IDF: Rocket that hit Beersheba school made in China
Yael Barnovsky
Published: 31.12.08, 14:43
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1. No deal to Stop the destruction of Hamas
AlbertoGA ,   St. George,UT. USA   (12.31.08)
The only way to Stop this tragedy is for the Egyptians to move all the Hamas gang into Sinai. Gaza is invented by Egyptian it is up to them to fix the mistake. The pressure is on now it must be kept until this is over 100% World opinion did nothing in the past for Israel, it is not important. The only importance is for Jews to support Israel.
2. Unhealthy Grads and trade laws
Gideon Reader   (12.31.08)
Analysis showed that it was constructed in China with over 90% melamine and other cancerous ingredients. Probably a cheap knock off of the officially licensed Prada or Gucci Grads.
3. And Israel rushes to supply weapons to China -USA was right
Alan ,   SA   (12.31.08)
4. Intentional Targeting of Civilians
emanon ,   USA   (12.31.08)
Where is the world's outrage at this? There was no military operation being conducted from this school. It was not a training center for terrorists. It was not making rockets. Yet this school was intentionally targeted. Now tell me who is guilty of crimes against humanity?
5. China has some questions to answer.
Colin ,   Barcelona   (12.31.08)
Untill China comes up with an answer as to how its rockets are used against Israel it should be considered disqualified in any political moves with respect to Israel's defence of its citizens. China must prove that it is not a part of the war machinery againts Israel before it opens its mouth to Israel
6. Palestinians getting weapons is unfair to Israel
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (12.31.08)
How can the Israel army be free to slaughter Arab children if the Palestinians start getting weapons. 'Our boys' might get hurt; that is not fair at all.
7. Made in China
Karen ,   Rehovot   (12.31.08)
I'm not at all suprised, these days everything seems to be made in China !
8. And yet amazingly
looney tube ,   Rosh Pina   (12.31.08)
we now offer sewage tubes to people in the south for protection. Chelm right here. Each MK should put one outside his/her villa( that we probably gave him/her) for his family.
9. Message to China
Brod ,   USA   (12.31.08)
It is time you stop selling rockets and other arsenal to the Islamist-Jihadists, entities and states in the region. Would you like separatist groups in China be armed with rockets to attack and terrorize your institutions and populations?
10. Unfair....
KO ,   London England   (12.31.08)
The World is going against little Israel and against the G-d Who never slumbers. Are they fools?
11. #6
KO ,   London England   (12.31.08)
Are you suggesting that the Evil Hamas should have equal weaponry to Israel just to make it 'a fair fight'? Then, to be consistent, we should give them nuclear weapons. With due respect, your argument is nonsense and spoken from a temporary safe haven in London. This isn't about a fair game of Cricket but about the destruction of an Evil and I say 'May G-d make this even more of an unequal battle'. If you're ever attacked (heaven forbid), and you discover that your attacker is unarmed while you have a pocket knife I hope you won't try to use it because that would be unfair. See?
12. Sold by china to Iran passed onto Hamas.
Danny   (12.31.08)
13. No Shoes, Belts and Socks Made in China For Me
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.31.08)
Look folks, next time you think about buying a Chinese made product, (Target, K-Mart/Wal-Mart) think twice. As a matter of fact, if 100,000 Jews and Christians stopped buying, just maybe China will get the message. China sells to anyone with cash and now holds 1t in US paper. Hit them below the belt, in their pocketbooks. I am immediately notifying K-Mart of my decision. We can aid Israel in an indirect way. When Taiwan asks for billions in aid, perhaps we should encourage the USDD to sell to them. China has to be taught a lesson. Protest are good, but boycotts are better.
14. Made IN China .. Fired by Hamas.. Loved by the
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.31.08)
World. .. Retribution from Palestine
15. #14
KO ,   London England   (12.31.08)
'Loved by the world?' Then the whole world lieth in wickedness and its only hope for decent people is in the God Who is known as the God of Israel and revealed in Jesus Christ.
16. china rocket
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (12.31.08)
Pity that the palis couldn't have hit B-Gurion U. when all of the leftist pseudo-professors were in session!
17. Time to attack China, then.
Jack ,   Richmond, va us   (12.31.08)
Go for it. Since the IDF is the best and most moral army in the World, surely you can defeat China.
18. China? I thought the Islamic University in GAZA
jack ,   Richmond, va   (12.31.08)
was responsible for the rockets. Wasn't that why the IDF bombed the University. I am confused on this point? or perhaps the rocket was only partially manufactured in China but otherwise designed in GAZA and imported from China. Hmmm?
19. 10. Unfair. I thought most Israelis were atheists
jack   (12.31.08)
and that only the Palestinians were actually collectively religous. Furthermore, since the Palestinians are the religous ones and descendants of the ancient Israelites, why wouldn't God be on thier side. (Google: "Jews Palestinians y-chromosome" for schollarly articles from Hebrew University related to the genetic ancestry of the parties concerned. 80% of Palestinian Muslim males have Y-chromosomes from the ancient Israelites while only 70% of Diaspora Jewsih males have such chromosomes.)
20. Why wasn't in news in usa?
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (12.31.08)
Yeah...and Lebanese cried about cluster bombs...
21. Open letter to my dear jewish brethren
Yossef ,   Paris   (12.31.08)
Fear not retaliation: boycott chinese baby-milk!
22. Let's bomb China then!
IRAN#1   (12.31.08)
GO ahead idiots!
23. #19 Dear Jack, respectfully...
KO ,   London England   (12.31.08)
YOU ARE WRONG. Whoever these people called jews are who are living in Israel they have turned the dust and swamps into orchards and vineyards. They only attack when attacked. Their medical services are made available to their enemies.... We could go on. The evidence is undeniable and I for one am not ashamed to express my love and admiration for these people. On the other side we have a people who are indeed 'very religious' as you say. The only problem is their religion teaches them to hate and to kill and they're only too eager to oblige . NO, JACK, YOU ARE WRONG and I hope you find it out before it's too late.
24. Hey Jack: You don't know jack-- STFU loser
25. #11 KO - ChanaLau HaMerusha'at Is Very Very Sick, Just Ignor
meir elazar   (01.01.09)
26. Meir Elazar. Thankyou. I'll learn.
KO ,   London England   (01.01.09)
27. #19 Jack - That DNA claim is suspect
William ,   Israel   (01.01.09)
That claim was attempted to show relation between Jews and Arabs (not Pals specifically) by liberals for an agenda and to this day is still considered suspect. No peer review of the study has been accepted. Where you got Jews as being Atheists from is beyond me, but we always prayed towards Jerusalem and considered Jerusalem our holiest spot in...well, forever. But say we are related to the Arabs... then we're not "outsiders" and our State is really an "Arab" shouldn't they leave us alone now?
28. They brought this down on themselves
odin ,   philippines   (01.01.09)
Emanom is right, Hamas provoked the attack, let them suffer the consequences. Hamas also remains dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Now would you take the side of a wimp who keeps pissing off a (perceived) bully?
29. Israel strike back at china
Odin ,   Philippines   (01.01.09)
So maybe Israel should start training and equipping Tibetan terrorists? Hehe, too bad the Dalai Lama doesn't offer virgins in heaven.
30. How about the rest of the Rockets?
Eva ,   Irvine, CA   (01.01.09)
Hmmm, the article names one particular rocket being made in China, make me wonder where the rest of the rockets were made in. The truth is the US is the biggest weapon exporter in the world. But of course, if they found out the rocket is made in US, it won't worth mentioning....
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