Pro-Israeli rally draws thousands to Paris
Published: 04.01.09, 20:06
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1. Nothing in swedish television
sanna ,   sweden   (01.04.09)
But a lot of protesting around the world against Israel - the swedish people is brainwashed, if we not looking for impartiel news on the internet, we just get the leftists antisionistic news.
2. Pro palestinian demostrators = violence
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.04.09)
They also damaged property , cars and so , in Antwerp , Belgium . By reading the talk backs on a local Antwerp paper , they just obtained one thing : more votes for the extreme right party .
3. Free hug for a French Jew   (01.04.09)
4. I didn't know they had it in them
Jordan   (01.04.09)
5. Good for the French!!
Craig ,   USA   (01.04.09)
Thank God not all of Europe has rocks for brains. Decent people the world over have had more than enough of militant Islam. Jews want peace and their own tiny homeland, Islamics seem most associated with violence and terror. Stupid Arabs control a thousand times more land plus almost as much money as God...they could make life a paradise for the so-called Palestinians, but they hardly lift a finger; makes one wonder what the real game is? Just wish America would hold a similar rally in support of the Israelis.
6. Jews and Arabs,please dont bring war to us,simply go out.
Hans ,   WIEN, Östereich   (01.04.09)
7. #2-Charles is correct.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.04.09)
The day before was an agenda of intimidation, fear and violence by its very nature. Today is one not out "shivering in the cold". They're quite *warm*!
8. WE should make such protests here in NYC
chaim ,   NYC   (01.04.09)
9. What a joke
sam ,   beirut, lebanon   (01.04.09)
Are you serious? Israel fighting for its freedom and people? I seem to remember that some 60 odd years ago, Israel already fought for its so called 'freedom' and expelled hundreds of thousands of palestinians from their land and homes.. using TERROR. We in Lebanon have felt the consequences of that first hand with over 400,000 pales. refugees... yeah they didnt just pop out of nowhere... the rockets didnt just start falling from the sky you know... years of occupation, oppression, terror and illegal practices maybe, just maybe casued palestinians to utter despair... hence the rockets.. :)
10. #9 Its no joke Sam. Your views are unbalanced, wrong.
Australian Guy   (01.04.09)
Your figures and 'facts' are incorrect.
11. #9
I'll spare you a history lesson but even if you were right, Hamas is still targeting innocnet civilians and Israel has a right to fight back. Unfortunatly Hamas also hides behind their own civilians which causes innocent people on both sides to die.
12. To #9
Maurice ,   LA, USA   (01.04.09)
You are the joke. This was the ancestral Jewish land long before Islam was even a thought. There is no palestinian poeple. It is 20th century invention. I would worry about Hezbollah taking Lebannon back to the middle ages if I were you but again Israel may have to clean it it up for you.
13. to 9: Sam from Lebanon
Lee ,   USA   (01.04.09)
What you forgot to say was that the hundreds of thousands of palestinians left at the behest of the Arab Armies to clear the way so that they could kill every last Jew in Israel. And what of these refugees in Lebanon? After 60+ years you still force them to live in poverty in refugee camps, not allowing them to integrate into your country. So much for your Arab Love. Wasn't it your army that fought with the palestinians for months and attacked the refugee camps with artillery.
14. Lets do it in London
Nik ,   London   (01.04.09)
We should show how much support there is for Israel in London. The anti Israel one yesterday was just full of Muslims, wacko has-been celebrities and jihadists. Most decent Londoners support Israel!
15. #9 WHAT A JOKE?
Yehosh ,   RA-LA, ISRAEL USA   (01.04.09)
So your laughing/smiling about those rockets typical. "years of occupation, oppression, terror and illegal practices" GIVE ME A _____ Break. Israel is not occupying or opressing anyone. But hamas AND hezbollah firing rockets at civilians isn't terror or illegal practices, right?
16. #9 Yes your comment is a joke
Murray of Montreal   (01.04.09)
There are so many history books out there. Why not read one?
17. #9 Bad Joke Sam
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.04.09)
You tried the same terror against Israel in 2006 and can boast 1200 dead, 4000 injured and billions in damage. Did your aggression benefit Lebanon? Was the attack against Israel in 1948 that caused the refugee problem worth it? When will the Arab world take responsibility for their actions?
18. Occupier needs freedom is absurd!!!
Roger gilad   (01.04.09)
Duh! What do u think the Palestinians are doing fighting for freedom and safety of it people. It's oxy moron that the occupier needs freedom.
