Jordan's Queen Rania calls for aid to Gaza
Published: 05.01.09, 16:27
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1. Where were you for Sderot's kids?
Bill ,   Washington DC   (01.05.09)
But I'll forgive you. You're a "shafa" :-)
2. Jewish Children OK for Target practice
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (01.05.09)
This hypocrite Palstinian Queen thinks its OK for Jewish children to be terrorised and blown up. It's thanks to Israel that she is even a Queen.
3. Palestinians already get more aid per capita
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.05.09)
Unlike all other "refugee" populations, who are treated by a single UN agency, Palestinians get their very own agency - UNRWA. The Red Cross, UNICEF and others provide more aid and personnel per capita to the Pals then to anyone else. It's mostly westerners that fund these agencies. The Arabs, even - or especially - the rich Persian Gulf states tend to be rather tight with aid to their "brothers". The fact that supplies are flowing even as Hamas and IJ continue firing rockets shows how the world continues to indulge them.
4. sderot kids bombed for 8 years;did she donate blood to them?
5. Schalit cannot even get visitors from the red cross, are....
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.05.09)
gazans worth more to israels leaders. aid should be blocked until hams complies with geneva conventions. in fact israel should demand his immediate unconditional release in order for aid to proceed.
6. The Queens Cry
The Palestini Queen ,   Jordan   (01.05.09)
Neither the Palestinian people ,nor the Arabs can accept another defeat at the hands of Israel. This would bring a great shame to us which we could not bear so we must rescue Hamas from defeat at all cost. We cannot lose face again at the hands of such a small nation of infidels. It makes Islam and allah look very bad to lose so often. This must not be allaoed to happen and we have informed all Western leaders of this and threatened to stop Oil exports unless the restrain Israel. signed The people and the queen of filisten.
7. Queen to a dictator. She's a complete hypocrite and liar.
Gary A, MD ,   Boston, MA   (01.05.09)
If Jordan was so concerned with the Palestinians then why have they NEVER before done anything. Get lost you Queen of the Nile phoney.
8. Is Queen Rania really concerned?
Sam ,   Tennessee, USA   (01.05.09)
Did Queen Rania even make a sound about the constant rocket fire aimed at Israeli kindergartens the last 8 years? I guess if the kids are Jews they can be blown up without any concern. Queen Rania's husband keeps the Palestinians at arms length and Jordan has a great fear of Hamas gaining power in his kingdom.
9. Jordan should take all the children of Gaza into Jordan
Rivkah   (01.05.09)
10. Queen Rania herself is a Palestinian
Vicky ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (01.05.09)
I can't see that she is opening her palace doors to protect the children. Does she show equal care for our children? I doubt it.
11. Ha ha ha
Remembers   (01.05.09)
Israel's actions are nothing compared to your fatherinlaw's slaughter of the Palestinans during Black September. Where were you when the Palestinians slaughtered each other last year? Spare us your crocodile tears and return to jetting around the world while your subjetcs are mired in poverty.
12. The children in Gaza have ALWAYS been denied rights
Talula ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
and not by Israel. And I have to say that Queen Rania is absolutely stunning!!!!
13. and what about Israeli kids?!?!?!?!
