IAF strikes continue; IDF expects Hamas revenge
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.01.09, 00:42
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1. G.od be with the IDF!
2. any one with mind
John ,   UK   (01.02.09)
Unfortunately we still live in a word where might is right and taking over someones country, ethnically cleansing it so that the invaders in the majority then holding democratic elections - and use the excuse that the indigenous population are terrorists... somethings not right here
..............DACON9   (01.02.09)
4. chances for ceasefire
Alex ,   UK   (01.02.09)
..are even lower after removal of that high rank cannibal. IDF shouldn't simply go into Gaza . IDF should order civilians to leave Gaza immediately through demarcated humanitarian corridors, in order to avoid civilian casualties. Terrorists should be given ultimatum to lay down weapons or face consequences. Amnesty should be granted to those hamas who surrendered and denounced violence. Only then IDF should deal with remaining hardcore terrorists. That can't be more than couple of thousands fighters. Still tough job but doable by combined air and ground treatment, probably in 1-2 weeks.
5. reply to #2
truth ,   new york   (01.02.09)
The only thing not right is your brain. One could explain that the country of israel was LEGALLY established by the UN in 1948 and that the history subsequent to that has been one of Arab aggression and Arab terrorism... but what's the point... you're an imbecile.
6. Will Hamas specifically target Civilians ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.02.09)
Of course they will. Wil the international community say anything about Hamas war crimes ? Of course not. They gave Hitler in a head scarf Yasser Arafat a royal pass.
7. #2 john
sm ,   isr   (01.02.09)
charring cross has a good dept of mental health. you need help.
8. Keep bombing the clowns into oblivion.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.02.09)
Don't give them time to retaliate. Plan on bombing and bombing incessantly. Don't give them any time to regroup and plan anything.
9. 2# I've been hearing that about Great Britain for years.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.02.09)
Are you the only one with a mind, that has figured out what your country did as well?
10. #2 Don't look in the mirror.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.02.09)
You are talking about Great Britain.
11. Drop a Daisy Cutter 1 for 1
Dan ,   DC USA   (01.02.09)
Israel would be smart to stop the offensive and just drop one Daisy Cutter in Gaza everytime a rocket is launched. You can not control other peoples' behavior for long. They have to control their own behavior. Using my plan they would quickly decide to behave or they'd all be dead. In either case Israelis would be safer.
12. #2
Jeff ,   NY USA   (01.02.09)
Unfortunately we live in a world where people make asinine statements like yours who don't know the difference between a nation protecting its citizens and a group of thugs hellbent on killing innocent civilians. Gaza has NEVER been its own country. Israel ceded Gaza in an ill-conceived attempt to let Palestinians develop a piece of Meditteranean beach property into their own land. Instead, they were rewarded with a terrorist cesspool in their backyard. Sad that the UK, once home to Churchill, is now a bunch of weak-kneed pansies who have lost all perspective on right and wrong. Good luck with Londonistan.
13. No. 7 & No. 2
sam ,   beirut,lebanon   (01.02.09)
John, im happy that despite the israeli propoganda and media dominance, there are still people that understand what is happening in Palestine and parts of Israel and Lebanon 2 years ago. No. 7 you need mental help, not John. Arabs are not responsible for the holocaust. You have no right to come over here and slaughter people, steal their lands, destroy their homes and ruin their lives. The Zionist government needs to understand people will fight back. And nobody cares if you call that terrorism. Israel itself was created on pure terror.
14. Hard Line
AP ,   Canada   (01.02.09)
IDF has to stay focus and consistent the terrorists will be defeated
15. The mosques were built to serve as teror stations from start
Larry D ,   Pikesville, MD   (01.02.09)
OK to bomb the mosques as they arent sacred by internantional law once used as terror centers and launching pads. Clear? Lets show the monsters what we are made of and who is boss.
LARRY ,   USA   (01.02.09)
john are you speaking about the british takeover of northern irland??? think before you put yor two cents in
17. hamas and david malley
marv   (01.02.09)
Thisguy is a lover of hamas . He thinks that another ceasefire will be done with more or less the same rules. He also draws an equivalence between the 2 adversaries. malley is in for a shock. Israel tried something in 1994 with Oslo, and it has backfired big time. Concessions only invite war, they do not prevent.. You want land, take it from Jordan or Egypt.
18. Beating rabid dogs is no solution.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.02.09)
The solution for rabid dogs is to put them to sleep. It is no different with ideological rabies. So far, we have only been beating them with a stick & thus they are even more rabid than before. The only solution for Hamas is to put them down - if we don't kill a substantial percentage of them, say a third, our military operation cannot be considered a success. Dead terrorists bring peace. That is the sad reality.
19. #2 confused head
nt ,   tor   (01.02.09)
the world will be a better place withOUT people like you. Cleanse yourself.
20. #13
Jason ,   Australia   (01.02.09)
Historical sciolistic knowledge is worst than total ignorance. Israel was not only re-established in 1948 under UN's Unanimous approval and "blessings". Israel IS the Oldest Nation in the area it presently occupies. If you were able to use an unbiased, unblinkered and objectively humane mind, you would be able to read that the kingdom of Israel was firstly established 11 centuries BCE. That is more than 16 Centuries before the founding of Islam and about 17 centuries BEFORE the first Muslim Arabs moved to the regions of Judea-Samaria (mid 7th century CE), from the South. The Jews have historical, linguistic, ethnic and religious affiliation and continuity for over 3,000 years with the lands of their ancestors. The Arab Muslim have absolutely no religious, no historical, and definitely no linguistic cohesion with any ancient civilisation or ethnic religious group in the areas of Judea-Samaria. The closest perhaps, they may aspire to, (historical continuity that is), is the common link to savagery they have and share, with the ancient Philistians (to whom they owe their name, without any tangibly, historically proven connection however). Ethnically, religiously and linguistically they are not even remotely connected to the ancient (and now extinct) Philistians. They only thing they have in common, is their savagery, cruelty, and barbarism.
