Palestinians: 3 children killed in Gaza strike
Ali Waked
Published: 02.01.09, 15:55
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1. double standard
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.02.09)
In 2002 Salah Schade was killed by the IAF together with his wife and daughter. The Meretz party, Gush Shalom the attorney general and the courts condemned Dan Halutz and even humiliated him in court, forcing him to write an essay as punishment. Last night, Nizar Riyan was killed in a raid which wiped out his wives and children without any complaints. The motivation for this double standard is not clear, but has little to do with justice. Perhaps the Left approves of the elimination of Riyan and his family because it furthers the presumed purpose of the war: to appoint Abbas president using Israeli bayonets.
2. Keep going
ishmael   (01.02.09)
Saalam. I know arabs. israel keep going even for 6 months. Eventually hamas will run out of missiles. They have destroyed gaza ever since they came in. Fatah is very weak. This proves that arabs in those regions cannot govern themselves as they never had a country. Inshallah, egypt and jordan governed the areas and they didn't even do a great job of controlling them. it may be reach the point in order for merchants of gaza to survive, that they have to kill off terror. But so far the whole of PLO is brainwashed to kill the occupiers. One thing yoiu should know-democracy does not work with araBS.
3. Children
Mohammad ,   London, UK   (01.02.09)
Do these children belong to Hamas?? Killing children and women in cold blood is nothing to be proud of. The same goes for killing Israeli children and women.
David   (01.02.09)
5. palestinian sources you said ? u should learn journalism
6. What family?
Lior ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
The family of terrorists who used them as human shields or the kids who died 3 times already? Sorry to sound so cold and heartless but the evil which permeates that society breeds reactions such as mine.
7. Define "children". Median age in Gaza is 17 !
grigorius   (01.02.09)
If we bomb a random weapons storage facility placed under a random house, and kill random Palestinians, most of them statistically will be children. Besides, there are children who are fighters for Hamas and Fath, and they carry weapons and suicide belts. Arab terrorists should stop forcing their children to fight and die and then crying to UN.
8. palestinians will be thrilled
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.02.09)
for them, the next best thing to dead jewish children is dead palestinian children.
9. Palestinians: 3 children killed...
Vladimir ,   Petach-Tikva, Israel   (01.02.09)
So, what do you want? This is today's reality! This is result of eight year of Hamas "peaceful" activity towards Israel.
10. If It Wasn't For Hamas These 'Children' Would Stll Be Alive
vit ,   usa   (01.02.09)
11. How disgusting to use children as shields
William ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
Placing weapons labs and rockets in a house with children? Even if NOT soliciting an attack by the IDF (legal by Intl law), they implications of an accidental explosion are high. We've seen it happen in several residential homes over the past 8 years and the children ALWAYS suffer the most. The world must tell these Islamic terrorists to STOP using children as shields!
12. Only arabs never make mistakes !
trumpeldor   (01.02.09)
13. #1- You are right
GUH   (01.02.09)
All acts- the bombing that killed Salah Shahada and 14 others (9 children included) like the bombing that killed Nizar Riyan (and 20 bystanders) were both war crimes that deserve condemnation and punishment. There are certainly double standards here as the world remains silent and the US is cheerleading.
14. Grigorius, do you find it morally superior to kill
GUH   (01.02.09)
a 17-year old than a 12-year old? As there are no reports of "random weapons storage facilities," or that these children were fighters for Hamas/ Fatah, or that they were carrying weapons/ suicide belts, you are obviously inventing excuses to absolve a triple murder, and it reflects how low people like you have become.
15. #4- Pro Arab media?
GUH   (01.02.09)
Because it dared to report three children that were killed? You, my friend, are supporting the worst terrorists. When was the last time you heard a report, "terrorists kill three Israeli children"? Not very recently.
