Iranian newspaper closed for 'anti-Hamas' article
Reuters and AP
Published: 31.12.08, 19:00
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1. Ahmadinejad up to monkey business
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.31.08)
This is one of the few pro-reform newpapers hardliners have been harassing for years. Ahmadinejad is also threatening hairdressers for offering western hairstyles, closing offices of civil right advocates and recommending economic reform that will further bankrupt Iran.
2. Iran
Trajan ,   Rome   (12.31.08)
An dthere will be some fools to call Iran a free speach country. You are with teh monkey in chiedf or you get into trouble. That seems the morale of the Shiite entity
3. Cynthia
Ryan ,   Canada   (12.31.08)
Further bankrupt Iran? Coming from an American, I don't think bankruptcy is a good topic for you to discuss. Your country is trillions in debt, your fed keeps the press rolling all the while devaluing your currency and providing an inflationary tax to your citizens. Are you even aware of your monetary policy? Also, are you not aware of Bush's memo with Blair declaring Bush's desire to bomb the al jazeera headquarters in Qatar. If you want to take the side of Americans your free to do so, however much I wish you could be a free thinker it's really irrelevant but you shouldn't call out an "enemy" for doing the same things your country does. They call that hypocrisy!
4. Ryan
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.31.08)
Thank you for your concern but the US is working on fixing their problems. Didn't you get that memo? Would I earn your respect as a "free thinker" if I ignored Iran's role in funding terror while further limiting the rights of their own people?
5. this is irans form of objectivity
Psalms 83 ,   selah   (12.31.08)
can't have any information countering irans official propaganda
6. Cynthia
Ryan ,   Canada   (12.31.08)
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, or do you forget that the British Crown classified American revolutionary fighters as terrorists? You can ignore Iran's role all you want but don't forget the American roles in Iran, or do you forget the Shah, how about Noriega? How many political leaders can one country kill to install leaders more favourable to their interests. "US is working on fixing their problems" thanks you made my day with that one, their idea of fixing it is to print more money, causing more inflationary measures. Economics 101. Did you figure out if Obama was born in the US yet? Nothing like a coup to rile up a country, didn't Hitler offer Hope and Change too, will you be joining Obama's brownshirts when the time comes. Save those American dollar bills, you might need them to heat your home. Remind you of the German mark a little bit?
7. Limitiing the rights of their own people
Ryan ,   Canada   (12.31.08)
Illegal wiretaps, patriot act, guantanamo bay, waterboarding, suspension of habeas corpus, Military Commission Act 2006, this list goes on an on of the loss of American liberties and freedom.
8. Selah
Ryan ,   Canada   (12.31.08)
Quite similar to the US and Israels view with the war on Georgia.
9. Iran
alan ,   texas   (12.31.08)
bomb iran next. that will go a long way to defeating islamic terrorism since they support hamas, hizbollah and syria. then hold the saudis against the wall until they pay for reeducation of all the terrorists they created.
10. reply to #3 Ryan
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (12.31.08)
Very well said! Thanx.
11. #6 Ryan
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (12.31.08)
Again very well put. Dont forget Ferdinand Marcus in the Phillipines and Patrice Lumumba in Congo. Patrice Lumumba was the first democratically elected prime minister of Congo following independence from Belgium. He was killed and chopped to pieces by the C.I.A according to recently declassified documents, just because his ideas were not in conformity with our own. We preach our own form of twisted democracy. You are democratic as long as you serve our interest. Is Hosni Mubarak democratic? Is the Monarchy in Saudi Arabia democratic? Those two are our best allies in the Middle East after the racist state of Israel. I have more respect for Hassan Nasrallah and Haniye than I have for Mr. Bush.
12. Alan, Texas
Ryan ,   Canada   (01.01.09)
1. You can't afford more war, your currency will be too devalued to the point of collapse or hyperinflation. 2. Americans were called terrorists by the British Crown during the American Revolution 3. You need Saudi Arabian Oil, do you forget the multiple fuel crisis' in the US history, particulary the 70's 4. What is Islamic terrorism? Suicide bombings? The Tamil Tigers are the world leaders on suicide terrorism, and they are a marxist secular group. 5. Don't you find a correlation between "Islamic Terrorism" and US Foreign Policy. You should read Robert Pape's Dying to Win. 6. During your economic troubles, do you think you can beat Iran, are you aware of Russian ties to those countries, you didn't fare to well in Georgia, are you also aware of Chinese interests. Considering Libya has nuclear energy, do you think it wise to risk a ww3 to prevent Iran from having nuclear energy, or are you still under the belief of the teachings of Mr. Bush and company.
