More than 30 rockets fired from Gaza Tuesday
Ilana Curiel
Published: 06.01.09, 15:03
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1. Im loosing track... after 11 days of Total War
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.06.09)
Why is the IDF allowing Hamas and its allies to fire so many missiles?
2. kadima labour map
arie   (01.06.09)
See what is in store if you vote kadima or Labour
3. Answer - # 1
Faith ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
I seriously doubt that the IDF is "letting" them fire the missiles - don't forget this is a very complex operation, it's not like it's an open battlefield with bunkers - the hamas have their launchers situated within the civilian population in Gaza, and being moral human beings, the Israeli army isn't just going to blast away at every single house, school and mosque to destroy the launchers. Also, there would be a lot more coming our way if NOT for the IDF. I personally do not question the tactics, and leave it to the experts.
4. # Faith... Yup Perhaps .. but
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (01.06.09)
Maybe Hamas has even more missiles than we have tanks...perhaps Hamas has Anti Tank Missiles too?? Isnt it a mystery How they got these Weapons.. Was It China .. or Maybe Iran??
5. Bad news, I seem...
Bancor ,   Genoa, Italy   (01.06.09)
So many days of successful strikes, so many rockets still fired on your towns? Did IDF embark on Lebanon War II? "Repetita juvant", old Latin saying, could help IDF to look at their, and your Government's possible faults. Either IDF wins the war, or looses it. In both cases, you as a people will lose your hopes, or do you think your IDF will be able to fight enemies forever? ("per omnia saecula saeculorum" -another Latin saying) But, nevertheless, for one at least war will bring good news: your tottery Government, whose timing was nearly perfect to this goal and could win the elections too. Cheer, and try to open your eyes, if you can (I do hope so, for I'm willing to be a sincere friend of yours, as a people). Now it isn't so easy a task, indeed.
6. Isaeli suckers!
IRAN#1   (01.06.09)
Your leaders are taking you on a ride! Stop being sheep and demand real peace.
7. Ianian suckers!
Persian TARSIER ,   Taharoon   (01.06.09)
Your leaders are taking you on a ride! Stop being sheep and demand real peace.
8. Misleading headline
DrRJP ,   Florida   (01.08.09)
As usual, the justification for condemning Israel's actions as a failure is using this tired excuse, "rockets and mortars are still being fired at Israel despite IDF attempts t stop them." If Israel were to carpet-bomb Gaza, then there would not be a single rocket or mortar fired. Better yet, if Israel struck every civilian home, school, hospital, and mosque from which Hamas are firing these rockets and mortars, then there would not be a single rocket or mortar fired. The fact that they don't hit these targets should speak volumes about who obeys the rules of warfare and who doesn't. Except the stupid journalists
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