Bush: Israel has right to protect itself
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Published: 05.01.09, 18:56
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1. cease-ire, that's a good one!
israeli ,   israel   (01.05.09)
2. Go away Bush
We don't want to hear your voice again you made us sick enough , the history will never forget your black history .... you braught the world 100 years back with your fake wars and the worst economic problem in the last 100 years .... the blood of the hundreds of thousends Arabs in Irak , Lebanon and Palastine are hanging in your neck .... which God this you believe in ... you play relegios which relegion this .... Jesus asked us to forgive not to revenge .... killing in Christianity is the sin nomber 1 and you did it more than 100.000 times ... you know what's waiting for you up when the day comes .... can you sleep well ? .... do you hear the screaming of the children and the women ?? do you feel anything ??? .... enough is enough ... and now we leave you or to an international court to bring justice to the world or justice will come from sky ... and i am a real Christian .
3. President Bush has learned the lesson of coercing
Rivkah   (01.05.09)
Israel into giving up land for peace with Palestinians in Gaza. It only makes the situation worse and more dangerous for Israelis. The Palestinians should go back to Jordan where they came from before they destroyed much of Israel, Lebanon, and now Gaza. They tried to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan and he threw them out instead of hanging them all.
4. protect itself from the mess you made
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.05.09)
You and your worthless nightmare land for rockets Road Map. it's so nice of you to say Israel has a right to protect itself while you work behind the curtain to set up another worthless ceasefire so that Israel cannot finish the job once again. only blind idol worshipers can't see thru you ,
CIA ,   NYC   (01.05.09)
President George W. Bush says he understands "Israel's desire to protect itself," With all due respect Mr. President its not only Israel’s desire to protect itself BUT Israel's OBLIGATION to protect its citizens. A DESIRE may be negotiable an OBLIGATION is not.
6. Shut up Bush, u gave enough reasons 4 world 2 hate us
Joe ,   USA   (01.05.09)
Bush's 8 years of destroying American interest and economy are coming to an end, just shut up and be quiet for a few more days.
7. Bush talks from both sides of his mouth
Lior ,   Israel   (01.05.09)
He wants Israel safe from terror yet he is in one hell of a big hurry to get a truce. Ha Ha like the one he has called for with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. ---> NOT!!! Oh yes, but Israel is different especially when the hungry dogs (world politicians) are barking at our heels with fake diplomacy ie: appeasement to our enemies all. How can Bush and others call Hamas terrorists and at the same time expect Israel to consent to such insanity before hamas is destroyed? How dare they talk of our safety and cease fire in the same breath?? Hamas and btw Fatah both call for the explicit destruction of Israel or should we pretend this is not true?? It is obvious the sensitivities of the EU, UN, U.S led quartet of idiots and the whole of the Arab/Islamic world are behind this dubiously self-serving BS.
8. Bush = IDIOT
ROK ,   US   (01.05.09)
I long for the day when Bush and his cabal appear in the Hague dressed in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs.
WE WANT SHALIT ,   ..............DACON9   (01.05.09)
10. Bush: We want Hamas destroyed.
Or ,   Haifa   (01.05.09)
What kind of BS is asking Hamas to hold fire while still holding their charter to destroy Israel? How can Israel survive if Hamas survives? Tell me Mr. President Bush why do you really want this cease fire so badly before Hamas is destoryed? Surely it is not for us. It can't be. Even the bleeding heart far left Haaretz posed an editorial suggesting you are not working in the best interest of my country. You hold your fire. Stop appeasing at the sake of our children and of our beloved Gilad Shalit to whom you make no comment on whatsoever.
11. Bush haters...
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   USA   (01.05.09)
Not to worry. Soon, your Mr. Obama will be calling the shots and then everyone will hate him for all his mistakes, too. CAIR and other "special interest groups" are already jocking for the most impact! They stagged a big pro-Hamas protest rally in my city just the other day. I am gonna love the irony of it all. Hahahaha!
12. Where is Shalit
Jerry Diamond ,   toronto   (01.05.09)
If Shalit is returned harmed in any way I say bring on the death penalty to every Arab prisoner in an Israeli jail. The pendulum swings both ways. It's time the jews became as ruthless as any other nation when it comes to justice. Doesn't matter Arabs will always hate no less
13. Bush haters...
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Concord Bridge, USA   (01.05.09)
The shot heard around the world will be heard once again!
14. The most bloody president in the US history
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.05.09)
Well, i guess after all you got your place in the trash bin of the history being the most bloody president that the US knew. after 9/11 you wanted to do something and yes, Afghanistan where after creating the Taliban to fight the USSR you decided that their time was over and invaded the Taliban ruled country and gave so called freedom but it seams that 2/3 of the vountry id currently in their hands with daily casulties in the military coalition occuring. you created the taliban and pretended as if you did nothing and even went to lie to all US citizens syaing that you gave freedom and democracy ?! Iraq is the best example of what made America the most hated nation after Israel, they created Saddam Hussien to fight Iran after the failed attempt to free the US hostages and this brought 8 years of war with 1milion people dieing for US desire to get rid of Iran but nothing, in the meantime the saddam went out of control, so 14 years of embargo with so many Iraqi children that died and yet also invaded the country looking for the famoues WMD that was treating your the freedom and democracy in ISrael, WAW ... nothing all lies, 3000 people in 9/11 + 4500 soliders in IRaq + 100 soliders in afghanistan and result, NO SAFTY FOR US CITIZENS, NO SAFTY FOR ISRAEL ... and yet to conclude the human rights that were scrwed up with Guantanamo bay ... Bush, find a place to die rahter dit in your ranch and cry ... Bush family suxs !!!
15. #2 real christian and #8 ROK
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. DPRSSA   (01.05.09)
You can take your brand of christianity and shove it. Bush hater. Jesus said love your enemies. #8 ROK you Bolsheviks will not be happy until you line up everyone who you would disagree and shoot them in the back of the heads.
16. For everybody, I recommend you read
GUH   (01.06.09)
The Prosecuter of George W. Bush for Murder. The author, Vincent Bugliosi, is an expert lawyer having successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 criminal cases including 21 murder trials, like the Charles Manson case. Looks like you, Mr. Bush, are only an accessory to the hundreds of murders committed in Gaza by the IDF through vocal and material support. You desirve a day in court... and more than that even...
17. Re: Isreal's right to seek justice vs. Hamas
IsrealSupporter ,   Northridge, U.S.A.   (01.06.09)
The liberals really do have problem discerning good vs. bad. It's an simple issue for protectionism, & logical consequence of people voted incorrectly- thinking compromising Gaza would lead to peace from the these animals!.
18. Re:Isreal's right to seek justice vs. Hamas
W.Ing ,   Northridge, U.S.A.   (01.06.09)
As 3rd Party Viewer-liberals DO have problem seeing issues at stake. It's a perfect example of people making mistaken votes of compromising Gaza for unobtainable peace from these animals!
19. President Bush is an Idiot
inarticulo mortis ,   USA   (01.06.09)
Do america a favor and send somebody after this guy and your life in your junkie little part of the world will improve at least 5% while life in america would improve at least another 75%.
20. Hamas has the Right to RESIST....
Omar ,   Oman   (01.06.09)
If Push says Israel has the right to Defend?... He forgot that Hamas has the right to Resist against the Colony, occupation and Oppression???
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