Gazans say experiencing 'another Nakba'
Ali Waked
Published: 05.01.09, 00:45
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1. The real "Naqba" was electing Hamas
2. dont throw rockets if you live in a glass house
3. Palestinians: Stand up against the Hamas terror!
Jason   (01.05.09)
About time the Palestinians in Gaza , if they are honest, peace loving citizens who really care about their families their Gaza, and not defending the savagery , inhumanity and barbaric terrorism of the Hamas tyrants , to stand up against the Terrorist organisation which is responsible for all chaos, mayhem, havoc and deaths in Gaza, and has totally destroyed their lives. If the Palestinians REALLY want peace, progress and the safety of their families SHOULD get out into the Streets of Gaza and openly show their feelings against the Hamas terrorists!!!! Hamas is the Cause of all the troubles in Gaza . Not Israel. Israel is in Gaza for a few days only, to liberate, free Gaza of the evil terror, the inhumane Hamas barbarism and bring peace, progress and humanity into the region WITHOUT THE HAMAS TERROR.
4. Good
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (01.05.09)
If they experience a naqba every time they attack us maybe they'll eventually get the causal relationship here and STOP ATTACKING US.
5. The more things change, the more they stay the same
William ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
If I recall, the so-called "Nakba" in 1948 was ALSO the result of Palestinians electing to destroy Israel and "kill all the Jews". Sad they never learned the lesson of their hubris.
6. You got that right - and there's plenty more.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.05.09)
Naqba is what you can expect until the rockets on our cities stop. Your lives will be hell until you get rid of the Hamas.
7. time to make a choice, rockets & weapons oe water & sewage
b. moskowitz ,   cincinnati   (01.05.09)
time for gazansand hamas to make a choice. build a country or just weapons to fight a country. What have the pa or hamas done in the last ten years to build a country????
Rich ,   Fort Lauderdale USA   (01.05.09)
Amazing- three minutes after the last aid shipment arrives and the Arabs and the UN scream that there is a "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza. Let alone that the people of Gaza rarely act like humans- but now they prove themselves pathetic liars as well.
9. Israel's Nakba: Clinton/Rabin/Arafat White House lawn
dr. dave ,   nyc   (01.05.09)
And Rahm Emanuel proclaims the event which he orchestrated to be his "Greatest Day as a s Jew".
10. Not allowed to ride Ambulance-but can hide in Hospitals
Alan ,   SA   (01.05.09)
11. nakba??
Smith   (01.05.09)
If wipe out Hamas is nakba, no problem with this.
12. Naqba aleikum !
Ivri ,   IL   (01.05.09)
well folks,its simple. In 1948 you gave yourself your first naqba,leaving with the promise of jewish property to be had after your "brave fighters " sloughter us. in 2000,another naqba,when your thug Arafat ( aka the mayor of the Muktada) promised you the moon if you only become shaheeds. and now....your self inflicted stupidity has you facing the same circumstance...the promise of genocidal leaders with homicidal bringing you the Mother of all long as you do not learn,we will obliterate you again and again. learn to live in peace and leave your neighbors alone,and maybe then you may acheive something.until then....Naqba after Naqba.
13. our nakba and their nakbas
bob ,   potomac md usa   (01.05.09)
our nakba was in the year 634, the year that the Arab forces invaded the land of Israel from the south--the first country (after Hejaz) conquered by Islam. At that time therre was a Jewish/Samaritan majority in the countyr, and the Arabs were the "settlers." Their nakba, the one in 1948 wouldn't have happened had they decided not to make war on us--and this second nakba wouldn't have happened if they had used Gaza to build up a society rather than make it a terrorist base for rocket attacks into Israreli territory.
14. Humans too
Ben K ,   Australia   (01.05.09)
We must remember that within Gaza there are many innocent people. When we hear the details of the atrocious conditions the people of Gaza are living in we must have pity. Israel must do what ever she can to minimize the humanitarian problems associated with this war. However, this must not be our first priority. We are fighting a war, our people come first! the damage done in Gaza in unfortunate but necessary for victory. But we must never forget that the damage we are doing on the innocents in Gaza!
