Europe backs IDF incursion
Published: 03.01.09, 23:05
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1. Thanks to Czech Republic!
Roni ,   Israel   (01.03.09)
May Mighty God of Israel bless You abundantly!
2. Oh, he's gonna pay dearly for this.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.03.09)
Expressing a balanced, sober view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? In Europe? The utlra-leftist, Israel-bashing, Arabist European media will tear him to shreds over this. And I wouldn't be surprised if one of the 20 millions of Muslims in Europe would issue a Fatwa on his head. What a brave man with a brave voice, Jiri Potuznik is.
3. gaza
colin   (01.03.09)
Schwarzenberg does not have to apologise for telling the TRUTH He is the first EU man to do so The truth will always out. If only a few more of the cowardly diplomates would stop lying. Even the arab nations now realise that the TRUTH can be spoken.
4. Of course France condemned it
Talula ,   Israel   (01.03.09)
They only know how to host an invasion by the Germans. They are no exactly known for their bravery. They'd tolerate rockets from anywhere - rather than fight back.
5. Looks like God's Judgement is coming down on Islam!!
Alastair ,   Australia   (01.03.09)
The new EU President, 100% Pro-Israel - comes into office at just the right time! Obama will be very cautious upsetting the Status Quo on Bush's recent support for Israel (At least he will be leaving office with this to his credit)! And more moderate Arab countries are standing back! So, Hamas will be annihilated, next will be Hezbollah and Nasrallah and all of his Terror accomplices, and then Ahmadinejad and his Mullah's! All on a one-way ticket to Hell!! Then there maybe some peace for a couple of years..... Until the next fanatical Islamic regime surfaces! G-d Bless Israel and G-d's Chosen People!! We are with you, Evangelical Christians everywhere!
6. The Hamas is hurting their own people!
Nadya ,   Berlin   (01.03.09)
Hopefully more Europeans and 'liberals' will understand that it is the Hamas that is destabilizing the entire area and without their criminal actions the Palestinan people would be well on the way to a prosperous and peaceful future!
7. UK, France are only 2 of the 27 EU states
Gabriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (01.03.09)
UK and France are the main "Arab countries" within the EU. Of course, they will "condemn" Israel because of their Muslim public in their countries. I'm not sure they are telling what they really think of Israel's defensive military operation in Gaza. The position of the Czech EU presidency is the position of the entire union. Who cares of false French and English propaganda? All the best for the IDF and their soldiers!
8. Europens already love him
Ron ,   Munich, Germany   (01.03.09)
Karel expresses much more of the sentiments of the Europeans than the Eurocrats in Bruxelles. What are Islamists going to do? Whrow away their Czech-made AK47? (the better one, not like china crap)
9. Blessed
J from USA   (01.03.09)
Mr. Schwarzenberg, I praise you for addressing to the world your clear vision. The Lord has blessed you with seeing the truth and given you the courage to speak the truth.
10.  Czech
k-rabnor ,   Boras Sweden   (01.04.09)
Bless Czech Republic, at least they know the difference between right and wrong. I think they got it all RIGHT.
11. he's not the only friend of israel
Joseph D ,   Italy   (01.04.09)
italian foreign minister Frattini said the same thing a couple of days ago. Prime minister Berlusconi did'nt say the same things but "quasi".
12. Wondered where to spend some time abroad...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Isrsael   (01.04.09)
After a week in Eilat, I will visit Prague. It has a better history, better food, better and friedlier service and infinitely more dignity than London or Paris these days! Prague is the real City of Lights! Today it bears the light of European civilized ancestry and does not hand over its integrity to pervert Islamo-Leftists who have infested London, Paris, Antwerp, Madrid and Berlin. In time of need we see clearly who and where our friends are. Many of them speak Dutch, Italian, Czech, and American English!
13. one of the few that have expressed understanding for Israel?
oscar ,   buenos aires   (01.04.09)
DonĀ“t be so happy. He is recognizing that most countries condemn Israel.
14. Oh come on
defense forever   (01.04.09)
Everybody in the Middle East is defending something. There are no offenders in the Middle East, only defenders. And if they do offend, remember that offense is actually the best defense! The distinction between offense and defense is really meaningless and only betrays your bias.
15. #7 France only 1 on 27 EU states
Silvan ,   Paris   (01.04.09)
You have to understand what EU is: the biggest coalition of independant states of the world. France had Presidency and it loose it just few days ago (it's the EU political mecanism), and It's better because France can deal with its public opinion by saying condemn Israel while EU presidency position (yes, the position of the entire Union) can be other... Just care about EU position, not a member state... And if France has one of the biggest muslim population, it has also the biggest jewish community in EU (500.000 p.).
