Rockets land in Ashkelon; 2 women lightly hurt
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 02.01.09, 08:20
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1. Hamas in Gaza, it must be clear to all, has been committing
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.02.09)
war crimes and crimes against humanity, yet members of the "progressive" and "enlightened" circles abroad refuse to acknowledge this fact and call Hamas to cease committing such crimes. Hamas's armed forces have been stock piling their weapons and explosives in people's homes, in mosques and in hospitals, and firing their rockets and mortar shells from the front yards of people's dewellings and back yards of kindergartens, some managed by the UN. They have been using, in other words, the civilian population of Gaza as human shields. And the firing of the rockets have been aimed exclusively at pupulation centers such as S'derot, Ashqelon, Ofaqim, Netivot, all blue color towns, and at villages such as Netiv ha-Asara, Nirim and Kerem Shalom, all collective and cooperative farming communities inside Israel. I have read not a single word expressed by those eager to condemn Israel for everything, even for the rise of global warming, against these crimes against humanity and war crimes.
2. politial echelon
marcel   (01.02.09)
Zthey should have thought of iran supplying rockets that could hit dimona before the gaza withdrawal. They should have thought about non state actors like hamas don't care about infrastructure damage. They are led by religions indoctrinated deciples. look at some more modern examples. 1) The ayatollah khomeini was stopped cold in his tracks by saddam who burned iranians with long range scuds loaded with chemicals after the khomeini loaded the iranian army with shaheeds. 2) The russians used ss-19s and wholesale brutal killings to suppress chechynia for now. Hamas has plenty of rockets,t hey are easy to fire. Only if the top leaders are stopped, would they ask for quiet. If it were the russians, they would slaugher gaza and everyone in it till not one peep was heard. if it was saddam, he would launch terror weapons. Israelis are guilt ridden about violence and use geneva convention rules. But they will have to either terrorize gaza with missiles or go in by land and figure a way to tackle hamas which is well dug in. I would advise gazans to flee out of the country as israel is likely to use savage putin tactics to destroy gaza's people. leave before it is too late or tell israel where haniyeh and zohar are.
3. victory first
alan ,   texas   (01.02.09)
Peace will come only after total defeat of all Arab terrorists and terrorist governments. The these people can be educated or reeducated to live civilized, constructive lives.
4. To ALAN
R. ,   Toronto   (01.02.09)
I really recommend you go back and take a look at what you called "Arab" terrorists. Being an arab, and reading the statement of yours make me support anything that gets rid of your likes because peace will only be existent when ignorants like you are eliminated from the world. Go get some education and come back and express your opinion.
5. primitive rockets
alex ,   boston, ma   (01.03.09)
"several people suffer shock" can you even imagine how it even feels when you are hit by one tone bunker busting bom for an f16? you think are in shock, thank your god that you are not in Gaza...
6. To R. in Toronto
usa   (01.03.09)
Alan clearly said "Arab terrorists," not Arabs in general. Are you saying that you support Arab terrorists, or that criticizing the actions of Arab terrorists is ignorant and wrong? If so, it is you who needs to "get some education." Maybe that will help you read more carefully next time.
7. Blame should be laid at the clown government's feet
Yanni   (01.03.09)
They could have stopped the rockets by an all-out attack, but have deliberately pussyfooted around, hitting mostly empty buildings. They are deliberately losing the war, deliberately putting Israelis at risk, in order to spare their beloved "Palestinians". These "Palestinians" are mollycoddled and taken to Israeli hospitals with all bells and whistles provided, while 4 Israelis have died and many have been wounded by the rocket fire from Gaza.
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