Hamas commander killed in Gaza
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 03.01.09, 11:10
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1. At this rate we'll be at war for 10 years.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.03.09)
Doesn't it strike anyone as odd the incredibly LOW number of Hamas casualties? As unpleasant as it is, the object of war is to kill the enemy. So it should be very very obvious even to the most simple-minded that defeating Hamas was NEVER the objective of this operation. So now ask yourself what the objective really was. Ask it again when you vote.
2. A few questions for Palestinian supporters
Ralph ,   Israel   (01.03.09)
I am an American temporarily living in Israel for work related reasons. I am not Jewish and before moving here I had no biases. I am currently living in the red-zone and I have recently learned what it feels like to have a missile strike in such close proximity to your home that the windows shake. It is not a good feeling and my heart goes out to the citizens of Israel who have lived in close proximity to Gaza and under the constant threat of fire for the last several years. Both the Palestinian and Jewish people have known oppression and injustice. In 1947 Palestinians say the injustice began for them when the newly formed UN decided to divide the land of Palestine into two states. The Arabs thought the plan was unjust and they chose war. Throughout the years the Arab world has had more chances and each time they have chosen war. Recently this war has targeted civilians in Israel either through suicide bombers, random terrorist attacks, or missile and mortars fired from Gaza into southern Israel. Since 2000 almost 1200 Israelis have been killed by terrorism and another 8300 have been injured. If you ask a Palestinian or a supporter of the Palestinian cause what do they want the resounding answer will be an end to the Israeli occupation. In 2005, Israel made a step in that direction by completely removing their military presence and all settlements from Gaza. Although Israel remained in control of the borders and other areas of the region most logical people would conclude that this was a reasonable step in an effort for peace. How did Hamas react to this withdrawal? Once again they chose violence. After the Israeli withdrawal rocket fire on southern Israel was increased nearly 500%. The Palestinians feel they have suffered grave injustices. The fact is both sides have. But when is it just to intentionally target innocent civilians? Why did the violence in Hamas increase after Israel pulled out of Gaza if their end goal is an end to the occupation? Where I am from right is right and wrong is wrong. Celebrating in the streets when an innocent Israeli is killed is wrong. Targeting innocent civilians because it is your only means of fighting back is wrong. I had no biases when I moved here but over the months I have seen myself become pro-Israeli. And I don’t see how any logical and moral person can not share my views.
3. Barak,Livni And Olmert
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.03.09)
The unholy Trinity are the biggest threat to the survival of Israel.They are stupid,gutless,clumsy ,immoral .They are an accident waiting to happen and only dumb Israelis can fall for their nonsense.Kassam Rockets fell on Sderot for years and sudddenly,lo and behold ,just before an election the three stooges start caring.I am afraid they have really screwed up this war.
4. No.1 Yes, Terry, but the count goes on!
Notwithstanding their bleak threats, the Hamas are in dire straits and from now on they are going weaker and weaker deep down in their burrows. Day by day and IDF bomb by bomb. I know that a ground offensive should clean up the whole mess once and forever but "smoking" them from the air is also suffice, at least in this case. Besides, this time, I hope they know in the IDF what they are doing. And by the way, I know quite a while who to vote for. Good luck Terry and keep up the good work.
5. Check this out! ~"Escape From Hamas,"
Dark Side of the Moo   (01.03.09)
For many who read these TBs:,2933,475226,00.html
6. Agree with all comments #1-3: They're doing it again
"Shoot and Cry" ,   Palliwood Studios   (01.03.09)
Its a repeat of the 2nd Lebanon war , where Olmert refused to call it a WAR. This imbecile is doing it again. Bozo Olmert and co. are not sending coherent signals to the troops. Fighting forces need to know what they're doing and why to get mentally behind the task. The judiciary also allowing the enemy's flag to be raised is another disgrace and blow to morale. I'm also starting feel the situation slipping away and that this will end just like the last encounter with Hezbollah. I only hope that I'm wrong. Also, that Kadima and co, don't get enough support to get back in - just so they can give the Golan away.
7. Bad
Rook ,   US   (01.03.09)
This is starting to remind me of Leb II where Olmert, Livni [& now, Barak] just relied on air force and made army sit and wait and wait until way too late. If this trio want EU or other international force to come in and monitor Gaza - like EU at Raffah which did nothing except flee at any danger, and UN Res 1701 forces in Leb - then these 3 have once again lost the war for Israel by their dithering and lack of force & vision. The IDF is waiting to go in and destroy Hams and destroy the tunnels and huge stores of arms underground. Their perspective is BAD for Israel with meaningless results. Abbass will lose Gaza and West BAnk and Hamas take both.
