Arabs must decide
Farid Ghadry
Published: 31.12.08, 23:19
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1. Excellent article...
Mohammad ,   Dahia, Lebanon   (12.31.08)
Israel should destroy hizballah and hamas to the ground.........so lebanese can enjoy some peace and prosperity... allah akbar
2. An Intelligent Article
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (12.31.08)
If only the Arab masses felt the same way. Radical Islam is a toxic thorn in everyone's side and there will never be peace until that thorn is permanently removed.
3. How many people in Muslim nations thinking like Farid?
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.01.09)
4. How funny
Impressed ,   Somewhere   (01.01.09)
Resistance in Levant but not in Palestine? Well, technically Palestine is a Levantine territory:-D Please so called Israelis keep listening to this bullshit. It is very helpful for your unawareness of your enemy (us) which is good for that enemy (us), as Mr "Ghadry" (whose surname by the way relates, hysterically, to a very disrespected value in Arabic culture “ghadr” or un-loyalty) is such a good representative of the Arabic mind set as you might be thinking :) I am so shocked! where is the so called Israeli magic fading away?! how pathetic opinions survey this article is!
5. turkey in bed with assad
alexi   (01.01.09)
I call on the turkish supreme court to remove erdogan from power. He has violated ataturk's oath. Here he bombs the kurds while condemning israel defending itself against rockets. He takes in vauable israeli exports while sitting with the filthy ahamdinjad and assad whose regine is drenched in blood. islamic blood is thicker than logic. Erdogan is the modern look of jiahd. he should condemn the blood hamas. Instead he pressures israel. Olmert, forget about turkey.
6. Pretty sismple stuff.
Gideon Reader   (01.01.09)
Israel does *not* have a screaming need to be loved by you Arab wankers. <>Israel does NOT even need to have you like them. All you need for a modicum of economic and social sucess; bringing your kids into the 21st century healthy and flourishing is to behave like human beings . Surviving as humans is NOT a bad thing. Try it. Even if you are not trained or genetically equiped for it.. Earning a living and surviving is possible if you simply mind your own effing business and back off the concept that you are going to throw Israel into the sea, and take over. It is NOT going to occur. Cut your losses and try to co-cxist as neighbors. Cool and detached. Just nod hello. No need to speak. You are not even wanted for a friend anyway.
7. we did
Syrian american ,   USA   (01.01.09)
do yourself a favor sir ,save your Ranting ,and watch aljazeera .and lisen to NPR ..i know you live here . NYtimes lady in Gaza is outstanding . the pictures need no comments and no volume to listen to ..just take a look sir . don't forget the tissues ,because if you are human ,you will cry. when the american jews demonstarte in new ork against Israel 's actions ,give me a call . read history sir ,look what happen to MR Alshalabi in Iraq .,or Karzai. for the israelis ..change your flag then give us a call .the top blue line is the euphrate river i guess. peace is an agreement ,you don't shove it people throat .. MR Algaderi (the back stabber in arabic ) we in the arabic and the islamic world made our choice ..we are siding with the oppressed against the occupier . write your senator a letter to protest using American weapons against your people .... least you can do sir .
8. A historic note on algebra and al-Jabr
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.01.09)
The author writes "Algebra as invented by al-Jabr just about the same time the Jewish King Omri founded Samaria." Actually, Omri reigned in the 9th century BCE, while al-Jabr wrote his mathematical works in the 9th century CE. So they were only separated by 1700 years or so. And while al-Jabr did advance the science, algebra goes back to the Babylonians, and related work was done by Indians, Persians and Greeks. That era of co-existence, BTW, was only possible because the Islamic leadership, more interested in power and wealth than Koranic devotion, welcomed the contributions of those "infidels" (mostly Christians and Jews). Unfortunately, the Almohades - the Wahhabists of their day - put an end to that. What hope, therefore, in a region which today grants neither tolerance nor equality to Christians, Jews, Copts, Bahais, Yazidis or anyone but "proper" Muslims as locally defined?
9. This article is useless
Mahmod abbas ,   Abe city   (01.01.09)
You have thousands of collaborators with Israel and US so giving those who betrayed their people a chance to voice the occupation message does not mean anything. Abe-a-ss and mobarak would say the same.. what is new about it.. at least abe-a-ss is known while this nothing 'Far Aid' is indeed far aid to Israel
10. Unfortunately for every reasonable opinion like this in the
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.01.09)
leadership (government, media, academia) of the Arab Muslim world, there are 10,000 in the same culture wanting to kill him. Israel must require its Arab citizens to be loyal- as in army duty, national service, and whatever else makes a citizen loyal or non loyal in other exemplary nations like the US. Israel must impart Jewish values to educate the jews about their 4,000 year past and their roles in human history and the role of the Jewish people in this world as a light to the nations vis a vis a succesful society based on justice and morality and technology and spirituality. Israel needs to annex Judea and samaria. All the haters should be shown the door, maybe even given compensation to encourage them to emigrate. Arab nations will see how well Israel takes care of their Arab brothers and sisters who are truly loyal to helping the Jewish country be their home and home to the Jewish people as well. Then israel will be truly strong.
