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Gaza op prompts wave of anti-Semitism in Belgium
Yael Levy
Published: 06.01.09, 04:35
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1. Welcome to Belgickstan
Ivri   (01.06.09)
2. Great Way To Make Money In Europe
Jos van Neuken ,   Antwerpistan   (01.06.09)
I have a factory in China making Israeli flags that I sell to Islamo-Fascists, Left-Wingers, and other Losers when they have a flag-burning.
3. No, prompts anti-Israelism
Steven Cash ,   Nashville   (01.06.09)
People are getting awfully tired of this troublesome entity.
LARRY ,   USA RETIRED US ARMY   (01.06.09)
DRIVE ON IDF this is the reason why ISRAEL must be made of steel and live this message is for the young Israeli who sometimes forget recent history in the last 70 years you and your weapon is what divides freedom from extinction. never again. ever
5. Belgium Homeland
Ori ,   LA, USA   (01.06.09)
What a shame on so many levels...This proves that no matter how liberal or enlightened a society may be anti-semitism is always present. Unfortunately, our Jewish brothers and sisters in Beligium are realizing what Hertzl and others said-"the only homeland for the Jewish people is Israel." At least we can defend ourselves in Israel.
6. Look at the Faces in these Anti Israel Rallies!
Mike Sless ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
Just look at the faces in these Anti Israel Rallies....they are not European faces, but rather the faces of people who look like they are from Gaza, Beirut or Cassablanca! These are not Europeans...but simply Israel's enemy's transported to Europe.
7. any excuse to express hate...
proud dhimmi ,   Miami Florida   (01.06.09)
Anti semites, radical muslims can't help themselves. Any excuse will do to stage their ritual jew hating parties. Here in Florida these 'classy' people wanted to protest in front of the Holocaust Museum. It was moved to downtown but they couldn't contain themselves. These slathering idiots got aggressive, threw objects, tried to attack, some got arrested. Hate is their drug and it destroys the soul.
8. Anti-Semitism
Rudi ,   NC USA   (01.06.09)
alot of people hate the muslims, alot hate the christians, and alot hate the athiests... but jews are the only ones to coin a word for jew-hatered and use it effectively. respect to jewish propaganda!! (it lacks accuracy though, since most muslims are semites..)
9. normal reaction
Sami hassan ,   Palestine   (01.06.09)
This is very normal and logical action against all who support the unpreceded savage aggression of israeli terror army against innocent civil population in gaza.
Sergio ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
11. Jews, come now to your homeland!
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.09)
Jews of Belgium should get out now and come home to Israel
12. #3, believe me, I would like to go after Arabs
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (01.06.09)
Every time I see them act up, I think to myself, why not burn down their houses in the US? Aren't we tired of those troublesome Arab countries?
13. Those non-jews in Belgium who stand idle
Edward ,   New York   (01.06.09)
while the Jews are being attacked will eventually suffer the same discrimination and violence from the same perpetrators. When you let fear block out the morale courage to defend your innocent fellow citizens, you encourage automatically enlarge the world of the hate mongers. This is what happened in Germany in the 1930's and is beginning to take over parts of Europe today. Stand up and be counted and make thier world smaller!!!
14. it is a matter of time
historian ,   Austin, TX   (01.06.09)
the ironic thing is that folks are thinking that all the protesting across the world is wrong. Anti semitism is the lame excuse we hear over and over. There is a great distinction between zionism and judaism, and they are far apart. The zionists built israel and will lead to the end of israel too. what was built on false ground will cease to exist no matter what. it is a matter of time, just remember the crusaders.
15. We Jes in Quebecstan are facing the same problem
Al   (01.06.09)
Quebec has been importing Arabs en mass for the past 20 years..There are about three times as many Arabs as Jews in Quebec. Its only a matter of time before we Jews in Quebec have to contend with their violence. The French Quebecois are too stupid to see that they have imported a major problem. Quite frankly its time we Jews in Quebec think about leaving. I've lived here my entire life, but like generations of Jews before me, I have to move on. Israel would be my first choice..If only the Israeli Jews would stop pissing into eachothers soup. Maybe just maybe Israel will have changed after this vewry sad and difficult war of survival. I think Israel is facing a great challenge and no amount of PC thought is going to change the fact that they are facing a determined and fearless foe. I truly hope Israel will suceed in destroying hamas, for if she does this will be the 67 of todays generation. Atfter the destruction of hamas, Israel will ride high again and will be feared by the arab hordes. Only then will there be peace.. Peace comes thru the barrel of a gun...
