Sakhnin protest: IDF op a war crime
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 03.01.09, 16:18
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1. sakhnin(except for the Druze neighborhood)
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.03.09)
um al fahim and a dozen other arab villages should be shut off from Israel. No electricity,no communications, no fuel and no entering or leaving for six months. All residents should be fired from their jobs and all students attending outside educational institutes should be expelled. All arab members of the knesset should be banned and the right to vote by arabs taken away. They are not citizens of Israel,but a fifth column and we do not need them here.
2. Arab sector
Natan   (01.03.09)
And when the hell was the "Arab Sector" when hundreds of missiles where flying into Israel????? It is ok when Israelis are getting shot at on a daily basis but it becomes a war crime when they respond. Arabs in Israel: "We will open the crossings just for you. Cross into Gaza and stay there!!!!!"
3. Rubbish
Alan ,   SA   (01.03.09)
4. Negotiate with the side that refuses to negotiate
russel ,   tlv   (01.03.09)
or recognise Israel. now there's a plan
5. Hysteria of the Dark Forces
Brod ,   USA   (01.03.09)
The dark forces think that they can attack and terrorize Israel and other countries with impunity. When they get a piece of their pie, they cry baby without any shame. Typical of the dark forces is their hysteria. It seems to be universal. The Free World should be united with Israel in confronting and defeating the dark forces-the scourge of the world. The world needs to defeat them in the battlefields, in conferences, the halls of the world, the media and literature. For too long, the world has seen their belligerence, carnages, atrocities, genocides, deceptions-Taqiyya, and manipulations. It is time for the Free World to defend itself from the crusaders and marauders of Jihadism.
6. Arab demonstrations
Isac ,   Florida   (01.03.09)
Deport Arabs from Israel to Gaza. Period!
7. Let us live in peace!
peeri   (01.03.09)
We are at war against a terrorist organization - the Hamas. Hamas does not care whether women, children, the sick or elderly will die. It does not care for it's own people! They are firing missiles from their streets, from their homes, they have turned their schools and mosques into factories manufacturing missiles and bombs! People in the south of Israel have been suffering for more than 8 years from being fired at around the clock with no justified reason! children cannot sleep at night, people are in prolonged anxiety. No goverment in the world would suffer for so long and not retaliate. But when Israel does this to protect our right to exist, the entire world is against us! Did anyone tell Bush to stop war against Al Qaueda? Did they tell him to stop the war in Iraq? Or Putin to stop the war in Chechnia and Georgia? Every country in the world saves its right to defend its citizens, but when it comes to Israel that has been targeted for the past 8 years by Hamas missiles, whos civillians are killed in terroris attacks by barbarians that allow themselves to destroy us just because we are Jewish! we never get the right to live in peace! It is time that everyone understand, we are here to stay, it is our land, and whoever has a problem with it can go to hell! Let us live in peace!
8. Sakhnin protest
Tonatan ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.09)
The Arab public is united in its demand to stop the war immediately. If the Arab public was united in its demand to stop Hamas firing kasams there would be no war
9. This is good news...
Josh ,   usa   (01.03.09)
As long as it is followed by a third deadly intifada.
10. Protest
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.03.09)
Sorry but what the army is doing is not a war crime nor is it a crime against humanity. The crime is Hamas and what they have been doing. It is wonderful that in our free country you can protest your views even if they are wrong, because in the Palestinian areas if you protested against their policies you would be dead. Don't like the country leave, your traitors anyway
11. Time For Arabs To Leave
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.03.09)
Israel does not need these spongers poncing Bituach Leumi and Health fund (Kupat Holim)Monies from Israel. .Let their brothers in Syria and Iran look after them
12. Absolute confirmation of an internal enemy.
Ronald   (01.03.09)
But what to do about them? Realistically. All these people - living as "Israeli citizens" - cant be kicked out. What, are the country's Jewish citizens about to wage a civil war with these people? No, I don't think so. If there are problems with world opinion now with dealing with Hamas - they will be tenfold if the Israeli Arabs are touched. None the less, in time, demographically - it will be they that will destroy Israel. Not Hamas.
13. Same traitors saying the same old lies!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.03.09)
Arab MKs have been using the same slogans "negotiate Peace" ignoring the fact that nothig short of wiping Israel off the map will satify ANY enemy of Israel - including Barakeh, Ahmad Tibi, Zahalka and their brother in treason - Raed Salah. We want peace and we proved that with Egypt and Jordan but WE WILL NOT COMMIT SUICIDE just to make a few primitive criminals happy. We will fight for our survival despite the relentless attacks from our neighbors and from some of our citizens. Time will come when Arabs in Israel will smarten up and decide that it is time to throw away the genocide dream and instead of trying to kill all the Jews (like they did even before Israel was reborn) they should coexist peacefully and become loyal and trusty citizens OF Israel. Until that happens, and for as long as they stab us in the back and elect traitors to represent them in the Parliament, they will be regarded and treated with suspicion, not because our imaginary "racism", but becasue their VERY REAL treacherous behavior.
14. Iranian backed pali rubbish.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.03.09)
15. As Always - The Wrong Decision
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.03.09)
Why is it that the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity? Israeli Arabs cannot have it both ways. They are either for Israel or against it. Calls for, "Long live Palestine, whose capital is Jerusalem, and long live the shahids (martyrs)" are treasonous and should be viewed us such by Israel's citizens and government.
17. Please, let's hear all the liberals defend this.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.03.09)
Please, all the liberals who are always talking about coexistence, about equal rights, about integration, & all the rest of the cliches, please take the time to defend this. I want to see the intellectual gymnastics you use to avoid reality.
