Hamas rocket unit head believed killed in IDF strike
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 06.01.09, 11:34
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1. and I hope it hurt...
Phil H   (01.06.09)
2. Good!
3. Ayman Siam Killed
Not Jewish ,   USA   (01.06.09)
Good! Go Israel.
4. Ayman Siam
Vicky ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (01.06.09)
Another one bites the dust.
5. Green Cammies and Jam
Gideon Reader   (01.06.09)
Ayman Siam I am. In cammies I would fire at a school I would fire at a church I would fire and never leave my shahid in the lurch. I would fire at a bus, either at them or at us. The IDF were flirty and then down and dirty. Ayman Siam, I am. But now I am "jam".
6. Maybe he is dead ...
Vycki ,   Asqualan, Falastine   (01.06.09)
... but looks like it didn't bother : up to 31 rockets up until now for today, to be continued ... Tsahal you will never win as you are fighting against the people of this land !
7. #6 The Palestinian leadership will always cut off YOUR nose
To human shield ,   love from usa   (01.06.09)
to spite their face. You, your children, and children's children are expendible to them. Your rockets attacks will leave you with no electricity, no water, no infrastructure, and no family. Is that worth it?
8. # 6 Ali Baba
back into the cave
Petra ,   usa   (01.06.09)
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