Hamas adamant to strike back at IDF
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 06.01.09, 02:41
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1. Support IDF!!!
Ahmet ,   Germany   (01.05.09)
I am a muslim who ist strongly supporting the fight of the IDF against Hamas. Please note that there are a lot of Turkish people who would like to see a victory of Israel in Gaza, because Hamas is a threat to the entire world. Those who protest Israels actions are either communists or crazy religious fanatics! I love Israel and plan to visit your great country next summer. Jews and turks are friends and in future nothing will change! Lehitraot friends and stay brave...
2. The Sword of the Lord and Gideon!
3. we shall win אמ ישראל חי
Charles   (01.05.09)
אמ ישראל חי
4. A ceasefire shows we are weak
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.05.09)
Do not stop till the enemy unconditionally surrenders. Let the world know that this the way to fight terrorism.
5. #1 Thank you
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.05.09)
People with common sence like you will always be appreciated by jews, regardless to religious adherence.
6. IDF - kick ass
F. ,   San Francisco, Ca   (01.05.09)
Go get'w. God speed.
7. Thank you Ahmet and long live Democratic Turkey.
Asher ,   NY,USA   (01.06.09)
8. May G_d protect all Israel soldiers
NK ,   Greece   (01.06.09)
9. Thanks Ahmet Merhaba! ;-)
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.09)
Turkey and Israel are close allies in the region. Thanks for your support.
10. I am fully behind Israel and the IDF
Jacob ,   UK   (01.06.09)
I am a Christian with Jewish ancestors and I fully support Israel's actions in Gaza. The IDF are doing an excellent job like they always do. Their soldiers are commited to Israel's defense and I have had the pleasure of chatting to a few when I was down in Israel on holiday. As always I pray for peace but when diplomacy fails then the only solution is military action. Hamas does not want peace with Israel, they want to destroy the country and its people. They wanted a war, well they certainly got one alright. Go IDF!!!
11. Hi Ahmet
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.06.09)
Wonderful to hear an opinion like yours from a Turkish person. I really thought most of you hated Israel... May God bless you and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Israel. We would make you feel at home here.
12. Stay Strong Israel and Finish the Job!
Mike Sless ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
Stay Strong Israel and Finish the Job.....take your time, forget what the world says. Those who hate you will always hate you...don't try to please them. You can't. Do what's good and right for you. Most in the West support you, even if they are quiet at times.
13. Take yours time and don’t care to UN and others,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.06.09)
As long it will take with minimum casualty, UN under Arabs control an EU cares to their interest,
14. Israel will have the upper hand!
Ronnie   (01.06.09)
Hamas' haughty declarations will come back to haunt them! Israel represents democracy, the civilized world and enlightenment, as does the US. Anyone who cannot see that is a demented, fundamental, barbaric zealous person, who cannot see beyond their thirst for blood and terror! This will end! The good people will have the upper hand!
15. heart of jerusalem
luis felipe ,   spain   (01.06.09)
leaders of israel, Wake up Listen¡¡.There is a satan temple in the heart of jerusalem ¿what do you belive that is thinking abaut the ALLMIGHTY?. Jesuchrist bless with strengh and wisdom the holy nation. from spain
16. Wonderful!
murray of montreal   (01.06.09)
Hamas is now taking the fight to the IDF instead of hiding behind their women/children. That is good. Now that the terrorists will charge from 200 mts with bayonets fixed while shouting "Banzai, banzai", the IAF will be able to avoid killing women and their babies.
17. #3 charles is right. israel will be the victor.
debra ,   usa   (01.06.09)
18. God bless Israel and IDF
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. DPRSSA   (01.06.09)
Eventhough I live in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Socialist States of America, I pray for Israel, the IDF that they are successful in the distruction of Hamas in Gaza.
19. May G_D bless the IDF
Maurice ,   LA, USA   (01.06.09)
We are 100% behind you for fighting for Israel's basic right to leave in peace. We will recite Psalms every day until victory
20. IDF is behaving wrongly in Gazza
Ahmed ,   Germany   (01.06.09)
With all the civilians and the childrens being killed everyday. I dont think that common sens would really support such acts. Yes Israel has the right to defend itself, but not te way it is is doing right now. The security of Israel layes in the freedom of the palestinains. Give hope and freedom to the innocent people in Gaza and I am sure Hamas will not exist anymore.
21. #1 teşekkür ederim - thank you
Zvi   (01.06.09)
All our respects to your great country! Israel needs her friends, like you, to speak out. Her enemies abroad are trying, through noise, violence and intimidation, to scare Israel's friends and to convince neutral people that Israel should have no right to defend herself. I am very glad that you support the right of free people to defend themselves against Islamist violence. thank you!
22. Charles
Zvi   (01.06.09)
I think you mean עם ישראל חי Watch those keystrokes! ;-)
23. Just an advise my friends..
Adviser ,   Canada   (01.06.09)
You will never have peace there, my friends. War after war, until that land will reject you back for ever to the country from where you or your parents came. By the way, don't forget to ask them to write you down the exact adress where they used to live. I mean it's safer two have an alternate adress in case...I am confident that you are intelligent enough to do so.
24. #1-Ahmet's smart and free.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.06.09)
25. Od Avino Chai! Decimate The Bastards!
David H ,   Marietta USA   (01.06.09)
Olmert has surrendered one time too many. Too many men, women, kids have been traumatized, maimed, killed. 10,000 dumb bombs have been launched against Jews because they were Jews. Notice the absence of reaction from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, ahem, Saudi Arabia? They are in full support of the action, even if their 7th Century mentality limits the to blather rather than real action against our families. Level the place, then there can be a real peace. Even Barry Hussein, the anti-Semite keeps his silence. God's speed, IDF.
26. islamic republic of france , england , norway and spain
alexi   (01.06.09)
good luck gentleman, you have chosen hamas over israel. Enjoy sahria law in 30 years as moslem rulers take over your countries. As for Israel it will continue fighting, and if it goes down, all the immediate arab enemies and iran for sure(with the rotten stinking americcan killer ahamdinejad and larijani) will be eliminated.
27. Charles, #3
israeli ,   israel   (01.06.09)
what you wrote means "if Israel lives". What you mean is עם ישראל חי But thanks anyway.
28. Ahemt/NK war in south
Rae ,   London   (01.06.09)
It seems you are the only blind people here, I donot know what kind of news you are watching. look at this news paper, they do not have any news to say. you do not watch kids been killed, around 1/4 of the killed in Gaza are children, so are you proud to be a child killer
29. Israel
USABorn ,   USA   (01.06.09)
30. In Reference to #1
Calyxcrater ,   Vancouver,Canada   (01.06.09)
Thank You Chok gosel I have no idea how to spell it but you get the idea Allah bless Turkey. G-d bless Israel, and the Brave IDF The brave Palestinian fighting men deserve respect for dying well. Zahar,Haniyah and the club will survive because they are the definition of Cowardice .Like Saddam they will be in spider holes.Hopefully a small grenade will accidentally fall...
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