8. # 2 Ralph
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.03.09)
I wish to take you up on one point. "Occupation" This word, when used by the Palestinians and their mentors and benefactors means something entirely different from what you and others take it to mean. I do not intend here to give you a lecture in history but in order for you to really understand their intention when using this word it is necessary to have an in depth knowlege of the history of this region. What they mean by the term "occupation" is that the fight is not over until the last Jew is evicted fom an area formerly known as Syria - Palestine from 1516 until 1917. This was a defined governed region within the Ottoman Empire that comprised most of what today is Lebanon,Syria, Israel,Judea,Samaria, Gaza and some parts of Northern Sinai. In other words, no Israel,no Jews.It is a fact of history that the only People ever to have a Nation State in this 'occupied' land is and was the Jews or the Israelites, however you prefer.This is the land of our forefathers, our traditions and our heritage. I am a very unashamed atheist of strong conviction so please do not confuse my conception of our rights to this land with that of the so called "believers" and a "title deed" given by the 'lord". Herein lies the problem. We "occupy" what is ours by heritage and by numerous decisions of the International community. They want us out and themselves in by decree of Allah and Mohammed. The decree saying this is holy sacred Muslim land. You decide.
9. To # 2 simple question
Al Khityar ,   Gaza   (01.03.09)
Dear Amirican living temporerly there: I would like to give you an extra mission during your good stay, while you are going arround, try to ask every innocent israeli there, : from where did you come? you will get all answers from allover the world,,,, If you have a chance to go to Gaza strip and ask the same question, you will learn that out of the 1.5 milion palestinian in Gaza, at leat 1 million are refugees from Jafa, Hafa, ber Sheva,,, etc And that will be the answer to your question.
10. There are more fronts than a military one
Bogumila ,   Poland   (01.03.09)
Perhaps I should include this in my previous post. I observe now a shift in a European public opinion in favor of Israel. Hamas itself has made it clear who should be blamed for spreading the blood. Of course Europeans scream to stop the shooting as usual, but on another hand they are loosing the sympathy for Hamas. As with #2, my heart goes especially to people living in a red zone. It's hard to imagine what they are going through. But look at all battles that are going on right now. The idf has opened the youtube site. It was a very good idea. People (thousands and thousands) have seen the films with Hamas lounching rockets from civilian areas, schools, houses and mosks. The Hamas propaganda is eroding on daily basis. #1 is upset that the war might take years before it's end, but it is war on terror, they are always like that. On another hand, a current shift in public opinion will work in favor of Israelis also for years ahead. God bless you, keep your hearts up, my best wishes with you....
11. Whats the rush?
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (01.03.09)
The IDF does what is has to do. Hamas is in a corner. Gaza is losing their minds right now. We have to handle this smartly as we have bigger monkeys to deal with later, Hizbolah and Iran. After this over, Gaza will look like a toilet. Gaza has always been an unattractive place to anyone. A large slice between Gaza and Egypt has to be cut and kept as a buffer zone to avaoid any further tunnel building. The stupid boat, if it comes again, should be rammed hardder this time especially if Rosanne Barr is on it with her ever-expanding back side.
12. Look Al Khityar from Gaza
Robert J Owen ,   UK   (01.03.09)
Every Bolivian peasant or ex communist East Londoner can claim to be a Palistinian. That does not make them what they say they are. You should go back to Syria where your ancestors came from and where you would feel more at home. It is just idiotic to suggest the Israel don't belong to the Jews especially Jews like Sagi and Terry that contribute to this forum.
13. Al Khityar #9
Nice Bloke ,   Rochdale   (01.03.09)
Dear Mr Khityar Most Israelis are descendants of Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries they'd lived in for centuries. Collectively they lost land equivalent to 100,000 sq km - four times the size of Israel.
14. #9 Refugees? Why is that? Your Arab brothers know.
"Shoot and Cry" ,   Palliwood Studios   (01.03.09)
Yes, many of you are refugees ...the world's longest serving refugees .. How can you be "refugees" for over 60 years? Is the mantle passed from one generation to the other? Many of your parents came from other countries and have been kept there by your Arab brothers in Egypt , Syria and elsewhere as they have refused to absorb you into their countries. Even now, Egypt - who used to 'run' Gaza - have locked the doors - they dont want you. They are happy to have you there as a nuisance to Israel - and the world. When will you people learn that the course you are on is going nowhere but straight to hell?
