Demonstrations continue worldwide over Gaza violence
Published: 05.01.09, 05:20
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1. ARAB paid propaganda for hamas terrorists!
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.05.09)
2. The arabs have done a good job with their propaganda
rachel ,   usa   (01.05.09)
propaganda well paid with Arab oil money .....You can thank media like the BBC to defend palestinians no matter what ....BBC , United Nations ...they need to be investigated for corruption ........something is very fishy ...
3. World Wide Protests against Israel
Millicent ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
How one sided this world is because the Hamas TERRORISTS can get their messages(lies) out to the world media because they have reps that speak English very well, while Israel does not use their best English speakers for that as well. Where was the outcry for the Citizens of Sderot who were getting rocketed daily for the past 8 years by HAMAS and other terrorist organizations? Not a single country outside of the US condemned the attacks on Israel, not even the UN! Why the TWO FACES WORLD, do you still think that Israel is evil and that Jewish blood means nothing? YOU scream when terrorists and those that harbor them and allow them to store weapons in their homes and villages are attacked because they have been rocketing innocent women and children in Sderot Israel, when Israel simply wanted its people to stop being attacked! Hamas is a terror organization people wake up, and those that harbor terrorists and celebrate the killings of Jewish women,Children are pure evil, and that is what those Hamas supporters do, they hand out candy for every death of a Jew, they handed out candy on 911 too! If you read the article in FOXNEWS
4. this happens in every country where...
Yoel ,   Ra'nana   (01.05.09)
.... there are lots of arabs. Most of the demonstrators are arab and/or muslims. That's a problem which shows they had a lot of migrants who never felt they were part of the country. Bad integration, identity... European countries pay for their past mistakes, and Israel has nothing to do with that story
I thought Greece was allies with Israel, until I read about the widespread anti-semitism in the nation. The mainstream elements in Greek society are extremely anti-semitic! Shame on the Greeks! They are NOT allies! They turned their back on us!
6. # 4 there is more to this than what you refer to
amymarkell ,   usa   (01.05.09)
sadly, this is an attempt to finish what Hitler tried to do only 60 ish years ago. The grand mufti me with hitler and vowed to pick up where hitler left off. Any by golly, 1.5 billion muslims are going to try their very best to finish us off come what may. so yes lots of bias and propaganda yes in the world but no sympathy toward us Jews either even if they knew how alwe wanted was to defend our land. they dont want us to have any land, thye do not want us to be alive period.
7. Oceans of Humanity
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.05.09)
But few friends among the hordes. True friends would be honest with the Palestinians and let them know their self-destructive behavior is destroying their hope of survival. They would also tell them it's time to stop clinging to this mythical nakba and start educating themselves and working on ways to create employment, local resources and co-exist with Israel. Instead, they rant and rave, twist the facts and blame Israel for problems created by the Palestinians. These are not friends. They are appeasers, apologists, users and a reason the Palestinians have made absolutely no progress in the past 60 years.
8. lucky for us we have G-d on our side
proud jew ,   israel   (01.05.09)
just keep praying for our brave soldiers to win this war, and come home with Gilad.
9. It only shows that as Muslims spead around the World,...
AK   (01.05.09)
so does anti-Semitism and hatred.
10. Millicent, even Foxe's 'Escape from Hamas' contains lies...
AK   (01.05.09)
anti-Israel lies, that is. The Arabs have succeeded in planting false beliefs that Israel and Judea are the places where all three religions: Judaism, Christianity and islam were born. What nonsense -- Islam was born in Arabia and has nothing to do with Israel. Israelis must stop referring to Judea as 'West Bank' and to the Arabs as 'Palestinians;' it distorts the truth and helps the Arabs, and others, to rewrite history.
11. Guys just relax! Protesters are...
TheBloodyTruth ,   Australia   (01.05.09)
muslims and the fringe left. The normal people are behind Israel. No amount of Arab propaganda can change that. Of course there will be a few misguided souls and ignorant idiots, but that's life! Go Israel!
12. Supporters of evil
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.05.09)
Those who support Hamas are supporters of evil. May they all see the light and change their ways or else vanish from the Earth like smoke.
