Report: Dozens dead in IDF strikes
Ali Waked
Published: 06.01.09, 17:20
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1. I do not support this operation any longer.
Citizen ,   IL   (01.06.09)
I was supportive of the IDF at the initial stage. But even though I know that not every Palestinian report should be taken as true, the images I saw on various videos posted on foreign news sites say enough. The destruction and killing caused by our forces is unbelievable. I can accept some citizens being hurt as regrettable but unavoidable "collateral damage", I know this is the reality. But the current numbers are simple out of proportion and not justified anymore, with all respect to the citizens of the south. This has to stop. Where is our humanity? Even if the other side doesn't show any, does it mean we have to get down to their level?
2. Place the blame where it belongs .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.06.09)
H A M A S. These people were killed as a result of the actions of Hamas. It's no different than if they pulled the trigger.
3. more islamo-nazi propaganda
Gaby ,   Boston, US   (01.06.09)
from ynet. One word can describe it: paliwood.
4. War criminals on both sides
As it is   (01.06.09)
Judging by the total numbers of woman and children killed, Israel has become a super war criminal compared to Hamas. Dropping bombs over densely populated areas cannot be considered an accident - accepting that risk of high civilian casualties shows much intent and the numbers confirm that!
5. I guess Barak won't travel ever abroad again
Den Hague   (01.06.09)
Den Hague is waiting.
6. Shut up, Terry, you idiot!!
John ,   Europe   (01.06.09)
By your logic, Touluse synagogue was RIGHTFULLY attacked just because they are Jews! THESE children didn't do anything! THESE children didn't shoot! Kill Hamas, not children and no one will have problems! Not to mention that this is HUGE drawback for this operation! I read comments on various internet newspapers here and most of Gentiles were PRO operation, until yesterday, when 14 children were struck down! AD to that this... This is so IDF - they start good, and when they feel support, let's rampage, who gives a f'''!
7. Terrible but they brought it upon themselves
Alon K. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.09)
I find it interesting that the left and other Yafeh Nefesh care so deeply about "palestinians". What about when Russia destroyed whole villages with special weapons in Chechnya, or the real massacres in Africa or the thousands of Iraqi civilians killed by their own people? No, for those real atrocities there is barely a murmur, but when a country defends itself from terrorists and the people who support them, then the screaming starts. Hamas, and the people who support them (the poor, innocent civilians) brought this upon themselves. They can by mass protest, order to Hamas to stop, but the sweet taste of Israeli bloodshed will prevent that from happening.
8. This is war. keep going IDF
Naro ,   NYC   (01.06.09)
This is warfare for survival of the Jewish state. Keep fighting without limits, because Hamas will be fighting without limits. (As an example-Russia killed 100,000 civilians in Grozny. King Hussein killed 15,000 in black September). Hamas was hoping and praying for war. The people of the Gaza were cheering them on. Now they have to suffer the result of their war mongering. Dont stop IDF. ON TO TOTAL VICTORY!!!!
9. Gaza
Citizen ,   San Francisco USA   (01.06.09)
What did Hamas think Israel meant when it said 'stop or we'll stop you'? Every Palestinian death has Hamas as it's author. It would be better for Hamas to believe in co-existence then Jihad. Maybe now 'martyrdom' isn't so fashionable for Islam.
10. Nine member of one family, including six children
Stop the bloodshed   (01.06.09)
This way, Israel is loosing it again. The civilized world has no sympathy for Hamas rocket fire nor will it tolerate Israli war crimes that blow away entire familiies.
11. Repeating Lebanon mistakes
Jakko   (01.06.09)
No lessons learned. Who is the terrorist again?
12. #2 My friend from Eilat
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (01.06.09)
The ability of Jewish people to rid themselves of any and all guilt since 1945 is astounding. You murder babies, slaughter thousands, and make millions suffer and still feel justified. Let me make myself perfectly clear: the Holocaust was a horrible atrocity, but that does NOT give you carte blanche to act like heartless beasts because it makes you feel slightly safer. You make me sick- there is no place on earth for people like you.
13. The important thing
holy man   (01.06.09)
is that Jerusalem is united under Israeli control. No amount of blood is too high a price for the Holy City. Remember, holiness requires blood sacrifices. It's written in da book. Holiness forever.
14. Read the post and you will see
Michael ,   Danmark   (01.06.09)
That most here have lost humanity a long time ago. The crave blood and revenge and the more Palestinian life's the better it is.
15. Its terrible but
Joe ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (01.06.09)
Hamas was democratically elected by the people of GAZA. The people of Gaza should be viewed equally responisble for the missle attacks, and are now paying the price, which at the end of the day, is what this is about, teaching them that they need to be responsable for their elected government, even if they are a band of thugs. I cant think of any country in the world that would tolerate the missle attacks and not take similar action, especially after having gone through this a few years ago in the north. Very sad to see people being killed but where was the international community during the past year or so during the missle attacks, like that was acceptable even tough large numbers werent killed or injured?
16. John in eurabia: Why dont YOU shut it?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.06.09)
The children DIDN't do anything. But hamass has no issue with using them as shields to protect their terrorists; As for the number of children killed: what are the sources - hamass? ali waked, a spokesperson for hamass?; the islamist UN? Let's remember - the FIRST casualty of any war is the truth - and since the eurabians prefer to castigate the Jews (its a historicaal fact) they now sought out one more opportunity!