15. To #9 Al Khityar
Arul   (01.03.09)
You became refugees, because your Arab masters asked you to leave Israel so that they can kill every jew by drowing them in Meditriranian Sea. Those who stayed back are now citizens of Israel enjoying all the benefits, where as you who listened to the Coward Arabs are still suffering in the refugee camps. They are conducting a proxy war. Even now the choice is yours. If you decide to live in peace with Israel, you can, But you guys want only war, terrorism and hatred. In the 6 month so called truce, everything was ok. Why then did you start the rocket barrage once again. If you want war, that is exactly what you will get.
16. 9# The bigger question is why did the people come from all
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.03.09)
over the world? It was because your ancestors stole their land in the first palce and expelled the Jews to the ends of the earth. And now you are upset because they came home to the land that you took by force in the first place? By the way......most of the country of Israel in the 1940's was devoid of any human existance. All you have to do is look at old footage to see that their was hardly a soul to be seen for miles. What you and the Arabs never address is the fact that you have birthed yourself into this little spot in Gaza. These millions of Gazans never existed in the first place in the 1940's. But since you have decided to have as many children as you possibly expect the Jews to just give all the country back......because of your lack of intelligence in birth well as your lack of intelligence to live around others without blowing them up. Their was no mass population of Arabs in Israel in the 1940's. What entitles you to Israeli land, because of uncontrollable birth rates? You'll be inviting in India and China next week. They need a place to stay too. I guess everyone has to give up their country, when a group of fanatics breed themselves out of the tuna fish can.
17. Al Khitar #9
jacob ,   munich,Germany   (01.03.09)
I understand what you mean; but the whole world is full of refugees, take e.g. India & Pakistan: thes countries were founded in about the same time as Israel... and if you want Palestine. Millions of Hindus and Moslems fled to "their" part. And the countries helped them to resettle. Millions of Germans fled from Eastern Europe. Look at the former Yugoslavia, the same! only you people always look back and don´t take your fate in your own hand. You expect either your Arab friends or Allah to help you. You had Gaza freed from every single Israeli. You could have started somerhing but you prefer to rely on UNWRA and HAMAS to act for you. Look how HAMAS treated you paletinian brothers from FATAH. So (even forced) migration should not prevent you from looking into the future.
18. Hamas commander killed in Gaza 9 al khitar
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (01.03.09)
dear al khitae it seems to you and the pals to be a refugee for generations has become a proffesion read talkback number 17 and try to anderstand how the world works
19. #9 and they'd be lying
Danny   (01.03.09)
because most of them are from Gaza...
20. Rfugees
Al Khtyar ,   Gaza   (01.03.09)
Dear All Thanks for commenting on my feedback, and i have to clear the following points: Palestine is there as a populated land before any profet, i e before moslems, chricians and jowesh, the oldest city in the world is fo example Jerecho,,,,and it was populated,,, so there are palestenians as people before any relegion was there. At the bigining of the 20th century, the population of palestine was about 1 million, out of which only 5,000 jewesh were there , How can we say that in the 40th of the last century this land was almost emplty,,,,, ????? who was living in 480 cities and villages??? ghosts??? One more thing, you may not understand, yes we are refugees, some of us are very rich, the majority are well educated, we dont need to be fed ,,,, but even the white house wont compensate for my small cot i lost in Jafa,,, for me its a holly dirty place,,,, haha now we are taking our case in our hands, we dont wait anybody to help us, Hamas people are not strangers for us, evryone of us is or will become hamas, simply because we lost confedence in you and our great fatah people,,, getting nothing after 20 years of peace talks, exept more settelments in the west bank to accomodate your new commers from rassia,,,, We are ready to fight for another century,,, wont give up,,,, be ready
21. to # 13
Al Khityar ,   GAZA   (01.03.09)
agree with you, then let everyone go back to where he belogs, i know it looks stuped suggestion, but it will work
22. # 17 Refugees
alkhityar ,   GAZA   (01.03.09)
Just to explain, for us refugees, does not mean poor people lining in a camp ot tent , it means living away from my home land It is not a proffission sir, just just an example i m one of 6 brothers who are highly educated, living in beautifull homes, needing nothing exept going back to our home country,,,, even after 10 generations we will have the same feeling and will work hard to achieve that goal regardless of anything
23. 20,21,22
alex ,   Finland   (01.03.09)
Your county is in Jordan. Why don t you ask them about histiric palestine
24. "American College" is not American anymore...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.03.09)
Hamas threatened and kicked out all the American staff during their bloody coup, as they did to all Christians there. Since then, this so called "American College" is part of the Hamas extremist-Islam indoctrination network and a source of mortal hatred against all non-muslims! BOMB THE HELL OUT OF IT WITHOUT REMORSE!
