One injured as rocket hits Ashkelon home
Ilana Curiel
Published: 02.01.09, 22:55
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1. Q: where is the Iron Dome?
observer   (01.02.09)
A: ask those who took the commission
2. Rains Of Death.... this is our Response of Israeli IDF Massa
Palestine my love ,   Gaza   (01.02.09)
Equivalence Of Horror , instead of Power Equivalence's … Great Act Palestinian
3. Let us live in peace!
peeri   (01.02.09)
We are at war against a terrorist organization - the Hamas. Hamas does not care whether women, children, the sick or elderly will die. It does not care for it's own people! They are firing missiles from their streets, from their homes, they have turned their schools and mosques into factories manufacturing missiles and bombs! People in the south of Israel have been suffering for more than 8 years from being fired at around the clock with no justified reason! children cannot sleep at night, people are in prolonged anxiety. No goverment in the world would suffer for so long and not retaliate. But when Israel does this to protect our right to exist, the entire world is against us! Did anyone tell Bush to stop war against Al Qaueda? Did they tell him to stop the war in Iraq? Or Putin to stop the war in Chechnia and Georgia? Every country in the world saves its right to defend its citizens, but when it comes to Israel that has been targeted for the past 8 years by Hamas missiles, whos civillians are killed in terroris attacks by barbarians that allow themselves to destroy us just because we are Jewish! we never get the right to live in peace! It is time that everyone understand, we are here to stay, it is our land, and whoever has a problem with it can go to hell! Let us live in peace!
4. 40k more missiles to go.
There are 40,000 more missiles with Hamas.
5. Hit the pali civilians!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.02.09)
Keep hitting them till ham-ass surrenders. Our war is with all the palis and not just ham-ass.
ALERT!!!!   (01.02.09)
The Hal Turner Show has received information indicating that a very small but deadly biological weapon was released inside Israel today (Friday, 2 January, 2009) THE INFORMATION IS NOT CONFIRMED. According to two separate sources, the bio-weapon material was provided by a nation state. It was given to people inside Israel who are opposed to the ongoing military attacks being perpetrated by Israel against civilians in the West bank and Gaza strip. The bio-weapon was allegedly released at some time within the last 8 hours. The sources would not be more specific. The sources would not say where inside Israel the release took place, but indicated the release was "in a place designed to infect the most Israelis in the shortest time." When asked what type of bio-weapon was used, one source would only say, "once the incubation period is over, everyone will find out." When asked why a bio-weapon was used against Israeli civilians, another source replied "The Israelis are mercilessly attacking and killing unarmed civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, so that makes Israeli civilians legitimate targets for reprisal." When asked how many Israelis might be affected, both sources said "tens of thousands will die."
7. To 2 I hope we bomb your house
8. 1#, Unfortunately the iron dome is still 2 years away
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.02.09)
Since we can't live this way for at least 2 more years then we must stamp out this Hamas menace now!
9. #3 Peeri - I support you!
Nim ,   Netanya   (01.02.09)
There is no other nation in the world that would have responded in other way. Moreover, we let the Palestinians receive humanitarian aid. I don't think that other country would have done such thing like that. The bottom line is that we protect our people and the Gazans people as well from those ham-ass terrorists!
10. Yes very brave to target only civilians #2
William ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
Your hate and racism hurts people on both sides and has for over 88 years.
11. Boy I hope not #6
William ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
I haven't heard anything yet from any other source. It wouldn't surprise me that people would try this as elements have always wanted to target Israelis and considering Gazans to actually be unarmed shows the lengths people will lie to justify their heinous acts. Point is, there is almost no place in Israel where Jews and Arabs are not together - but killing off Arabs in the attempt to kill a Jew has never bothered one Islamic terrorist. Not one.
12. #6 Alert - Apparently a hoax
William ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
I searched the net for this and besides no other mention of this anywhere (even from average Israeli bloggers) Hal Turner has been dubbed the ultimate disinformation discriminator and antagonist. The Blog on his site has since been pulled.
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