Price tags of war
Ynet, Calcalist
Published: 03.01.09, 14:54
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1. After defeating the palis,give them the bill
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.03.09)
Pass a law already that those who do not serve in the security forces should pay a defense tax. If they arab arab or Jewish,they should pay a 100 shekel fee for each and every member of the family each month. Triple the fees they have to pay for driver's licenses,business licenses,ect.
2. no worries !!! the gulf states will supply
dafer ,   jerusalem   (01.03.09)
saudia arabia and the other oil rich arab countries will support israel in this one and all the next wars as well ....
3. The real Oldest profession.
Gideon Reader   (01.03.09)
Lower than the poor East European girls or ordinary attorneys, scribblers sink to the sub-depths of caste. The "price" of not engaging in this rightous war is measured in things of value that transcend mere cash. Things that "journalists'(ptooie, ptooie, ptooie) can never think of because they are not wired that way. I know that the author has a need to earn a living, but this is of a level lower than marketing one's hips on the street at the Central Station on the beach at North TA. Too bad they walk among us. I would rather a sister working clarinet duties on the night shift in a house of ill repute, that a "reporter" doing what they do day in and day out.
4. Operation Cast Lead
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (01.04.09)
B"H Operation Cast Lead is a direct consequence of the so called disengagement lies we were told by kadima politicians three years ago, mouthpieced by the leftist media like ynet.
5. There is no price tag on life. End
6. Could be better spent
Pat   (01.04.09)
One cannot help but reflect that the money spent on the incursion into Gaza could certainly have been better spent, especially at this time of economic crisis.
7. #6
Josh B ,   Rehovot, Israel   (01.05.09)
Let me guess. You don't live in southern Israel. Well I do, so please go back to your fantasy world.
8. Cost od defeating the ayatollahs' Hamas? PRICELESS!
dr. dave ,   nyc   (01.05.09)
9. two men, one horse
i think the cost is over U$1 billion by yesterday. i also notice that the tel aviv stock exchange is up by 6% since the start of swing lead. that's incredible, at a time of global financial disaster. not only are you monetarily clever jewish people now leading the worlds financial recovery, but those dumb palestinians have seen trading drop on their stock exchange. wow. the simple fact that P.S.E. equals fatah, rather than hamas, is immaterial. because you and fatah are not in tandem with each other. this keeps you away from the embarassment of gloating over the rise of one of your stock exchanges by reducing the other one to smouldering ruins. surely i'm right, you're not trying to look big? i mean, israelis are SOO notoriously hard headed in business (look at how the bought nasa, just in time for the YEARS of solar storms) that you wouldn't keep yourself warm by burning banknotes. no, not the clever israelis, they wouldn't set the torch to the palestinian branch of the templars just to give tzipi a bonfire to dance around. because whatever mechanism you've used to keep the T.A.S.E afloat and rising (an impressive advert to the financial world, see israel go up whilst everyone else goes down. why be mad? trade through the T.A.S.E! why, even in time of war, it just keeps going up. or blowing up. but anyway, why be mad?) is very interesting, and may have global repurcussions. and even if you HAVE blown your military budget, why not go back to the u.s for yet another loan to cover your next years rampage?
10. Fear not
Jeff ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.07.09)
Don't worry, I'm sure the U.S. will cut you guys another cheque. Seems they lots of money to send you every year. That should help you buy more bombs.
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