25. For #22
Future1   (01.03.09)
Why do the Rich Gulf States ignore Gaza and not invest into it? Why do they not build great hotels and put Gazans to work? Are there any moderate gazans that work in IT and other office jobs that are allowed to speak out against Hamas? Why do you let yourself be ruled by the Hamas Thugs just offering charity and the former Fatah scoundrels who steal your money? When will we see people like you stand up and form a new moderate party and get investment into Gaza. Do you know you could be another China or India?? Your wages and work ethic would inspire countries to invest in your gorgeous strip. By the way, what ever happened to those amazing profitable greenhouses that Israel left behind in 2005? Did Hamas destroy them?
26. To Al Khityar - somewhere in a Gaza rathole...
The Doc ,   haifa, Israel   (01.03.09)
After reading all your imbecile rants and historical fabrications, let me remind you that the Phillistines have nothing in common with the yeast-infested Arabn genes! On the contrary! Arafat himself (may he eternaly rot in that stinking Muslim "heaven", Amen!) tried that but realized that there was no much pride in trying to root himself to the Phillistines. They were the scum of the Earth at the time and hated by all the people (not unlikely the Palestinians today, mind you!). Maybe that's why Arafat thought the comparison was so appropriate - but I digress (look this up in the dictionary). So Arafat decided that the "Phillistines option" was not a good one and stopped distorting history that way. Fortunately for the Palestinians, he died before coming up with yet another ridiculous historical blunder. Your mindless disinformation, undoubtedly sucked at the tit of one of your illiterate and crazed clerics, will not work here! There is enough evidence to prove that the modern-days "palestinians" AND Israeli Arabs are nothing more than Arabs and muslims of various origins (Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.) who came to OUR LANDS either as soldiers as part of the attacking Arab armies in the past centuries, or slaves brought in by those armies to rub the feet of the Sultan and wash the butt of his harem! That's the main reason you are also hated throughout the Arab world. You have no place here and no place there. Instead of showing off your ignorance online, better go and study at a normal school, get yourself a useful trade and think how you can peacefully convice us to hire you again when Hamas is history. Launching rockets into civilian population is hazardous to your health and as a job, is quickly becoming extinct!
27. to # 23
Al Khityar ,   GAZA   (01.03.09)
NO Sir, Jordan is not our country, IT IS BETWEEN MEDETERANIAN AND JORDAN RIVER Try to ask any palestanian kid, anywhere in the world,where are you from,,,, I did it, I asked a 7 years old kid, in NY, where his father has been born , you know what was his answer? I M FROM - TIRA, near Haifa
28. TO # 25
Al Khityar ,   GAZA   (01.03.09)
Investing in gaza wont solve the problem, you speak about moderate gazans, I was one of the leaders of moderates, running agter false promises from you to invest there, i came to the west bank, but you make it hell, i could not travel from one city to another, roads are closed, schools are closed, and everyday more settlements are built eating up what promised to be our beautifull state,,, them i gave up,,, i realized that we will get nothing , all 20 years talks with you lead to hell, ,,, then,,,, i said, HAMAS IS RIGHT CAN YOU PROVE THE OPPOSITE???
29. to # 26
Al Khityar ,   GAZA   (01.03.09)
Look, what you dont know, we are welcomed everywhere in not only the arab countries, but everywhere, and we do know the hestory very well, and whatever happens, and whatever we will become, and whatever time it takes, we will never give up You can write whatever you like, but the fact wont be erazed,,,, WE R THE OWNERS OF THIS LAND, YOU BORROWED IT FOR A CENTURY, BUT IT MUST COME BACK TO ITS REAL OWNERS one day you will regret what you have written,,,, i m not kidding here, its true,,,
30. #20 Palestininian Myth
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.03.09)
Your reference to the population in Palestine relates to Western Palestine. In 1948, the Jews were majority in the area alloted to them by the UN Partition and this included Jerusalem. Arabs perpetuate this myth along with the myth of ethnic cleansing yet the majority of Arabs left Israel in 1948 without ever seeing a Jewish soldier. The advice to leave came from the Arabs themselves. Jewish soldiers were busy fighting Arab armies and militias. In other words, fighting for their land. If the land was so important to Arabs in 1948, why did they abandon their homes? And what makes them think after running away 60 years ago to make way for Arab armies to destroy Israel, they retain entitlement and the right to the land they tried to destroy?
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