16. Antisemites must fear consequences of antisemetic acts
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.06.09)
Strong government crackdowns and strong security defence by Jews will reveal antisemites as the weaker opponent.
17. inside view
Belgian Jew   (01.06.09)
The problem in Belgium comes, again as in other countries, from thos e violent and troublesome muslim migrants who cause all these violent demonstartions and who harbor for us the same feelings like the nazis had once. The problem is taht the leftist who runs Brussels and antwerp didn't act strongly against these muslim out of fear to loose their votes, the only Belgian political parties who took a clear position against these terrorists are the far right Vlaams Belang party, and the Lijst Dedecker, also at the right of the political spectrum. All the others, are sold to the muslim maffia.
18. The Western champions of "peace" have opted to sell ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.09)
The Western champions of "peace" have opted to sell Israel and the Jews out to the Jihadists The greatest irony of the West's collusion with the Arabs and Iran in their war against the Jews - the logical outcome of the twin delusions of anti-Semitism - that Jews are all powerful and that the Jews must be cut down to size - is the destruction of Israel… If that happens, the West will find itself in jaws of the Islamic Jihadists . More at :
19. Jews Abroad - Be Strong
Jonathan   (01.06.09)
This is a long battle in Israel, but as we all see and know, it is much more that a local 'clash'. Good luck, and maybe God bless us all!
20. How about this
David ,   Chicago   (01.06.09)
Given Eurabia's absolute total love for all things vile and abhorrent, here's an even trade: We'll trade you the 2 million or so Jews Living in Europe for the transJordanians and Egyptian gazans (know as the big lie of Palestinians). Then you will have your true paradise as you so wish. Since you love them so much, have them all come live with you. Karl Marx had a term for Eurabia: "Useful Idiots."
21. #14 Y'all got that wrong
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.06.09)
Low level types like you have been predicting our demise for over 3000 years but we're still kickin'. You're motivated by envy which ain't pretty. So no need to spend every waking hour figuring out the distinction between zionism and judaism because what we believe in is none of your business. If you support Hamas, you support terror.
22. Read a local paper !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.06.09)
There was told it were MOSTLY people of muslim descent who demonstrated . The talk backs showed much disgust about the behaviour of those demonstrators , who as always damaged cars , shops and so . Many also supported Israel's right to defend herself . Not many anti Israeli TB's . Antwerp Mayor said he will not tolerate such violent manifestations .
23. European Anti-Semitism Are Primarily Arabs and Moslems
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.06.09)
Inaccurate media reporting does not properly identify the vast majority of anti-Israel protesters as Arabs and/or Moslems.
24. antisemitism is from maghreb migrants !
trumpeldor ,   brussels,eurabia   (01.06.09)
I daily witness the demographic transformation in Brussels Eurabia and antisemitism are coming Antisemitism from locals is marginal
25. Anti-simitism .. ???
you still useing this old brocken disck what's anti-simitism here ... this is anti your crimes against humanity , you are the people who kills another simitic people , you are anti-simitics ... thos people can not agree with your crimes against the Palistinians any no sympathy anymore for you .... you call whatever you want but they are anti criminals .... wake up and get real .
26. You knew this will happen
You didn't care about the life of the Jews around the world ..... enjoy now your victory .
27. ''First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people''
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.06.09)
Eurabians will get their just reward - they have imported their own Fifth Column. The Nazis started with the Jews too but their genocidal plans included many others. Then too, most Europeans stood by idle, indifferent, to the totalitarianism that was engulfing them. Most of the world said, ''Well, it's only against the Jews.'' They ignored that they would be next.
28. "First they came for the Juice...."
Natalie ,   Brussels   (01.06.09)
29. #14 NO distinction between Judaism and Zionism
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (01.06.09)
On the other hand, you are clearly antisemitic .
30. Revisionist historian in Texas #14
Donna s ,   Netanya, Israel   (01.06.09)
Please tell me what anti-semitism is then, if not burning the burning menorahs, sprayed swastikas and hate graffiti on Jewish-owned shops, oh, and the burning of a Jewish home. Are you deluded? Or just a total ****** anti-semite yourself? The Nazis did the same thing when there was no Israel. That means then, that we have free reign to do the same to Arabs worldwide for their DAILY rocket attacks on Israel and we of course, will call it anti-Palestinian/Hamas sentiment and NOT Arab-hating. ......but of course we won't , because Jews integrate into society and don't project hate as a daily tool for protest.
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