Gaza: 4 soldiers injured, 3 Palestinians killed
Published: 04.01.09, 21:50
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1. Vote to Israel!
Ashdodi ,   Ashdod   (01.04.09)
2. My the first dead solder fort in hell
Mark ,   Us   (01.04.09)
And my there be many more to follow Amen!
3. Israel controls north gaza but rockets still flying
Alex ,   San fran   (01.04.09)
What's up "IDF"? I pray that God punish 10 fold for every child killed by zionests with American rifels. If they are Gods chosen people then God must be very pleased by his chosen people sending him scores of dead children the past few days
4. Over 30 soldiers suffered injuries
observer   (01.04.09)
you mean their feelings were injured because they were displaced from their mummies for a night and a day long; not because they have already murdered 87 kids and 46 women.
5. Long Live Israel.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.04.09)
The wish of any soldier is to serve his/her country. When and if the life of that soldier has ended as the result of the war, that soldier's wish is that the life was sacrificed for something higher than another humiliating ceasefire, political gains of politicians, and so forth (nothing). Let us hope that soldier’s will have their wish granted. Victory, Security, and Long Live Greater Israel!
6. #4 obscene observer
jb ,   Canada   (01.04.09)
Your stupid incoherent comments show how totally depraved you are. Their deaths rests on the cowardly Hamas' shoulders and yours, you terrorist enabler. But at least that's 133 less people for your "brave" Hamas friends to hide behind! "come out and fight like men"...indeed!
7. idf-take off the gloves
alexi   (01.05.09)
Hams is fighting dirty terror tactics of izzn brigate-death cult. Use arab human shields, rockets surface to surface, gas and fire. Check all mosques and hospitals-that's why they are all hiding. Grab their families as hostages. Also sections of israeli prisons have to be reformed to be tough as hell , because all political arabs who are exposed to israeli prisons are emboldened, for example haiyeh and bargouti. Again use heavy land rockets.
8. So you, Achmed and you #4 do
Jennie ,   NYC   (01.05.09)
really believe, that your chamas scum and can go unpunished for the 8 years of unprovoked bombing of our sovereign territory ?! Israel has demonstrated too much of restraint. Your kind was taking for granted Israel's tolerance for too long....And the fact is that now G-d is punihing you and your people, but as always you are in denial of reality .Your patthetic brothers are screaming bloody murder all over the world, but nobody believes your ilk anymore...And #4: Your numbers mean nothing, I hope and pray that all the chamas member will achieve their dream and go to Allah to be rewarded for their "bravery"...They are only good at hiding behind the skirts of their women and hide weapons arsenal among the children.Israeli troops are risking their lives in attempt to minimize the casualties among the civilians, but every pali is solely responsible for the killing for the children....You and your ilk are the scum of the earth that needs to be exterminated....
9. Notice how everyone is Gaza is a civilian ?
GZLives   (01.05.09)
Pathetic and the media and Leftists enables this scum
10. #4
boris ,   nyc, us   (01.05.09)
from time to time i see your posts you are one- eyed half-brained o-bs
11. #2 Mark
Alex ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.05.09)
Hate to deliver it to ya but the hottest names on Hell's list as of this moment are your Hamas buddies. So if you feel that you're going to miss them, grab an AK, strap on an explosive belt and move your bottom to Gaza; that's the quickest way to meet with them again. Love the number of your post by the way, shows a lot about what you're so full of. I just hope that you're of the sinking variety rather than the floating one if you get me.
12. # 11: Great post....
Jennie ,   To Alex #11   (01.05.09)
I love the ease and elegance you dealt with this guy calling himself Mark and a wonderful sense of humor in your punch line...Can't stop laughing.... Thank you...
13. #1
curtis ,   Westminster USA   (01.05.09)
Did you read the disclaimer?Sounds like this site is biased.I vote for Israel.May G-d bless the IDF.
14. We dont need....
Uri ,   Afula   (01.05.09)
Our government to give us only the good news. Let us hear the bad news too, as they happen and not by installment to protect some one's chances i the comming elections. We need the truth about our casualty figures.
15. Don't keep repeating the casulties
AmenOtep ,   canada   (01.05.09)
You really don't have to report Israeli casualties anymore than this hamas cancer does. Do not keep repeating the casualties, as you have regarding this one slain soldier. As far as the battle goes, Israel is going to have to learn a new tune, and that is called "Tune the World Out." Great job Israel and keep up till these animals are completely destroyed!
16. IDF and the USA
Matthew ,   Boston, USA   (01.05.09)
You have deep and strong support in the USA. G-d bless the IDF. Don't stop until the Hamas terrorists are all dead. Aside from a few radical Arab-Muslim immigrant demonstrators in a few relatively small protests, there is no constituency or support for these thugs anywhere in the US.
17. idf artillery
iraj   (01.05.09)
IDF should be using special artillery shells to focus attention of dirty hamas fighters-blobs of it.
18. #2 #4
You guys are pathetic. Egypt and Abbas are supporting Israel. Hamas is out and you are its only supporters.
19. Two more numbers to consider...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (01.05.09)
A. Hamas just butchered at least 35 "fellow Muslims" for fear that they might be Fatah or "collaborators". Want to bet they are counting them as "civilians killed by the IDF"? B. Even if we use the propaganda figures being waved about by Hamas and the UNRWA (who make their living keeping the Arabs unemployed and in prison camps), it adds up to about 8% Arab civilian deaths in this conflict. Since 3 out of 5 Israelis killed in this were civilians, that means that Hamas has killed 60% Israeli civilians... and this is not even counting the other Israeli deaths from Hamas missiles before the current fighting. In the long run, though, numbers mean very little. This is as just a battle as the original Chanukkah war, a conflict for Life, Liberty and Light in the world.... Hamas themselves boast that they worship Death.... then let them meet their idol soon, B"H!
LARRY ,   USA   (01.05.09)
you were great at chanting typical arab SABER RATELING 2 weeks ago you taunted the MIGHTY IDF calling them cowards .i guess your shitting in your pants in some hole praying. for the bad israeli troops to leave so you can strut like big boys in town again YOU BEHAVE LIKE CHILDREN RUNNING FROM YOUR BIG BROTHER YOU BRING SHAME TO REAL MEN
21. #16 , IDF and the USA
Igal ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
Matthew, Thank you, we know that. Americans are our brothers and G-d bless them in Iraq and Afganistan. Love the U.S.A Igal.
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