Income from Gaza tunnels some $650 million a year
Gil Feiler, Doron Peskin
Published: 06.01.09, 13:09
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1. Dig trenches from the sea and flood them now..
aL   (01.06.09)
In very short time they will be flooded
2. Sorry but we need the tunnels to move our Cruise missiles fr
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.06.09)
from Silo to Silo
3. Without the smuggling, there would be even less products
A ,   Haifa   (01.06.09)
Without the smuggling, there would be even less products in Gaza - and less goods means higher prices. So how exactly could this be that the tunnels "played a central role in deepening the poverty in the Strip, mainly due to the high prices that average consumers were forced to pay for simple goods as a result of the black market created by the greed of shop owners and tunnel owners.", as the article alleges?
4. I suspect this is one of the main reasons that the rockets
Naiim Abed ,   Tunisia   (01.06.09)
were fired and the crossing points were constantly attacked, It was against the interest of those few who were profiting from the tunnel market. Aside from scoring political points from the closure of the crossings, they did not want to see their "cash cow" diminished or destroyed.
5. There's no way Egypt wasn't complicit in this.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.07.09)
Does anyone think that the flow of trucks feeding some 500 tunnels could have been possible without Egyptian complicity? And, to think, Israel agreed to modify the Camp David agreement to permit at least 750 additional troops to stop that illicit flow! Another thing this confirms is that cities divided across national borders are nothing but trouble. Rafah on the Gaza/Egypt border, Ghazar on the Israel/Lebanon border.
6. Giving up Philadelphi Corridor: Brilliant idea.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.09)
Who takes credit for that one? Sharon? Olmert? Livni? or the whole bunch of political hacks who put us in this position?
7. Taking out the tunnels
Petra ,   usa   (01.08.09)
is just the beginning of the Pals payback. How many rockets and mortars does Israel owe them? Besides, the Gazans can live w/o cigarettes and Viagra, and especially w/o Hamas. Their days are numbered.
8. The Pals have a stock exchange??
William ,   Israel   (01.10.09)
Wait - the Pals have a stock exchange, an observer at the UN, several "embassies" around the world, and an Olympic team....but they don't even have a country, in any shape or form. Now I thought you needed to have an actual country with a real government in order to have those things. Am I mistaken? I don't recall seeing a separate team of Kurds, S. Ossetians, or Basques at the Olympics.
9. Gaza Quay
alan ,   alaskan   (01.10.09)
A salt water arm from the sea supported with a 1/4 mile breakwater would allow small ships to supply Gaza, reduced prices, increased employment, and zero tunnels. A salt water ship cannal is perfectly feasible and need not be deeper than 200 feet in the middle and perhaps a quarter of a miles wide. Start building it after F-16s drop all the 2000 pounders you have right on the tunnels
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.10.09)
Since the income from the tunnels is so great, perhaps it's time to pave them and allow trucks, buses, and cars for tourists to use them, of course with a toll rate. Perhaps, a subway line could be built to help people move from one place to another. Of course, these tunnels will be administered by the GTA.
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