16. The IDF did not kill the children!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.02.09)
Hamas killed them because they place civilians in the line of fire! The fact is that Hamas, just like Hezbollah, thrive of the bodies of dead children as they know that Jew Haters like Ken Livingston and Annie Lennox and the anti-Semtic press will blame the Jews for everything from the Great Flood onwards! In any any case, not matter what we do we will be to blame. Where are the Jews in the UK, Europe, the USA and other countries? Why are they not giving us the support Israel gives them when they are in distress?
17. # 3 Mohammed
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.02.09)
There is one reason and one reason only for the death and destruction in the Middle East today. That reason can be summed up in two simple words. Mohammed and Koran.
18. wow
ken ,   dubai/NZ   (01.02.09)
the israeli govt needs to be brought before the ICC for war crimes in this latest spat of atrocities against defenseless palestinian women and children
19. irresponsible parents
S.   (01.02.09)
Those are likely to blame. Israel is doing precision bombing and warns civilians before it bombs. When you let children hang around or deliberately let them become "martyrs" (after all, that's what all Hamas-loving parents want), than it is you who is criminal.
20. Why is the age of the victim import!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (01.02.09)
The idea of menitioning 'women and children' only attracts the attention of those condtitioned to believe that women and children are somehow more important than men which is patently not true. One could argue with some success that all human life is equal but not that women or children are more importantant than men. It would be fairly easy to demonstrate that the death of some people benefit the group as a whole and relatively easy to show that in nearly all cases a person of 20 is more valuable to society than one of four or five or whatever. Adults can create more children and the older a person is the more a society has invested in him or her so let's stop the hypocriscy, please! Mike
21. #18 - you're dry humor is likely to be misunderstood.
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (01.02.09)
22. #18 Ken Leave Those Poor Sheep Alone
Lawrence ,   safed Israel   (01.02.09)
Palestinian's friend ,   Middle East   (01.02.09)
Dear Palestinians, this is the dream of Hamas: to put all your children on shooting range as a fighters or as victims. Have mercy on your kids - don't sacrifice them to Hamas! It will not make your life more happy! Without children you have no future, only memories! Beware of Hamas!
24. What a nightmare this has become
bruno ,   bouxwiller france   (01.02.09)
how wonderful would it be to have peace between jewish and arab people. it seems far away. aside from those who easily get hot heads, the main cause lies in those behind the scene who are using the so called palestinians as coal to let this evil fire permanently burn. when will they realize that their aim and combat is useless and stupid? what do they want from Jerusalem?
25. killed
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.02.09)
the 'pali sources' that are always so believable to ali waked, the pali goebbles, never seem to show any non-civilian deaths. To them, it the deceased is not wearing a uniform, they are obviously civilian. By waked's reasoning, when haniyeh is neutralized - and he will be - the fact that he will probably not be in full fatigues will make him a 'civilian' even though he is directly responsible for the terrorism
26. competition
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.02.09)
ali waked, amira hass, and gideon levy are all competing to see who will be the next hamass goebbles
27. #21- your dry humor is likely to be misunderstood
GUH   (01.02.09)
Because Ken from Dubai is absolutely right.
28. Only ONE state of Arab League is on Hamas side!!!!!!!
Alan ,   SA   (01.02.09)
29. to sagi (17.)
idil ,   istanbul / turkey   (01.02.09)
dont divide the monotheist religions.its also full of absurdities and legends if u divide u ll be making a bias.hmm we can say that the reason is the god.
30. #16- you are making excuses
GUH   (01.02.09)
And clearly these excuses are unproven as far as the article goes. You just cannot accept the fact that your pilots, even with their very accurate, satellite guided bombs, are killing innocent children like these three in the scores and dozens. Furthermore, your pathetic whining as to you being blamed... when you pull the trigger of a gun, you are responsible for firing the gun and whatever nasty results come from firing it. And finally... YOU are in distress? Look up the dictionary definition of distress... you with your sophisticated advanced army and weapons killing off dozens, HUNDREDS... ARE IN DISTRESS?
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