13. Read tha article by your own brother
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians By TAWFIK HAMID As an Egyptian Muslim now living in America, I ask myself why the Arab street and its supporters in the West never show similarly strong response against Islamic terrorists who target innocents worldwide and explode markets full of predominantly Muslim civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, etc. When you consider that the Israeli attack killed some 400 mostly Hamas militant in the first four days, the passive attitude of the Muslim world against the terrorists represents extreme hypocrisy. If it truly cared for Muslims' lives, it should have demonstrated in the same numbers and with equal vehemence against the Islamists who murder hundreds of thousands of their fellow Muslims, not to mention the Hamas slaughter of rival Fatah members - women and children included. Another question is why we have not seen a similarly strong reaction against the terrorists who conducted the latest attack in Mumbai. Many Indians, Westerners and Jews were killed. Yet there was no spontaneous eruption of outrage and demonstrations in Europe to denounce the attacks as in the case of Gaza . Are these lesser lives than those of the Palestinians? Where is the organized public fury for the wanton killing of Indians and Jews? We have witnessed the burning of churches in Iraq at the hands of jihadists. We also know that thousands of Christian Iraqis have fled because the Islamists imposed on them the traditional Shari'a choice for non-Muslims: Convert to Islam, pay a humiliating tax (jizzia), or be killed. Yet, we have not heard any thing from the Arab street or its supporters. Only stone silence. Are Palestinian lives worth more than those of Christians in Iraq ? An insular tribal mentality still governs the Muslim world, and there is no willingness to demonstrate against fellow Muslims, even against those who have committed great crimes against other Muslims. And Europe is too eviscerated to come to the aid of Christian victims of anti-"infidelism." Then there is plain old anti-Semitism. It is so easy to demonstrate against the Jews or Israel and extremely rare to see demonstrations in support of Jewish victims, such as the altruistic rabbi and his wife who were singled out for special torture in Mumbai by the Islamists. It does the bloodstained European conscience good to be able to point a finger at supposed Israeli "aggression" to help alleviate some of its own lingering guilt. The Muslim world and the Europeans who support the demonstrations against Israel must stop the biased reaction that blindly and reflexively supports the Palestinians and villifies Israel . Those who demonstrate against the military campaign on Gaza must realize that if Hamas had stopped pounding Israel with its rockets, Israel would not have launched its attack. If the Palestinians focused on building their society rather than destroying those of others, the whole region would enjoy peace and flourish. Should Palestinians recognize the right of Israel to exist, end terrorism against Jews and nurture a sincere desire to live in peace, they would end their suffering. The solution now is simply in the hands of the Palestinians - not the Israelis.
14. You are too many
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
It doesn't matter to your leaders if a few thousands of you perish, actually they don't bother for your lives, because you are too many. Look at the fact, against tens of thousands of your brothers held by Israel, you have only one, and you are in very strong position! This itself proves your leaders are not bothered for those held by Israel! And to all Muslims of the world, just like your brother asks questions to himself, you too ask these questions to your own self. Why didn't you stop rockets firing at Israelis? Why didn't you came on the roads when thousands of Hindus slaughtered by your brothers? Why didn't you come on the road when Iran is executing hundred of your own people? And why don't you come on road when your own people are killed by your own brothers?
15. demonstrations
Miriam ,   Canada   (01.05.09)
and has anyone noticed the demonstrators are all muslim? I can guess they were told by their mullahs to go out and yell- many probably haven't the faintest idea where Ghaza or Israel is.
16. 'making criticisms' is not working
idil ,   istanbul / turkey   (01.05.09)
yes nowadays there re so many people making protests in turkey esspecially in istanbul.yes there re some arabs joining these protests but most of this people re turkısh.and sure.. they re the traditional and western part of turkısh community.but u cant fault them.its normal to make protests.however there re some details; 1)they have got lots of biases about israel. 2)they dont abstain to burn an israel flag. but is israel doing anything to fix this occasion without making criticisms ? i think these gaza operations ll mostly effect turkısh-israelis communication.we have got so many connection between our governments, but, about interpersonal ,there re hardly ever something.
17. Well said AK, #8
Kev ,   London   (01.05.09)
I heard that the terrorist Rayyan was one of the only ones that knew his wherabouts. That would be awesome if they came back with him. May it be so.
18. Today there is a big pro-Israel rally in Toronto
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.05.09)
Yet thats just scratching the surface. There should pro-Israel rallies in every country in the world where Jews live. Diaspora Jews need to stand up and be counted!
19. RELIGIOUS RAGE Against the Hated Non-Muslim Infidels
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.05.09)
Large, hostile crowds of Muslims demonstrate angrily in the Western world's city streets - outraged that intensely hated infidels, suffering from daily rocket attacks have the audacity to finally defend Jewish innocents from Islam's non-stop war. It is we, every non-Muslim, who should be out in our city streets protesting that it is evil to break G-D's Law: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER That barbaric rocket and terror attacks on innocent non-Muslims is wicked. 1,400 years ago, war was declared against G-D and every non-Muslim. We must not lose this battle! There has not been a single Muslim street demonstration to protest the cruel, massive Islamic attacks on non-Muslims in New York, Bali, India, Phillipines, Israel, London, Beslan, Madrid and more. PA Muslims CHEERING murders of Americans on 9/11
20. It´s only just begun
Amanda ,   Madrid España   (01.05.09)
You will see the boycott of Israeli products around the world
21. its good for them to get out in the fresh air
zionist forever   (01.05.09)
To many people have health problems because they don't get out enough. Israel can never do right but terrorists never get it wrong either. I was watching BBC World yesterday and they interviewed the head of the Muslim Council of Britain supposedly a respectable islamic group. He was at one of the daily demonstrations outside the embassy and they spoke with him and he told us all about how bad Israel was and important the demonstrations were. Then they asked him can he understand Israels point of view with the rocket attacks and his reply was the rockets were a legitimate form of resistance to Israels keeping the borders closed He we have heads of organistios which like to present themselves as respetable justifying terror. Israel will never win the PR war not and instead should worry about whats good for us not what the rest of the world thinks is acceptable.. The American protestors also need a reminder that because of one single terror attack on their home turf they went to war in Afghanistan to overturn a terrorist run government and still have troops there. Israel has faced years of rocket attacks at times over 100 a day. If Mexico was firing rockets daily at the US would they be saying lets sort this out diplomaticly because we are worried about the poor mexicans or would they say throw everything we have at them and make sure the attacks end? Let them protest and let our soilders fight terror.