11. This article is useful
Silvan ,   Paris   (01.01.09)
Think one seconde (or two): the arabs living in gaza don't see that is the Hamas and Hizbullah are attacking them; they see Tsahal(!). Tactically, Israel (and others countries) has to return arab opinion against those criminal groups (Hamas and Hizbullah), not against itself.
12. #8 "locally defined" ... excellent !
avi   (01.01.09)
and valid for all !!!
13. "a civilization that invented..."
5th generation ,   Israel   (01.01.09)
It is all a tragic loss - really whole sets of people who have been killed inside, who once had so much potential. This article is so well-written and spot on - it actually brought tears to my eyes. I hope the type of thinking here grows to something productive for all of us.
14. Hamas and Others
Les Goldie ,   Logan, USA   (01.01.09)
Israel should not give anything back to anyone. Winner take all. God gave this lands to Israel and if others attack Israel they need to realise there will be a price to pay. The more Israel give into Hamas and the PLO the more they will try to take and they will not stop until Israel is wiped from the face of the earth. God will not allow this to happen if they do as he has told they. Check your Bible. I am a christion jew and I love God and his son. God bless his people.
15. Comment to #7
Dotan ,   Canada   (01.01.09)
I detect a real arab patriot. why are you still in the USA and not on the Gaza front with your brothers?
16. no credibility
john ,   boston, USA   (01.01.09)
How tokenistic. This author has no standing or credibility -- an equivalent of Ahmed Chalabi. If Israel relies on commentators like this, it is living in a dream world...
17. Arabs Already Have Decided
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (01.01.09)
That's why we have Hamas, Hezbollah, ... to begin with. The Arabs have already decided what they want. Now, they must be treated to the full consequences of their decisions. That's how it goes.
18. #7: With Hamas' track record, no-one can take you seriously
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (01.01.09)
19. Brilliant
Ziv ,   New york   (01.01.09)
i felt this article was very well written, and a breath of fresh air...
20. Limited Intellects
Steve ,   Palm Beach,USA   (01.01.09)
Unfortunately, we are dealing with a culture where marriage between first cousins (and even incest) is the norm. This inbreeding contributes to low IQ and an inability to form civilized societies. Sad, and to say so is non PC, but that's the way it is.
21. sounds like a sane, intelligent man
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.01.09)
I'd listen to this man. It's always the ones who have lived under violent, totalitarian regimes that really understand them ie former citizens of the soviet union. We in the West are still stuck in the land of Oz-witness the infantile goings on here in San Francisco. With this man maybe peace could work?
22. When The Arab Leadership Has The Courage To Speak Up
RickD ,   USA   (01.01.09)
When the kings, emirs, and presidents for life of the Arab nations can stand up and say 'Destroy Hamas' then things will have changed. You can be sure that Mr Abbass want's Hamas gone, as do Mubarak and the king of Jordan. Why can't they say it in public? All I can do is hope that the elected leaders of Israel have the courage to follow this operation through to its logical conclusion. Unfortunately the Arabs of Gaza will never thank Israel for the debt of blood that Israel will pay to remove Hamas.
23. #7.1400 years idiotically is responsible for everything,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.01.09)
1400 years idiotically is responsible for everything that is happening on the ground, when ever you see the unbelievers hiding under rocks or tree find them and kill them(Prophet Mohammad) ,Give up your dream for destruction of Jewish State then there won’t be any more war with State of Israel,
24. War in South/Arabs must decide
Niko ,   Germany/Cuba   (01.01.09)
Final Countdown for Arabs!!!! Stop Hamas in these conflict with Israel immediately! Better for correct Palestinian people in Gaza Strip. In the other case>>Sharpen Iron Edge from IDF is rapidly on the way! Time is running out......................!!!!!!!!
25. Ghadry editorial
Neil Friedman MD ,   Boca Raton, Florida   (01.01.09)
Wow, what a breath of fresh air from an Arab! Are there really other Arabs that think like you? If so, why do we never hear their voices?