14. To HM Queen Rania of Jordan: So its ok to kill Jewish kids?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.05.09)
The fact is, and this is what you should be asking yourself, how can Hamas, whom you champion, allow PALESTINIAN children to be in harms way? How many times have we seen Palestinian children wearing suicide vests and I am talking about the scenes on the pro Arab CNN, SkyNews, and the BBC channels not Israeli TV? Let me ask you how Hamas can allow civilians to be placed in harm’s way by firing missiles from residential areas in densely populated Gaza? Further, what kind of people is leadership of Hamas who subject their people to violence while they hide away in bunkers and live in the lap of luxury in Damascus? Your Majesty, we will not apologize to you or any for protecting our people. We build air-raid shelters to protect our citizens as any responsible state should. It is a fac,t not an illusion, that Hamas has fired over 6,000 missiles into Southern Israel. Let us assume that 50% of them fell in "open areas" and 3,000 had hit Israeli towns and settlements. What would the Israeli death toll have been if Israel had adopted the totally irresponsible attitude of the warped ideology of Islamic Fundamentalism, condemned by much of Islam, and exposed its population to certain death? How many Israeli children would have been killed and maimed or don’t Israeli children’s lives matter to you? This is the problem Your Majesty. If the Palestinian people had adopted the path of peace after the 1948 war and accepted Israel's right to exist, there would never have been a Six Day War, no occupation of the territory which once belonged to Jordan, no Hamas and you much respected late father-in-law, His Majesty King Hussein, would not have had to kick the Palestinian Fundamentalists out during "Black September" and thus there would be no Hezbollah and yours and our neighbor, Lebanon, would be a lot better off! We look after our kids and its about time that the Muslim world did the same!
15. Dreadful woman....
christopher ,   paris france   (01.05.09)
The same woman who thinks sending children as suicide bombers is ok. is now crying for the children. Sad, pathetic woman.
16. To teh Jordanian queen
Ironfist   (01.05.09)
Does she cndemns the killing of jewish childrens in hamas terrorist bombings a few years ago ? Does she condemn the shelling of school or of Kindergarten deliberately hit by Gazan bastards ? Till she doesn't condemn equally those killings her advice is of no significance whatsoever. By the way she is palestinian herself. Birds of a feather !
17. Were was she when Hamas was training kids
Paz ,   Latin America   (01.05.09)
Training children as soldiers is known as a violation of human rights. Training kids to be kamikamez is even worse. Then, why she did not protested then??? I am feed up of the hypocrasy of all these pseudo liders. I am sure that Jordan would have reacted as Israel did if the sequrity of their citizens would be threathen by terrorist who want to be called a "political" movement. Muslims and arabs only react when other religious/ethnic group is involved, BUT when the muslims or arabs are the one to be blamed there are not protest.
RAMALLAH ,   RAMALLAH   (01.05.09)
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.05.09)
20. She's so beautiful...
Ehud   (01.05.09)
...I would instantly agree to anything she says (if I only weren't shelled at)
21. Where was she when Israel's children were hurt or scared
James ,   Raanana   (01.05.09)
22. She's hot!
Shimon ,   Poleg   (01.05.09)
She is one hot queen. I for one am impressed with this foxy lady!
23. Does Jordani. Queen knows that Shimon Peres is knighted?
ben Avraham ,   חבל הבלקן   (01.05.09)
24. I saw her on CNN yesterday.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.05.09)
She's a very slick professional liar. She sounds really nice & ''moderate''- uses all the right words - peace, children. humanitarian crisis, blah, blah, blah. There is no doubt that this appeals to liberal air-heads who know little or nothing about the conflict. Her message is simple, no nasty facts get in the way ..... I hate to say this but she was a lot better than our spokesmen - Netanyahu was pretty good & he sounds very authoritative. But Minister Herzog was awful - he has a terrible speaking voice, annoying actually, & always sounds like he's apologizing.
25. Jordan Aid To Gaza
sarit ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.05.09)
I think its a fine idea---all the women and children of Gaza should be relocated to Jordan and given citizenship. Jordan is, after all, two-thirds of the original Mandate of Palestine, and 60% of her population is Palestinian.
26. She is very beautiful yet also very bias
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.05.09)
27. Rania
mark ,   canada   (01.05.09)
Where was she when the rockets from Gaza fell on Sderot? Is she a mouthpiece for the Palis, now that they are getting their own? I hope not.
28. Jordanian Queen or Palestinian Queen.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.05.09)
Your kingdom has killed more Palestinian Arabs than Israel ever did. I did not see you protesting back then.
MODERATES KILL LESS ,   ..............DACON9   (01.05.09)
30. I guess the children of Sderot are chopped liver?
Dani' El ,   San Francisco, CA   (01.05.09)
Not one word form her highness. Typical.
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