21. #2
Przemyslaw ,   Warsaw, Poland   (01.02.09)
John, stop repeating arab propaganda. Remind that Hitler also won democratic elections. Start thinking.
22. Crossing red lines? That's a joke.
23. Ron Paul
kathleen ,   christmas florida   (01.02.09)
As always, he is always right. Let Israel do what she wants to do. Look forward to a new grass-roots Republican party led by Ron Paul principles.
24. Regarding John - reply #2
Jerry ,   New York, USA   (01.02.09)
Dear John, How many Jews will be allowed in the new Palestinian state? If none, does that constitute apartheid?
25. amazing
rahm ,   zurich   (01.02.09)
you people posting here are all going to hell. war is not a video game. people are dying and suffering. your enthusiasm for bloodshed is disturbing and no matter which god you worship, he is crying over your love of people dying. sick. absolutely sickening all of you.
26. what about our kids
Palestinian American ,   USA   (01.02.09)
Israel is loosing the PR war around the world ..for good this time ..needs Hamas's revenge to justify the continuation of the slaughter... your argument to start this operation last week is hollow . no one accept his cities to be shelled ,that is right . for us one accept to live in a big prison ,eat when you want and travel when you want and study when you want(no electricity ). no one accept to live without dignity , even with the last truce ,you did not stop killed 65 palestinians .. with your atrocity ,you silenced us silenced the moderate voice...for 8 years since president BUSH talked about the 2 states living side by side .... for 8 years we are talking about peace here in the states .. you never wanted peace wanted to swallow Jerusalem and leave a perpetual wars and misery. well,your wishes are answered .. talk ,and peace ,is over i guess one from the palestinian side will dare ...yes Dare shake your hands in public or behind closed doors .. no one will recover from this at all . no one in Lebanon will dare to do it either leveled Beirut 3 times in the last 20 years . FYI ,not only sderot's kids are suffering . ours been suffering as well for 60 years . they are living in a stone age conditions in a big prison ...with land ,air and sea blockade . livni said the facts on the ground in Gaza will change bet it will Madame ...i hope so . Gazans are the sons of askalan ,asdoud ,and beer-alsabe,,you kicked them from their homes in the costal areas all the way up from Haifa ,they are all refugees ...
27. To Terry 18. The Job Of IAF.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.02.09)
That means that the job of the IAF is not finished yet.
28. To Rahm #25. Were Meant To Invite.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.02.09)
You say :”your enthusiasm for bloodshed is disturbing .. “. Dear Rahm, since the beginning of 2008 till December 26th Hamas et al fired more than 3,000 Kassam rockets and mortars on UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel. Rahm, should Israel sit back and do NOTHING -- while Hamas et al continues to terrorize the UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel ?? Or,do you think those Kassam rockets were meant (by Hamas et al) to invite the residents of Sderot for a dancing-party/feast-party in Gaza Strip ? BTW it is NOT up to you to decide who is “going to hell” -- that is NONE of your business !!!
29. #26 PAL American - After you shoot 7500 Rockets at our child
meir elazar   (01.03.09)
#26 PAL American - After you shoot 7500 Rockets at our children, you expect me to give a damn about yours? We remember 9/11 and the Gazans rejoicing after WTC was attacked by Arab/Moslem terrorists and the handing out of candy to the children along with toys depicting the tragedy. GAZA has launched 7500 rockets at our children and innocent civilians and no one protested until we struck back to stop the rockets. The Hamas Charter calls for the Destruction of Israel and the death of all Israelis and Jews. There is not one word, one whisper of any peaceful solution or any form of co-existance. HAMAS is not only prepared to murder all our children to achieve their goal of our destruction but are equally happy to destroy their own children to that end. Never ever have we had a better opportunity than now to lead the world in the War of Arab/Moslem Terror. HAMAS is declared and proven to be a terrorist organization. PA voted for the Terrorists thus negating any responsibility for collateral damage. HAMAS continued to murder 200 Fatah in their bloody overthrow of Gaza. They have store weapons and attacked from mosques, schools, etc. and hide behind civilians. They kidnap not only Israelis but journalists and foreign aid workers. Let's now forget the 3 Americans in 2003 that were murdered while coming to give PAL kids Fulbright scholarships. Let's face it Gaza is the epicenter of Global Arab/Moslem terror with victims in Mumbai, London, Madrid, Beslan, Moscow, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Amman, Sinai, NY, Darfur, Washington, and on and on. The Arab countries will not allow PALs to integrate since they are troublemakers and have been kicked out of Jordan and Lebanon. Now we have Hamas trapped between Egypt, Israel, and the sea. We are destroying the smuggling tunnels, the terrorist infrastructure, the rocket launching sites and launchers, and finally the senior terrorist commanders along with their homes and families. HAMAS continues to both launch rockets and issue wild threats showing what animals they are and justify our counter-terror measures. To all who protest our fight back and defending our children and cities, the answer is simple. You never said a word when our children and cities were under constant barrages of rockets so you have not right to protest our putting a stop to it any way we can. We will pulverize HAMAS until they beg for mercy and unconditionally surrender. Nothing less is acceptable. Hopefully after we show the world how to defeat Arab/Moslem Terrorists the world will unite to reverse this cancer of Khomeini, Al Qaida, Bin Laden, Taliban, and all the terrorist that murder, kidnap, and attack people everywhere.
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