Gaza residents live in fear
Ali Waked
Published: 06.01.09, 00:11
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1. These "residents" support HAMAS and voted for HAMAS!
gET REAL ,   USA   (01.06.09)
2. Its tough when you elect people....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.06.09)
who bomb Israel daily, huh? Because eventually we will take action. Take to the streets and dump Hamas and your lives will instantly improve.
3. Gaza Residents
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (01.06.09)
The suffering of these people is very real. My heart goes out to them. But if they ever get to ask themselves why this is happening to them, maybe when all this is over they will make sure it doesn't happen again.
4. Jihadi blues
Cameron ,   USA   (01.06.09)
5. what About Israel Residents ???
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (01.06.09)
You say "Gaza residents live in fear " and I say " Israel residents too live in fear also"... So do Israeli residents feel safer or more secure ? Absolutely not...
6. Don't fall into this article too much
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.06.09)
It may be a propaganda stunt of hamas to weaken the border. We've seen it. The 'tired, poor, and traumatized people of Gaza. Stay where you are until the IDF reaches you. Prey that your 'holy' hamas doesn't make you their latest bomb shelter.
7. If there weren't terror, there'd be nothing to fear
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.06.09)
"People don't walk near mosques for fear they will be bombed, don't stand next to Hamas men's houses." Very wise. Mosques where hatred is preached, where weapons are stored and where terrorists hide just might be bombed. And those houses where Hamas store weapon or plot their terror might be hit too. The IDF may pick you up, but once you're cleared, they'll let you go. Tell them where Hamas and IJ are hiding and they'll take them out so you can get on with your lives. I sympathize with their dire straits, but I recall that Israelis in the north practically lived in bunkers for 34 days back in 2006. Be patient. Hopefully this will all be over soon.
8. They should go home to their own
Texas ,   US   (01.06.09)
Arab coutries.
9. Palestinians: Reap what you have Sown
Craig ,   USA   (01.06.09)
Did you Palestinians vote for Hamas? Do you cheer when rockets streak toward Israel to the blood of Jewish civilians? For those of you who truly wish to live in peace with Jews...I sorrow for you; though I suspect the majority in Gaza are fully complicit in the crimes of the active Hamas members. Islamic Jew haters have sown the wind, now they reap the whirlwind...don't whine to the rest of the world.
10. Yes!Gazans avoid Mosq because they know there RRockets insid
Alan ,   SA   (01.06.09)
11. Hamas leaders hiding in Shifa Hospital?Discharge them!
Alan ,   SA   (01.06.09)
12. Smug arab arrogance finally disappearing?
DC,   (01.06.09)
They were so happy to see Israel bombed daily for years. Now they start complaining after a few days of proportional treatment.
13. To H. Masri. CONFRONT Hamas.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.06.09)
You say :” This is no way to live, it's frightening and boring and very stressful." Dear Masri, that is EXACTLY what the civilians of Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, etc. feels. You should CONFRONT the Hamas people, and tell them that that is not the way to live. You should tell Hamas that their actions (of firing Kassam rockets and mortars) is giving PAIN to the Gaza Arabs. Talk plainly to Hamas. You should NOT be afraid of telling the truth to Hamas.
14. cry me a river
david ,   new york   (01.06.09)
the next time you go to a hamas rally and shout "death to the jews", think for a moment that perhaps the jews won't make it so easy for you! please jump in a lake
15. mr. masri
this is how the israelis in the south of israel lived....just like you do now, in fear and not knowing when the 60-100 hamas missiles each day would land. we all had 15 seconds to run for the shelters and bunkers and not only 20 men held out there, but entire cities and villages in southern israel. did you think about how we israelis in sderot, ashkelon, beer sheva, lived while your people threw kasams, katyushas and mortars at out innocent civilians??? you threw them at us for 8 years!!!!!! we are throwing them at you for 2 weeks. recoprocity, won't you say? what gives you the right to live in happiness while half of israelis live in fear of your violence and attack on our innocent southern citizens? how does it feel to taste the same medicine you gave us for 8 years
16. Let them feel the way residents of Sderot feel.
17. Mr. Masri
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.06.09)
The people of Gaza elected these Hamas thugs and cheered them as they paraded their weapons through the streets of Gaza. Hamas was blasting Israel everyday hoping to do serious damage and make the community proud. I don't remember any protests in Gaza over "disproportionate" use of terror against Israel and I find it difficult to understand how Hamas' actions benefit the Palestinians. They are doing to you what Hezbullah did to the Lebanese.
18. I know we are at war, but we have to reach the innocent.
vered ,   israel   (01.06.09)
Also, ideas are stronger than weapons.
19. Time you got a taste for what it's like to live in Sderot
russel ,   tlv   (01.06.09)
20. Like Israeli's haven't been living in fear?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.06.09)
Give us all a break with this sob story. Go tell your neighbor in Hamas to stop practicing terrorism.
21. Gaza residents live in fear
Talula ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
Don't like it do you? It's not nice to live in fear of bombs and uncertainty. It's not nice to have your life ripped apart. So now you have something in common with the people who live in southern towns. They've put up with it for years. You voted for it, now you've got it. Happy now?
22. Too bad they live in fear..
Miriam ,   Western Negev   (01.06.09)
Israeli western negev residents have lived in fear for years and nobody cared.
23. Living in fear
Linda ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
Continue to vote and support hamas and you'll be dead, not just living in fear.
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