18. Well, where's the "Israeli Israeli" response? Hello??
Ronald   (01.03.09)
Well, where is it people? Where's your demonstration? You have an internal enemy group that's freeloading off all of you, gradually assuming the numbers, and using your own democracy - to kill and displace you. Make no mistake - they're still only a minority - and yet already are calling the shots. They have clout. These tapeworms are no different from the enemies in Gaza - except they are Israeli Citizens. I can see a very, very difficult time coming for Israel.
19. arabs in israel
botros ,   beirut   (01.03.09)
as long as israel believes that it can live as a secular state with both jewish and arab nationalities , its signing its death certificat. as a lebanese christian i see israel as a jewish state , believe me we tried it in lebenon , arabs are arabs their loyalty will always be against you , and will betray their state and work to destroy it , and the only thing that they will accept from israel is the children benifits and unemployment salary .
20. integrate the arabs in one secular state
daniel ,   tel Aviv   (01.03.09)
The biggest mistake that the founding fathors of israel made was to characterise israel as state for the jews, therefore making it the only country in the world in which citizenship is based on religion. arabs will naturally never feel israelis or connected to a sate such as this. the answer is to seperate religion and sate and make israel a sate for all its citizens where one's religion matters as much as one's eye colour. after all, most of us educated israelis are secular and many are atheists/agnostics anyway, so is much of the world's jewery. the future of israel lies in integrating and welcoming all its citizens and not in an old textbook. which is as far as i can see has not a single reference and no one could reproduce its findings
21. Grozny - Gaza
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.03.09)
The hypocrites of the International community and their double standard. Hamas is a much greater threat to Israel than the Chechnyan rebels were to Russia. There is no comparison except that these are also moslem killers for their demon god allah. When the Russians cleaned out the Islamic army from Grozny there was not the outcry from the International community or the desperate plea for huminatarian aid we see with those who trouble Israel today. Russia did not have grads and kassems and mortars falling on their cities and yet they leveled Grozny with civilians not spared. Israel is held to an impossible requrement and must stop playing this losing game to survive. Israel has fallen into a trap that makes it certain Hamas is not defeated. The call for monitors is just a deeper hole in this trap
22. Sakhnin Is Like Gaza Without Rockets
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.03.09)
23. Secular does not mean "not Jewish"!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.03.09)
What a load of Crap, Daniel! If you want to live in a country which does not have a Jewish "color" then why are you here? You can live ANYWHERE! Our ancestors and forefathers have fought for a JEWISH country, just like the Brits fought for a BRITISH country and the French fought for a FRENCH country! Can you suggest that UK and Frace lose their identity and trnaform into an ARAB country? You can't of course, but unfortunately this is what is happening since Arabs have become a solid minority there. We are fighting for OUR identity and OUR COUNTRY identity as a Jewish country for the Jewish people where some other minorities exist. If this ot that minority tries to change the status and wipe our identity, then of course we fight them AND stupid self-hating anarchists like yourself. And Israel is NOT the only country whos citizenship is based on Religion. Try Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. for example. Why do Arabs get away with that and Israel is forbidden? Becasue uninformed fools like you feel like it?
24. Blood Suckers !
vit ,   usa   (01.03.09)
Blood Suckers ! The Arabs living in Israel have a higher quality of life than most Arabs in the Mideast. And yet they do this ? GET THE HELL OUT OF ISRAEL !
25. No room for Jews in Palestine
Jacob   (01.03.09)
No room for Arabs in Israel.
26. I thought the Arabs in Israel demonstrated
against shooting rockets against Israel. What a naive person I am ! How could I think for a moment that Israeli Arabs are defending the country which gives them so many rights and benefits ? Many of them always bite the hand which feeds them. That is how they behave, both here and elsewhere.
27. Two separate states
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.03.09)
Part of the solution: Swap the arab triangle in the Galilee for the settlement bloc, dunam for dunam! Let these "thousands of arabs' have their wish - being governed by their own. With that comes the removal of ALL benefits we have provided: no more free education; no more free health benefits; no access to jobs in Israel. Those benefits can be provided by their new government in ramallah.
28. The Arab public
William ,   Israel   (01.03.09)
"The Arab public is united in its demand to stop the war immediately." The Arab public is also "united" on the supposed rights of Palestinians to shell innocent Israelis and blow themselves up in cafes as acts of "self-defense". The Arab public is also "united" in their hatred of Jews and Israel and collectively decline to pay taxes and do national service while partaking in national health services, subsidized education, the rigt to vote, and freedom of movment. The Arab public is nothing more than a fat, comfortable "Palestinian" acting as a parasite feeding on the underbelly of Israeli society. In any future agreement, the Arab public should be joined with their other Arab buddies, in land transfer to the PA.
29. The level of crowdedness in Gaza is one of the highest
William ,   Israel   (01.03.09) the world. Wow - more Arab propaganda! Imagine. Gaza is not the most crowded, as seen in this list from highest to lowest: Macau Monaco Hong Kong Singapore Gibralter GAZA Vatican City And yet, only Gazans claim they are over-crowded (despite tons of open fields) and have a right to kill. The rest of these nations are quiet, prosperous, and happy. Include the West Bank and the Pals are #13 on the list - with MORE than enough land to take in all refugees themselves.
30. Arab sector solution
Frank ,   Canada   (01.03.09)
Arabs must be transferred, there is no other solution. They will never accept to live peacefully with Israeli Jews. They must be relocated in Arab countries with the Pals.
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