IDF: Hamas will attempt to increase rocket fire
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 05.01.09, 18:54
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1. before going to war,you must eliminate the enemy within
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (01.05.09)
no good will come out of this criminaly insane traitorous leftist self hating cowardly government, final result of this war will have the same disastorous ending as the last lebanon war. the lesson of this fiasco should be, that before going to war to eliminate the enemy,you must first eliminate the enemy within
2. Continued Hamas launches will help campaign continue
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.05.09)
Hamas thus clears away international criticism and makes IDF's work that much easier. Civilians, reveal Hamas positions to IDF!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.05.09)
With an ever increasing censhorship and blotting out off opinions and news that do not fit the media's view on their reality , there is only one question to ask. How can one expect to be victorious at the hands off the same people that are tyred of winning and botched Lebanon? That is why we still see rockets hitting us , because in essence there is no will nor desire to realy stop and destroy the enemy. Most of this media hype and war postering is to serve the clique that holds the power in this country. The fact that after 60 years Jewish people have to sit underground again in their own land , does not seem to make any difference. So we have come full cycle at the hands off the people who despised our ghetto mentality in the Galuth, they have created a ghetto on our own soil. Again nothing will be achieved , but some lame ceasefire, that will only strenghten our enemies.
4. We're not ruthless enough to win.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.05.09)
Sorry. While we are all glad that we have finally taken action against Hamas & while we are all proud of the IDF, I think it is evident that we just are not ruthless enough to really win this war. This is no criticism of the IDF - they are doing what the politicians allow them to do. But you can tell that this is a political war not an all-out military campaign. The Gaza operation is a bargaining technique to apply pressure on Hamas, not ,most unfortunately, a war to crush them into the dust. I ask you only to consider that if Hamas had our military capability, what they would do to us.
5. Cheer up, you doom and gloomers!
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.05.09)
Give credit for Israeli progress. Sure, there won't be a 100% victory against every last enemy of Israel in this one battle. But, there will be overall progress that is worth the effort of this particular campaign.
6. #3, #4 correct
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.05.09)
Killing people, Hamas or Fatah, will not bring peace. The only way to peace is to increase the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria, and even rebuilding the villages destroyed by Sharon and Olmert. Until this simple solution is implemented, many innocents will suffer.
7. get the intel
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.05.09)
Re: prisoners of war-make sure the questioning is fruitful. I hear that it's a good season for waterboarding-a great sport! But seriously, the IDF needs to do what's necessary to destroy hamas.
8. So Hamas says it will continue to harm Gazans
William ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
because their pride insists they just can't stop the rocket fire. So ingrained is their machoism and need to show their worth they are willing to sacrifice every Gazan, every child, every water pipe, every hopsital...everything just to prove to Israel they are defiant. Are they really acting in the benefit of their citizens? Do they really care about them?? The answer is a resounding NO
9. Whatever happens Now... The Jews have Used up their Quota
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.05.09)
of Sympathy from their Holocaust... This is an Absolute Disaster not only for all Zionist .. but For All jews... But there is New realities in the World.. and the Jewish Holocaust does not get a very High rating... Not only have the Jews lost the Propaganda battle... The Battle on the Ground in Gaza... They have been left Naked exposed as Frauds... just as much as Bernie Madoff.
10. You have been had again!
IRAN#1   (01.05.09)
Your leaders are taking you down another rollercoaster ride with eventual defeat and humilation! Rise up and demand peace.
11. goals behind op
Yetzhak ,   Ashkilon   (01.05.09)
I believe that this op has the following goals 1- Help our "friends" Fateh take over Gazza 2- give Mr. Barak credibility before elections 3- limit Hamas Capabilities 4- give credit to IDF after lebanon war but limiting Hamas capability is just a side effect
WE WANT HIM BACK ,   ..............DACON9   (01.05.09)
13. #4 Israel Cannot Win This One
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.05.09)
Or even if they can,they will be denied victory by Solana,Blair and all our fair-weather friends,who naturally have the best interests of Israel in their hearts.I may of course be mistaken...time will tell.
14. Asymmetric warfare
mohson   (01.05.09)
IDF, since hamas has layered defense strategy of IEDs, hard bunkers, tunnels, anti-tank missiles, RPGs, mortars, shaheeds, sniper rifles and civilian cover, its time to use incendiary shells that burn and asphyicate them in their locations. I know arabs and they respect this. So use shells that burn and asphyicate. Praised be allah that you will have a gorious result. yusuf's son in USA said that Hamas are murderers and liars.Now you have hamas, hezbollah and iran mainly as points in strategy to set up a caliphate in Spain. i feel sorry for France and Spain which will very soon to be renames as the islamic republics of France and Spain.
15. #4 Terry you are in a frenzy again
Talula ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
What is wrong with you man? Your constant comments about us not doing enough and not being aggressive enough is beginning to work on my last nerve. What the hell do you want the IDF to do exactly? Our young boys are in Gaza, right this second, with missiles, rockets and god knows what else. I think they have achieved a great amount so far. They have bombed Gaza into obliteration, and the infentry AND the navy AND the air force are firing into Gaza. So stop with your negative bitching all day long and if you think you can do better, get your greens on and go join them. We didn't send our boys in lightly; it was a very hard decision to make. Knowing that we are dealing with savages with no morals and no rules. We are NOT them. We have rules, we will not fire indiscriminately in residential areas, yes civilians are going to die, that's for sure, but it's not our intention to go firing willy-nilly in Gaza without any sort of direction. It’s what separates us from them. So please, just shut the hell up and stop with your continual bitching all day.
16. #15 Well Said,Right You Are
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.05.09)
Israel is doing just fine and Hamas,despite their bravado and proud words,have had the living daylights pounded out of them.And ,as you correctly stated Israel has RULES.
17. #15 TALULA
RON ,   MONTREAL CANADA   (01.06.09)
18. 4 and 15 both excellent posts
alan ,   toronto   (01.06.09)
we should all pray that the war ends quickly with cease fire terms that will be favourable to Israel (including Galit Shalit)
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