15. your nakba is next
Ali ,   USA   (01.05.09)
not even if you erase gaza, we will never give up, you were facing hamas now you have millions of hamas
16. The only "Naqba" is the Palestinian People
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (01.05.09)
They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. For the last three years the Pales's have had autonomy in Gaza. Rather than concentrating on state building and developing a civil society, the Paleo's created a terror state, continued teaching hatred of Jews, and planning to destroy Israel. They reaped what they have sown.
17. those poor darlings
Gaby ,   Boston, US   (01.05.09)
they were not able exterminate the Jews in 48 and they still cannot do it.
18. Israel re-teaches an old lesson: "Don't mess with us."
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.05.09)
It really is too bad so many Gazans threw their fate in with a genocidal group like Hamas. And too bad they continue to support aggression against Israel, even if they don't participate directly. The original "Nakba" was of their own creation. But it needn't be this time if Gazans stop firing rockets, stop arming for the next battle, and give Israel back its soldier.
19. Yes, Just keep firing rockets - you'll get Nakba
"Shoot ,Cry Nakba" ,   Palliwood Studios   (01.05.09)
Its a pity that the civilians are suffering. However, they did and do support Hamas overwhelmingly - they want "Jihad". Well, here it is guys. Full on war and all the shit that goes with it. You've earned it. STOP CRYING while FIRING ROCKETS.
20. Those ambulances will be packed with terrorists and weapons.
Stellar ,   USA   (01.05.09)
No Hamas minister will put an injured Pal before terrorist gunmen. The ambulances will be the chief means of transport for terrorist and weapons including rockets, and why not, hospitals are used as command centers. That is service at your doorstep.
21. #15
RON ,   CANADA   (01.05.09)
22. Crazy folk stewing in a crazy environment.
Cameron ,   USA   (01.05.09)
pathology blues
23. Nakba 101
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.05.09)
Blast Israel with 3000 kassams. Destroy as many homes and lives as possible until Israel finally gets mad and hits back. Cry, scream and flail your arms. Make sure al-Jazeera reporter and video cameramen are present. Await check in mail from EU for 3 million dollars.
24. human ??
a man ,   auckland, NZ   (01.05.09)
Compare weapons with rockets..?? and u will see who are the women..
25. they should stop their comedy .....its not funny
rachel ,   usa   (01.05.09)
They are liars and cowards, who can attack only the innocents while hiding behind women and children ....what disgusting human beings . Dogs have more brains .......puh...I spit on you !!!!
26. Every Qassam creates a hundred Golani recruits
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.05.09)
It seems Hamas wants to radicalize Israelis. It worked. Bye-bye Hamas.
27. Ali #15
Eli Reuven ,   Newton USA   (01.05.09)
If the Arab & Muslim world feels the same as you do, "Ali", then I guess you may all have to be dealt with in the manner in which Hamas is currently being dealt with. You may not know this, "Ali", but in your DNA, as in ours, is the capacity to love life, instead of death, and respect others, instead of hate everyone that is not like you. I'm hoping that all people like you, "Ali", will wake up and smell the roses. Otherwise, even though it will cost us many lives, there will ultimately be no future for you and your kind.
28. Yallah, yallah Al-Nakba
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (01.05.09)
Arbs are used to perpetrating Nakba on others, Christians, Darfur, Kurds, Copts, Sharawis, Persians. When they are faced with a little bit of payback they whine, moan and scream victimhood.
29. So be it Nakba
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (01.05.09)
If this is what it takes to get rid of Hamas, so be it If this is what it takes to scare off other Arbs into fleeing Jewish land, so be it, call it Nakba, we care little
30. oh, nakba, nakba!!!
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.05.09)
Abu abu abu....another nakba, oh allah! Give me a break--nakba indeed-the arabs themselves are a nakba. They don't need any outside stimuli to call a nakba.
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