19. #9 - You're the Joke, Sam....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.04.09)
The Palestinians have had plenty of opportunities, from the very beginning, to compromise with us and live side by side in peace. Every time, they chose war, terror, and violence, dreaming someday to defeat us. Their "utter despair" is of their own making and I for one, don't care anymore. And now, we are told that we just have to live with rockets falling on the heads of our cities. If they cut the rocket fire and meet us at a negotiating table they would get a fair deal through negotiations. There will be peace the moment the Palestinians want it. Any other people in their shoes would be building hotels on the Gaza shore, instead of rockets to bomb our cities from behind the skirts of their women and from under the beds of their children. Once the Palestinians realize they we and they are doomed to live together on this land forever, they will compromise and have decent lives side by side with us. Until then, they can have their utter despair.
20. If you want to post anything here sam that makes sense
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.04.09)
Read the facts, otherwise your more of a fool with your latest comic edition from Tehran.
21. what a surprise
nate ,   Canada   (01.04.09)
the pro-arab demonstration ended in a riot, with tires and cars burning, windows being smashed. what a bunch of monkeys.
22. None of this on arab media
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.04.09)
None of the world's arab media: not al jazeera, not the BBC, not the guardian, not the independent,not haaretz,not CNN. NOT ONE ARAB MEDIA has been willing to show demonstrations in support of the Jewish State, Anti-Jewish traditions die hard
23. #6 Dont' talk about Jews and Arabs bringing wars
You did your share in the last century. Schwein.
24. What you don't see
usa   (01.04.09)
What you don't see is Pro-Israeli groups burning Hamas and Palestinian flags, unlike with the pro-Pal. demonstrators crying out for blood and revenge. It says something about peoples' intentions when they can offer support without resorting to violence.
25. Pro-Israel marchers don't intimidate, threaten, or abuse
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.04.09)
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida pro-Hamas supporters - mostly the usual left-wing and Arab crowd - were abusive to those on the sideline simply holding Israeli flags. In addition to the usual "Death to Israel" chants, others called to "Nuke Israel" or changed "Back to the Ovens". There and elsewhere, supporters of Israel had to be protected by police. To sanna in sweden, I just read police in Malmo won't enter the growing and increasingly violent Muslim neighborhoods unless in force. This is the "curse" Europe is bringing on itself even as it continues to curse Israel.
26. Hans
Jane   (01.04.09)
Jews never brought you war. YOU MASSACRED US. HOW DARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!
27. #9 Sam - Beirut: Refugees
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (01.04.09)
Why not let the 400,000 Palestinians out of their camps and let them not be refugees? How about ending your own little 'apartheid'?
28. Differences in rallies
wheres the forks? ,   usa   (01.04.09)
Just goes to show you -proof that whereever the pro-pals are they entice violence. They just love burning things, blowing things up, hurting others,spewing words of death and hate, gee could go on and on. Such lawlessness. How about lust- virgins? come on. why does anyone need to be promised anything else but eternal life with God. Isnt that enough? They prey on fleshly desires. All these "protesters" can shout til their lips go numb yet if they truly want to fight with their "breathen" -go. So easy to just stand there and yell and destroy peoples property- not like a car or building will fight you back and hey its not theirs. Ever notice that among their protests is always death to ____, heck just fill in the blank. Eight years you had gaza, what did you do with it? Is it prosperous? Keep needing aid dont you? Gee, how much does it cost to keep making those signs? They must be written in gold. Where did the money go? Land for peace, give me a break, you dont want peace, or all those "innocent" people would have handed over those that shot mortars and broke the cease-fire agreement. No you glorify those that shot them. You glorify these men when they kill americans, jews, anyone other than your own. You dont know what peace is, because you dont seek it. Was it peace you sought when you sent over your terrorists on 9/11, mumbai, and countless others.You come into other peoples land and kill. You sought war, now you got it and you cry foul and your leaders go into hiding. Now you have to fight with someone who now is prepared to fight, you know they are coming, unlike you, blowing up planes, people at work, or just walking who are UNARMED. Now you are matched and what do you do? Hide. Israel defend yourself. After just one night of mortars landing in my back yard, terrifying my family, i would grab anything in my house and start flying them back to them and hope a fork landed in their eyes. Eight years of that? No way. Their intent is to kill.
29. To # 9
Gerard ,   Versailles - France   (01.04.09)
Hey Sam, stop whining, Jordanians made the right thing with Pals in September 70. Why are you not doing it? Concerning freedom it is just a concept that in Beirut, as a suburb of Damas, you have not idea of what it means.
30. This could never happen in the U.S.!!
chaya ,   bat Yam   (01.04.09)
The Jews of France truly feel Jewish and have strong bonds and personal ties with Israel.
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