkah   (12.31.08)
a curse for you. If you help the godly, it will be a blessing for you. WHEN are Israel and America going to learn not to help the ungodly? America is nearly bankrupted from helping other people instead of its own and from helping the ungodly. Those who reject and refuse to obey the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and do not repent when they are in error should not be helped. That is God's instruction. The Palestinians in Gaza clearly do not want the God of Abraham in their lives, so don't help them.
6. to Rivkah
Asad ,   Lebanon   (12.31.08)
you jews make up your verses, your torah was documented 800 years after it was sent to Moses. So you cna imagine the fascinating stories tha tcan be made up during 800 years.
7. TO Asad
Ben K ,   Australia   (12.31.08)
Asad, i am sorry for the way Rivka has illustrated our bible. Each verse must be taken on its individual merit. We are taught as Jews to be merciful and caring even to our enemies. I am proud to be a Jew and a Zionist after i have seen first hand how Israel helps the people of Gaza. I have worked with MDA and have transported several patients to and from Gaza for medical treatment. the current war must be fought to stop the consistent rocket attacks on our homeland. however, Israel is still trying her very best to minimize any humanitarian crisis.
8. Rivkah, the war is with Hamas terrorists
usa   (12.31.08)
they are the ones who are "ungodly," If you look at everything with only religion as a justification, you rule out reason entirely. This war is about politics, not religion. Read your Bible all you want, but don't editorialize on it for others. That's very presumptuous~!
9. 8 USA: The people of Gaza ELECTED Hamas, knowing they were
Rivkah   (12.31.08)
terrorists, so the people must bear the burden of judgment with Hamas, the duly elected leadership of Gaza. This war is about the Bible prophecied events of Zephaniah chapter 2 and you are foolish if you think religion is not a part of this war. You don't see Hamas attacking Egypt, do you? Why? Egypt is not Jewish, pal, for one reason. HIStory is the story of HIM. It is HIS story: the story of the Lord. All references that are directional in the Bible are from the center point of Jerusalem, God's Holy Mountain. But YOU think history and events are not connected to the Bible or religion. Thankfully, I have another perspective.
10. 6 Asad: 2nd try to answer...The Hebrew WRITTEN Bible
Rivkah   (12.31.08)
in its original text is confirmed to be divinely inspired by the Equidistant Letter Sequencing Codes to the Bible (ELS codes) at and other sites. Even Sir Isaac Newton believed the Bible was encoded, but it took the age of computers to decode much of it. Adolf Hitler and his ten henchmen's names appear in ELS codes that coincide with the story of Haman and his ten sons being hanged in the book of Esther. The oral traditions of men cannot be validated by the codes. But the original Hebrew texts can. It is so beyond the ability of man to write such a book that it has to be of divine origin. II Chronicles 19:2 says if you help the ungodly, it will be a curse for you. God was merciful to the attackers of Lot UNTIL they attacked Lot and took him and his household captive. Then God gave Abraham and his household the strength to save Lot and kill his captors. If Abraham had helped the ungodly who captured Lot, God would have cursed Abraham instead of blessing him. Abraham gave a tenth of all he had to Melchisedek king of Salem. Why? Because Melchisedek was godly and Abraham wanted to be blessed by helping him.
11. 10 You read Hebrew?
Dovid   (12.31.08)
I don't mean pronounce the words, but can you READ and UNDERSTAND what you are reading in Hebrew?
12. Rivkah, WTF are you for real?
usa   (12.31.08)
..."HIStory is the story of HIM. It is HIS story: the story of the Lord." Etymology of the word HISTORY: From Latin "historia," meaning story, or narrative; and from the Greek "Istoria," meaning knowledge acquired through investigation. (source: I still cannot stop laughing over your response to my talkback. Your assertion that the word history means His Story or the story of God is, at best, merely fanciful, and, at worst, both infantile and absurd. "But YOU think history and events are not connected to the Bible or religion. Thankfully, I have another perspective." I will not have religion interpreted to me by a person with the educational level of a 6th grader. Maybe if you'd put your Bible down for 5 seconds and read a few periodicals instead, you would achieve a more rounded perspective of world events.
13. 12 usa: My education level is a B.S. and M.B.A. and many
Rivkah   (12.31.08)
decades of study in theology. You obviously do not have the education you accuse me of having since you are so lacking in knowledge. "For God so loved that world that He sent his only begotten son, that who so ever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." "He came into the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not. He came unto his own and his own received him not." The world is made by the Lord by creation and the creation tells you of God if you would listen as William Shakespeare did. He said even the rocks speak. If the world is created by God, then all that is in it and has happened and will happen is the story of God's creation, not yours, pal.
14. 11 Dovid: I do not speak or read Hebrew
Rivkah   (12.31.08)
as a scholar, but I trust the people who do that I rely on for information. One of the greatest ELS code scholars in the world is in Israel, born in Lithuania: Eliahu Rips. I trust the best of the best.
15. 14 As I suspected
Dovid   (01.01.09)
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