17. During the Second Lebanon War
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (01.06.09)
There was a building collapse as well and later it was determined that Hizbullah had placed the people in the building and wouldn't let them leave. The story here says that the rescue workers were shot at. Wonder if the shooters were Hamas who didn't want them rescued!
18. To citizen:your integrity is in doubt!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.06.09)
The validity of Any one that will switch allegiances so quickly as a result of terrorists' propaganda is questionable to start with! IF that many children were killed (conjecture given the sources), then the other question should be asked - why are the palis so willing to use the kids as shields to protect the terrorists?
19. #1 I hear what you say...
NoPatienceForIdiots ,   LI, NY   (01.06.09)
..but keep in mind, the independent media is not able to report from the scene (not that they wouldn't skew the facts in favor of Hamas, but that's for a different post). The information coming out of Gaza will never inform us as to whether the IDF legitimately targeted and killed Hamas terrorists in this operation. It serves terrorist propaganda to paint a picture of innocents being indiscriminately killed by the big bad Jews. Obviously, infants aren't involved in terror and this is an example of unfortunate collateral damage typical of urban warfare. The IDF always takes precautionary steps to warn civilians not to take shelter where Hamas is. If it is true that they killed Hamas terrorists, it was the family's choice to stay in that dwelling, as it was the other inhabitants War is hell, it isn't pretty. That being said, don't ever doubt that the killing of civilians by the IDF is purely unintentional. Terrorists, on the other hand, will always look to kill as many civilians as possible.
Yossi ,   ISRAEL   (01.06.09)
John, You, your father and your grandfather are most probably notorious anti-Jews. You have NO right to tell ANY Israeli to shut up. Don't you, Europeans, teach us how to defend our homes and children. We have seen your rational during the WWII when OUR parents where burned by the Nazis. NEVER AGAIN ! The Jewish people and its Army will NOT go again to crematories, or surrender to terrorism and anti-Semitism.
21. Crush Hamas This is war
Norman   (01.06.09)
Israel should not let up until Hamas is crushed just like any other nation wouldn't let up with such an enemy that lobs Missiles into civilian territories. Yes, where are all the sympathizers for the Palestinians when for years missiles where lobbied on Israel’s civilians??? Pls tell hamas (Cowards) to get out of civilian areas One more Note there was never a palestinian state. There is and was a Jewish State Promised by the Almighty to the Jewish people before Muhammed was born. The seige is placed on the Gaza by Israel and Egypt. Israel should never open its borders to a sworn Enemy (Have we forgotten all the suicide bombers emanating from the Palestenian terrorist killing innocent civilians (elderly women children included). The pressure should be placed on Egypt to open its borders with the palestenians, aren’t they brothers ???
22. There is NO differenc between civilian and combatant in war
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.06.09)
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.06.09)
Who is paying you to post here?
24. #1, I do
israeli ,   israel   (01.06.09)
Hamas has to be crushed. Before they started the war, they had to stock up on provisions and provide adequate shelter for their citizens. They only have rockets, weapons and ammunitions. They have to live with it.
25. den Hague better deal with their own first
israeli ,   israel   (01.06.09)
I understant that a genocide was taking place in Kosovo under the noses of the den Hague peace keeping troops. I heard them admit it on TV. Then take care of the British in Afghanistan, who killed 1000 civilians for every 10 British troops. den Hague, how pathetic!
26. #12, i must have missed your posts
Danny   (01.06.09)
on the pages where Hamas is shelling ONLY civilians.... Wierd, almost like you have a double standard for jews....
27. #6 Terry is a realist, you are an anti-Semite
Yoni   (01.06.09)
For eight years Hamas was hiding their weapons in homes just so when the IDF did start bombing them bleeding heart liberals like yourself could cry foul. Yet you are so morally ambiguous to the rocket fire by these Hamas killers toward Jews? Your European brand anti-Semitism is very obvious. We don't care what Europe thinks or its Jew killing populace, you are the same as all your forefathers who blamed Jews for all the ills of the world. There is a cancer in Gaza, the chemotherapy kills good and bad tissue, get over it! For eight years Hamass has been bristling for a war knowing they were going to be putting children in the line of fire. Yet when Hamass bombs civilians you never raised your voice, what a corrupt philosophy.
28. 7,8,9,16,& 17
curtis ,   Westminster USA   (01.06.09)
I like your comments best.Well said
29. when IDF fail
Vin ,   UK   (01.06.09)
This what the IDF do whenever they find them selves in front of strong resistance- we can't face Hamas face to face - then turn to the civilians. what happening know is a clear evidence that Israel is losing.
30. Israel is in Count down
Bill ,   UK   (01.06.09)
I believe Israel is speeding up its end. Israel forgets sometimes or choose to ignore the fact that they are occupying Muslims' lands. Israel as a country wont exist without the unlimited support from the west and also the support arabic countries regimes that depends on their own existence on Israel. these regimes would no sustain any more by the facts that the muslim people are more and more aware of their betrayal. Israel now is the major recruiting factor for Hamas. and there will be a day when all the Muslim world become Hamas. then Israel will face its fate.
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