22. at #5
ken ,   dubai, UAE   (01.06.09)
the whole world turned their back on israel a long time ago
23. Israeli Allies-Very Few
AJ ,   Boston , Mass , USA   (01.06.09)
There is Growing Anti-Semitism all over the world under the radar. Most Jews are very decent people trying to survive in this world, but I would not want to be a Jew living in Israel at this time. I think Hamas is setting things up to get Arab countries involved with a major war.Its a shame that the "LittlePeople" are always the ones who suffer though. Two years ago Syria and Iran determined "Israel must Go" , now that the US is mired down Financially and involved in two endless wars , its almost as if Israels enemies are drooling .Beleive me , there are powerful anti-Semitic groups in the US as well....
24. You must be joking...
antisatan   (01.06.09)
"How one sided this world is because the Hamas TERRORISTS can get their messages(lies) out to the world media because they have reps that speak English very well, while Israel does not use their best English speakers for that as well. " What a bunch of BS! Jews own the media, so the fact is that the messages are getting through, regardless of that bias, tells you the truth, isrealis are murgerers and thieves, and the world is learning to distrust YOU and to dislike YOU. The talmud is your poison, is there an antidote? Shalom
25. re 19
Ferd ,   manila, philippines   (01.07.09)
I am from the philippines and we know it was not muslims who bombed mindanao. it was the mossad and cia. we know who operates like this and it is not our muslim brothers. you are a liar and no israelis are wlecome in the philippines. we are a decent country with high morals and we will not permit filth lika an israeli zionist to pollute our land. you are an embarrassment to be called human beings.
26. Jews
Michael ,   China   (01.07.09)
Hated everywhere they go. When will they learn? You are not special. You are not chosen. You are a group of criminals who stick together in a delusional self-deception.
27. Hagar is harlot
Jerusalem ,   TA, israel   (01.13.09)
If Islam consider Ishmaelite as a concept, it is a concept of adultery. It is time to global islam to stay away from her deceival or the water will wipe all her followers. If she is obeying to stay away from Israel, it is her n god's blessings
28. re: Gaza Demonstrations in Australia
jed nightingale ,   New York   (01.14.09)
Amazing how quickly Australians can demonstrate against Israel's actions in Gaza and fail to demonstrate against the rethoric of John Howard....... Take a look athis article dating back to 2007. Jed Nightingale NYC ------------------------------------------------ Last Update: Wednesday, August 24, 2005. 7:22pm (AEST) Brendan Nelson says those who do not accept and teach Australian values should leave [file photo] (ABC TV) Minister tells Muslims: accept Aussie values or 'clear off' Federal Education Minister Dr Brendan Nelson says he will be meeting the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) to develop ways to teach so-called Australian values to Muslim school children. But Dr Nelson says those who do not accept and teach Australian values should "clear off". One of the recommendations at Prime Minister John Howard's terrorism summit yesterday was for Islamic schools to be encouraged to denounce extremism and teach about Australian traditions and culture. The Minister says it is important for all groups to be integrated into the Australian community, whatever their religion. "If you want to be an Australian, if you want to raise your children in Australia, we fully expect those children to be taught and to accept Australian values and beliefs," he said. "We want them to understand our history and our culture, the extent to which we believe in mateship and giving another person a fair go, and basically if people don't want to support and accept and adopt and teach Australian values then, they should clear off." But a prominent Muslim educator says Australian values and traditions are already being taught in Islamic schools. The deputy president of the Australian Council of Islamic Education in Schools, Silma Ihran, says the Minister should meet with school leaders to get a clear understanding of what is actually being taught. "We have a document in all of our schools and we've all been receiving, through associations such as Independent Schools Association, professional development on how to actively incorporate the state of Australian values that are in this document, called Australian Values for Schools, as part of our teaching process," he said. Meanwhile, Muslim educators are calling on Mr Howard to include their representatives in future summits with the Islamic community. Ms Ihran, who is also the principal of the Nooral Houda Islamic College in Strathfield in Sydney, says Mr Howard must consider the wider Muslim community and its youth before making decisions about the teachings of Islamic schools. "The Federation of Islamic Councils is an excellent body, but it doesn't represent the majority of the community and it itself isn't aware of some of these programs which are really the ones that the Government should be working with, to make sure that their concerns over the issues of values and citizenship are really addressed properly," she said. Howard Prime Minister John Howard says the Government is willing to go inside mosques, prayer halls and Islamic schools to ensure they are not preaching terrorism. "I mean I have no desire and nor is it the Government's intention to interfere in anyway with the freedom or practice of religion," he said. "But we have a right to know whether there is, within any section of the Islamic community, a preaching of the virtues of terrorism."
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