Pro-Israeli rally draws thousands to Paris
Published: 04.01.09, 20:06
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31. Zionist Businesman required participation of their workers?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.04.09)
Otherwise they cannot assemble 12000 person Do they distribute free items those participated?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   EVERYONE MUST TALK   (01.04.09)
in paris ! every morning ! they clean streets with water !!!
33. Vive la France
Ana ,   Spain   (01.04.09)
My full support as well.
34. My condolences
Ana ,   Spain   (01.04.09)
My condolences to the family and friends of the young heroe who died defending his country. My thought and prayers go out to them.
35. Best wishes for the wounded
Ana ,   Spain   (01.04.09)
I wish the wounded a complete recovery.
36. 9# You are a joke!
GrowUp   (01.04.09)
What ever happened to all the Jews in Arab countries before & after 1948? Answer: They were terrorized/murdered/oppressed (before 1948)by Arab countries. And absorbed by Israel after 1948. Who absorbed the "Palestinian" Arabs? NO ONE! Arab countries treat them worse than Israel! Arabs in Israel have better lives than any Arabs in any Arab country on this who is the real culprit in this war? Fact: More Muslims have been murdered by Muslim terrorists than anyone else!
37. To Sam in lebanon
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (01.04.09)
Well if you and your buddies in Lebanon and the rest of the arab world had chosen the partition plan and lived side by side the Israel, instead of trying in 1948 and onwards to destroy Israel then you would not have the Palestinian refugees would you!! Go blame yourself for being genocidal idiots that have ruined chance after chance at peace, and keep ruining it, and now you can go off and worship Samir Kuntar"
38. erm... lebanese person
sarai   (01.04.09)
oh really? and what about all those jews who were forced out of their homes by the arabs 60 years ago? You dont see them going round bombing innocent children and delibrately trying to harm Israelis that have done NOTHING to the palestinians. Israel is fighting TERRORISTS, they've made this very clear that they are not the enemies of the palestinian people so how are they supposed to help it if palestinians die when they are used as human shields? They dont care about their own people! Israel will not just sit there and welcome the bombs. And i don't see a Right of Return for all the Jews expelled from their homelands! See it is so one-sided - and there will be no peace as long as the terrorists are in charge. its so simple. Long live israel. woo.
39. Free Palestine!
Mordechai   (01.04.09)
Once again the Israeli war machine shows the real face of the Jewish state. Targeting innocent civilians has been and still is the main policy of the Israeli occupation army. There is no comparison between mass destructive artillery, F-16 jets and a regular Israeli army and Hamas primitive firecracker that has not killed more than 2 Israeli’s .In the other side more than 510 Palestinian civilians was killed and more than 2500 were wounded. The most of them are children and women’s .The Israeli war army is targeting civilians in there houses and mosques with a very reckless way. So were is the human face you are trying to propagate for?. Stop lying and spreading unlikely statements. Your are not victims any more and the Palestinians are not the Nazis that killed you!. Long live Palestine !
40. history lesson?
Miriam ,   Canada   (01.04.09)
no, the pales did not just pop out of nowhere- your Arab brothers told them to leave, so they would have clear sailing to kill the Jews and take over Israel- only it did not work out that way: they lost big time---- you can thank your Arab brothers! Arab brotherhood? Your Pale brothers have spent the past 60 years thinking of ways to kill Jews instead of building some kind of a country- totally misguided and brainwashed by religious nuts and extremist fanatics. Stop blaming the Jews for everything bad that ever happened to you guys in the Middle East- you are your own worst enemies.
41. history
Conker ,   Israel   (01.04.09)
Why everytime arabs do some terror act they start to bring up some history "facts" and justify those things ? Before you make your retarded comments at least read something about what really happened in 1948. You can start with wikipedia
42. 12000 is massive massive massive
Jonathan ,   London UK   (01.04.09)
The anti-Israel demo in London on Saturday was only 7000 If this is true - Bien fait, Juifs de France (et Chetiens aussi sans doute)
43. Sam the joke's on you
ChanahS ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
You obviously haven't read a reliable history book in your life - onnly spout what you have been taught sing you were a young child. Well the joke's on you - because they've been lying to you Sam . I think you are now old enough to read the real story. What do you say?