26. #9 - and people wonder why Arab societies are backwards
William ,   Israel   (01.01.09)
Because they can't ever seem to look at themselves in the mirror. The hate, the blatant racism, the Islamic supremacy factor - all characteristics of an ill society who, not surprisingly turn on anyone even suggesting a more reformed look, a renaissance of Arab culture, and internal reflection on themselves and the religion. They label people who suggest co-existence or the need for Islam to debate the religion honestly as troublemakers, traitors, Zionists or dissenters who should be killed. No wonder Muslims remain stupid and easily led, and no wonder why Pals remain poor, and no wonder why Sari Nusseibeh was fired from his university position and houe firebombed after he presented the Geneva Initiative with Yossi Beilin (who was just laughed at but not hurt in any way in Israel). The Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabi (in UK) said it best after Obama was elected - he said Arabs needs an Obama because they are inherently racist against anyone not Arab, especially Westerners and Blacks. You are a commentary to what is really wrong with Islam - open-debate and taking responsibility.
27. #1 - Mohammed, nice sentiment, but...
William ,   Israel   (01.01.09)
"Israel should destroy hizballah and hamas to the ground.........so lebanese can enjoy some peace and prosperity" Wouldn't it be better for the Lebanese to take care of Hizbullah? It was created in your country after all and you are somewhat free already, with leaders like Harari in the Future movement, and Jumblatt in anti-Syrian orgs. Why do Arabs keep expecting Israel to do its dirty work for them? I heard Arabs say they loved having Saddam gone but felt Arabs should have done it themselves...great...when??
28. An excellent reason for 20% Arabs to stay in Israel
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.01.09)
I'm very glad to read such an article. It's nice when observations confirm beliefs. I get quite annoyed when people talk about expelling Arabs from Israel. I am not oblivious to the many voices against Israel coming from this sector, but the idea that we should expel an entire sector is unethical. Furthermore, it is counter-productive. It is very clear that world opinion needs to change with regards to Hamas, Iran and so forth, before there is peace. The Arab population in Israel is in a unique position. They have a voice in the Arab world, and they also have access to our point of view. To alienate them is to shoot ourselves in the foot.
29. Responses #1-25
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.01.09)
#1 It's good to hear your support. It would be nice if Lebanon could help in more official ways. #2 Which will only happen when self-flagellating liberalism is removed too. #3 More than you think. Tyranny has a way of keeping people quite and distorting the news. #4 I suspect you are posing as an Arab, thinking you are so clever. Why don't you just say what you think? #5 Indeed Turkey's behaviour is an irritation. Although I hardly think we are in need of more enemies. #6 You should calm down and re-read the article. He does not suggest that the Arab world embrace Israel. He suggests that the Arab world reject the twisted culture whose symptoms are Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran etc. It is an excellent article and your criticisms are out of place. #7 Speaking of incoherent ranting. In a liberal society you will find voices for pretty much anything. If you opened your eyes you would observe that indeed many Jews voice opposition to the military operation. How many Arabs voice an opposition to the Hamas rockets fired at schools? #8 Furthermore, it is ridiculous to allow Historians to define the significance of Mathematicians since they cannot fathom the significance of the results. The real inventors of Algebra are in fact Gauss, Abel and Galois, among others, who gave modern Algebra a solid foundation. What came before is merely a curiosity. Not for lack of talent, but for lack of discipline or culture. #9 ? #10 Require? Annex? Shown the door? Religious indoctrination? I agree that Arab Israelis should be loyal, but your suggestions are on another planet. #11 Precisely. #12 Haha. Nice, I missed that. #13 This type of thinking is not that rare, just not heard, and often suppressed. #14 God is not the issue, and land is not the issue. Your perspective only leads to more fighting. #15 Back-seat driving is fun, that's why. #16 It's an opinion peace. One Arab opinion like this is much better than none, and is probably an indication of many more. This means that the picture is not as the pessimists paint it. #17 Arab Majority, not all Arabs. Alienating that minority will not bring us any closer to peace. Indeed there are consequences, but doors should be kept open where possible. #18 Someone took #7 seriously? #19 Indeed. And not the first one this week. There was Rami, and Arab Israeli, and Egyption2359 (?) who also expressed support on the Talkbacks. #20 Is there any scientific basis to this libel? #21 ? #22 Indeed. Good post. #23 Good luck changing his mind. #24 ? #25 Yes, there are more. There are many reasons we don't hear their voices. From oppression, indoctrination, fear of being ostracised, to alienation. Then we have pessimists who drown out these voices by saying that none exists. I'm not too optimistic, I know that there are many voices against Israel, and for the twisted culture, but there are also not a few such enlightened voices too.
30. to 8
kayda ,   rafah   (01.01.09)
i do not invent or explore aljabr but i study it the main is to do equality and the means all means lead to equality .and i see the auther write illusion as in the first and second people were beaten not hisballa or hamass as if he want to say we want to kill all people arab or in middle east untill they have the disision to stop hammass or to stop iran or to stop hizballa here there is no logic as israil beat the people america beate the people to change what they can not change their is no equality and the means is destroying it is like a donkey carry the algebra book .iam sorry but it is the case
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