Turkey holds suspicious Iran-Venezuela shipment
Associated Press
Published: 06.01.09, 19:26
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1. Turkish government showing its wisdom
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.06.09)
Even though anti-Israeli sentiments run quite high in Turkey, it's good to know we can rely on the Turkish authorities to be on our side, in the important war against terrorism.
2. Nice comical picture of monkey boy and his organ grinder
they need a little red costume to complete the picture
3. iran's weapons lab
mohson   (01.06.09)
If Erdogan is an islamist jihad in a nice suit, he will allow the irans weapons lab shipment to proceed to Venezuela. Again, I call on the constitutional court of Turkey to launch an investigation of erdogan and confine him to jail as he has violated Ataturk's constitution.
4. Vow! Iran exporting high technology shame we cannot!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.06.09)
It is realy worth prizing Iran's determination on technology production, Turkish Atomic energy institution should help iran in its nuclear targets. Immediately ships should be released for their destination!
5. 4 Goodness sake, get a room
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.09)
6. for tahl (1.)
idil ,   istanbul / turkey   (01.06.09)
turkısh government...we turks never trust our government more than % 55 without atatürk.todays turkısh government touts the votes with showing how traditional they re.our prime minister recep tayyip erdoğan was swearing to israel at his all demonstrations.when he saw the money , jews became his best friends.her wife engendered a crisis because she is the first person who stays our 'white house' with 'headscarf'.its forbidden to go to turkısh univercities with headscarf'.but the government tried to change it.! it was the another crisis...we were proud for our secular government. but after this government we started to be afraid for becoming another iran.
7. world is changing rapidly
john ,   uk   (01.06.09)
It seems israel should learn how to respect other countries. Olmert should not lie when he talk to ordogan. But no problem when he talk to Mubark
8. Ahmadinejad and Chavez; two bum
smith   (01.06.09)
9. tayfun, stop taking sides.
idil ,   istanbul / turkey   (01.06.09)
it never helps ,especially for a country between balkans,mideast and caucasia.
10. and the stupid people in Latin america don't oper their eyes
PAZ ,   Latin America   (01.06.09)
Chavez wants to control the whole region at any price. People in Latin America do not realize the threat that Islamofascism represents for the whole world, not only for Israel.
11. Chavez = Latin American Dictator
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.09)
After the demise of Manuel Noriega and Augusto Pinochet, Loverboy Chavez is keen to take up the title.
12. no.7 smith: what the heck you're talking about???
roman ,   mexico   (01.06.09)
13. SO WHAT?
Edithann ,   USA   (01.07.09)
The world is armed..and it's about time everyone is ..isn't that what it's all about? Israel wants everyone disarmed except themselves...get reap just doesn'r work that way..
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