44. to 39
Lee ,   USA   (01.05.09)
You believe Israel is specifically targeting civilians, but apparently its okay for Muslims to specifically target Jews. The casualties are 20% civilians, that must mean that the 80% of casualties that are Hamas are an accident; wow the IDF must really suck.
45. Wow, Great show of support!!!!!
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.05.09)
46. Finally decent people open their mouths
amy ,   usa   (01.05.09)
Finally. But, expect more carbeques by jihadi punks in major French cities.
LARRY ,   USA   (01.05.09)
brainwashed since birth by people that had came 1800 years after the Jews. what did your people do with the land MADE IT INTO A LARGE SHIT HOUSE . the UNITED NATIONS VOTED FOR TE PARTITION OF THE DEFUNCT PALESTINE IT IS NOW ISRAEL the romans took it from the jews now they have moved BACK to there house .GET USED TO IT FOOL YOU CAN NOT WIN
48. to EU brought Islam to yourself....
Adam   (01.05.09)
Europe is a stupd as can only be- you digging yourself a grave! Islam is your Death . Stupid Europians....Stupid
49. to #9.....not only you are stupid,but you are ignorant
Adam   (01.05.09)
and do not know History. BTW Lebanon was all christian before muslims terrorists like you massacare Christians and took Lebanon ,and Independence of Lebanon was much after Israel....Go read History books,.
50. Pro-Israeli rally draws thousands to Paris
Foi ,   UK   (01.05.09)
Excellent!!! Please keep it up. Europe is ready to betray Israel just as they did to Czechkoslovakisa in the days of Hitler.
51. #39 I agree, free 'Palestine'!
KO ,   London, England   (01.05.09)
We can start by dispensing with the falsified name Palestine. This entire land, including the Gaza Strip & the West Bank , is ISRAEL. I personally should like to see it freed from the evil of Hamas. And if the so-called refugees (who are forced to be such by their arab brothers) will not live peaceably with the Jews then they should go and make a life in a neighbouring country. I find it difficult to accept that anyone could believe the palpable nonsense which you have posted. Every civilian death is directly attributable to the evil regime, Hamas. Their glorious leaders hide behind women and children! But why am I bothering, you're probably not hearing and probably never will. I warn you though, there will be a price tag to pick up for all eternity. These glorious warriors and all of those who repeat their lies will find no hiding place then.
52. To Number 23
Bill ,   London   (01.05.09)
You just want the Europeans to support you and when one of them says something you don't like you call him Schwein. Back stabber.
53. Palestine sharing
Bill ,   London   (01.05.09)
To all of you who are blaming the Palestinians for not accepting the partition of 1948 I will say to you one thing. If the US and Europe today asked you if you would like to share occupied palestine with few million (christian) people from another part of the world you will definitely refuse!
54. Brits + Germs have a look!
Hans ,   Germany   (01.05.09)
55. to 6: Shure, and leave you ...
Hans ,   Germany   (01.05.09)
... with the Fritzls and their underground torture rooms.
56. to 6: Shure, and leave you ...
Hans ,   Germany   (01.05.09)
... with the Fritzls and their underground torture rooms.
57. Any chance British Jews would do the same?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.05.09)
Naaah, who am I kidding. Most of them are spineless, scared of their own shadow, and just as leftist and hateful of Israel as the worst antisemites over there. Of course this is a generalization, I don't mean all of them. There are some very good UK Jews in these talkbacks and they stand out. But for the most part what I said is true. Harold Pinter was a good example. Also that Rose couple, and that lawyer who worked to get Col. Almog arrested in Britain. You surely can't expect such people to really FOR Israel.
58. French Israel rally
Yehudit ,   NYC USA   (01.05.09)
NYC Israel rally Tues 12 30pm. Israeli Consulate, 42nd st /2nd Ave)
59. Lets have a Pro-Israel Rally in Washington DC!!!
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (01.05.09)
Lets get organized and have a rally. 100,000 people from all over can come!! Remember when Bibi spoke? We had 100,000 supporters. LETS DO IT!!!
60. People of Freedom, Humanity and Peace....
Jason   (01.05.09)
People who love Freedom, Progress, Humanity, Peace, Justice and Equality against the Worldwide threat of Islamic terrorism, savagery , hatred and misanthropy, must organise similar pro-Israel rallies everywhere , in all Countries, all major cities to show their support for Israel's fight against the Islamic terrorist threat, which also threatens the whole planet!
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