13. Dave Wison
Ryan ,   Canada   (01.01.09)
The list of leaders is overwhelming, and would shatter my bandwidth to submit. lol. Corporatocracy has long ruled the US. My interpretation of the downfall was 1913, the creation of the Federal Reserve. Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins is a wonderful read on elected third world country leaders assassinated and replaced, as well as the role of the world bank and IMF. Great book. As for respect, well at least Irans president showed up at Columbia Univ., can you imagine Bush making his case at Tehran University. lol
14. There is not freedom of speech in Haartz too,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.01.09)
My sympathy to Kargozaran publisher, Freedom of speech in Haaretz is only for Israelis haters EM Jordan is Palestinian State
15. To Ryan
Just a Guy ,   CA, USA   (01.01.09)
Ryan - I very much regret that so much of what you said about USA is completely true. Don't know if this makes much difference, but the fact is that a significant majority of voters were opposed to the recent set of bailouts (i.e., gas on an economic fire), etc., but have been ignored by our 'representatives' (e.g. Diane Feinstein in CA). Sadly, our conservative leaders seem to have abandoned our principles, surrendering to the American forces of evil (e.g., 99 percent of Democrats and probably at least half of all Republicans). It’s ironic that so many American Jews are Democrats since Democrats would make us weak in the face of the Muslims who want all Jews dead. Note: Examples of this surrender include GW Bush (fully invested in imposing debt slavery for Americans) and our 'conservative' 'choice', John McCain who also stands with those stealing from responsible Americans but against nearly everything else true conservatives care about. So far, not enough of us care enough to stop the imposition of debt slavery but as I love my country with all my heart, I'm hopeful that when we really start feeling the pain of this imposition, the citizens will take responsibility for their sins and hold their internal enemies (e.g., Wallstreet, Ford, UAW, our governing officials [Dem and Republican]) accountable for theirs. Sins of Israel include even hinting that they may back down from decisive destruction of Hamas. One of the main sins of American is that, as a whole, we believe that our soon to be former prosperity and freedom resulted from the fact (totally false) that we are intrinsically superior to anyone else. As I know every human shares the same blood, I believe America's greatness comes 100% from our notion that we are a nation "under G-d". America is losing to the extent we've turned our back on this. May Israel and the USA remember that we are subject to G-d before we are destroyed by the Muslims (or another enemy, if we defeat them and still forget our Creator), and may G-d forgive all our sins and free us from evil (and that in our own hearts first).
16. It sounds like Israel when it closed Arutz Sheva
m   (01.01.09)
the only right wing outlet in a sea of lefties.
17. I had some hope and here is the proof
Roli ,   Miami Beach, USA   (01.01.09)
Since before the ouster of the Shah in 1979 Kol Yisrael has been broadcasting in Farsi on short wave radio. The Ayatollahs can limit every other form of communication but the average Iranian that wants real news from the west gets it via Israel. Two things that Persians & Israeli's have in common is that they are optimists with wonderful memories. If this paper falls in Iran, I hope that the exile community continues to publish and illicitly distribute it by any means necessary.
18. Ryan & Dave
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.01.09)
I see neither of you disputed what I said. You mainly ranted on your soapbox about unrelated issues. I'm disappointed.
19. Ryan from Canada, Dave Wilson, give me a break.
Tahl ,   Israel   (01.01.09)
"you shouldn't call out an "enemy" for doing the same things your country does" - the US doesn't shut down its own newspapers because they report a story neutrally, as this Iranian newspaper did. The sole "crime" of that Iranian newspaper is stating the mere fact, that Hamas fires rockets from schoolyards. "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter" - the American revolutionaries did not fire rockets on London and Manchester, and they haven't declared that England has no right to exist. The Shah, Noriega, Hitler, Obama... - Have all got absolutely nothing to do with the story here. illgal wiretaps, patriot act, suspension of habeas corpus, etc. - Mostly isolated incidents of infringement of some personal freedoms, for a limited time period following 9/11. I wouldn't be surprised if it saved America from another such catastrophe. Can you really compare this to all the awful human rights infringements in Iran, and what happens to you when you're convicted over there? Making such comparison is an insult to intelligence. "Quite similar to the US and Israels view with the war on Georgia." - No it isn't. The Russians were overly aggressive for no reason in that war. The Georgians haven't fired missiles at Russian towns or detonated themselves in Russian buses and restaurants. Neither have they used their own women and children as human shields. Were you routing for the Russians? "The racist state of Israel... I have more respect for Hasan Nasralla and Haniye than I have for Mr. Bush" - Unworthy of a serious response. At least this helps taking your un-American and anti-Israeli views in the right context. Both of you fifth-column, enemy sympathizing bastards, do not deserve to live in the great countries of USA and Canada. Nor do you deserve to have your opinions posted on an Israeli website. But in the name of the free speech we have here (not to be found in Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and those other countires you serve as apologists for) - I guess this is a frog we'll have to swallow.
20. #19 Excellent response Tahl
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.01.09)
Logical, concise and relevant.
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