16. Proud Czech Citizen
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (01.04.09)
I am proud Czech citizen at this moment!
17. situation in EU
Petr ,   Prague, Czech rep.   (01.04.09)
to: Gabriel The perspective of Europe in terms of its islamisation doesn't seem so rosy. There isn't just UK and France beeing islamized. Think of Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia...and last but not least Russia! God bless Israel and IDF!
18. Europe and USA is behind Israel
Danny K ,   Giessen, Germany   (01.04.09)
19. Finally some common sense in a
Telling the truth ,   Israel   (01.04.09)
world gone mad. Thank u kind sir for being brave enough to save what millions of others in Europe are feeling in their hearts.
20. #16 and so u should be..with such
Peace ,   Sderot   (01.04.09)
a courageous man, speaking words of truth. We are not perfect here, far from it, but we just want to live our lives in peace and we wish the same to the palestinians.
21. Not Afraid To Tell The Truth
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (01.04.09)
There is not a European leader who, if they were perfectly honest, would not like to deal with the Muslim hordes that have invaded their countries the same way as Israel is dealing with Hamas.
DAVIDA ,   AMERICA   (01.04.09)
23. To No. 12 - The Doc
NYC Girl   (01.04.09)
You've made a good point. This is one of the ways people can show their appreciation to countries like Czechoslovakia and the others who have the intenstinal fortitude to stand up and tell the truth about Hamas. There's no point in spending your hard earned money enriching the Eurotrash who savage the Israelis at every the ones from the UK who appear on this site with nauseating regularity.
24. UK demonstrations & V1 rockets.
Elliot ,   NYC USA   (01.04.09)
news reports of 10,000 demonstrating in London... don't they remember Hitler and V1's? Were they OK with that or did they retaliate and invade Hitler's Germany... duhhh... someone please refresh my memory... and Hamas' rockets aren't they targeting civilians...? and Hamas complains of collateral civilian casualties...? And who uses schools and hospitals as launching pads... duhh.. someone refresh my memory...
25. Misleading headline
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv   (01.04.09)
At the risk of the howls of your 'usual suspects' now wearing their triumphant masks as the 'dogs of war', let me say that the headline to this article ought to have been Czech EU Presidency supports Israel''s ground offensive - France and the UK do not. And as long as there is the risk of one more innocent Gazan civilian life being lost, neither do I. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. Because we phone ahead and drop leaflets does not mean no civilian collateral damage. How will our brave troops differentiate between a Hamas terrorist and a Gazan civilian at night in the alleyways of Rafah camp or Gaza city? The same way that our bombs differentiated between Hamas leaders and their wives and children, between a mosque storing rockets and mosque with 13 people at prayer? Once you start a war it has a dynamic of its own, with unforeseen consequences. There is grave danger here for civilians and our troops. And least the "dogs of war' think I don't care about the 4 Israeli innocent dead, I do indeed and said prayers in their memory and for their families. And I equally care for the fate of Gilad Shalit and fear more hostages. Without the diplomatic initiative to accompany this offensive, to as aggressively seek a diplomatic exit from this, we cannot be comfortable with ourselves tonight or during however long this operation is going to take.
26. Europe Beware!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.04.09)
Europeans will suffer if they don't act now. We already have variety of developments regarding the muslim population in Europe. If some Europeans leader's are afraid to voice their honest opinions now. What can be expected later when majority of Europe will be Muslim? For more please visit:
27. France Condemns Invasion
Richard ,   Naples, FL, USA   (01.04.09)
Of course, France condemns the invasion; they always condemn an aggressive response. France has only won one war in its entire history: it was a civil
28. "efforts by the international community" are a joke
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv   (01.04.09)
On the whole the international community is a hurdle to peace. They play into the fiction of Pallywood; give support and legitimise Hamas; criticise Israel despite beyond reason. In general the international community sets the stage for conflict, because Hamas does not have any interest in peace and will not seek it without international pressure, and Israel cannot ignore rockets being fired at it on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is clear that some governments are led by fear of Muslim anger. What they don't realise is that it is already too late. If fear drives their actions then they have already lost their democracies.
daniel   (01.04.09)
30. Good job the Czech politician
Ady ,   Cluj Romania   (01.04.09)
Eastern Europe seems to be less infected than the full-of-Muslim immigrants West by the stupid and dangerous islamist propaganda
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