IDF: Mortars fired from bombed school
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 06.01.09, 20:09
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1. The UN treats the conflict biasedly
Although the UN officials are aware to the cynic use of UN facilities by the Palestinians, they never complain. Furthermore, if the Palestinians have the financial resources to build tunnels and buy weapon, they certainly have the resources for welfare. As such, I do not understand what the UN is looking for in Gaza. The fact that the Palestinians do not have to finance their needs allows them to direct their financial resources to terror. No wonder Gaza become a terror syndicate.
2. How much of the incident has been manipulated?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.06.09)
Is this another "blame Israel for everything" thing based on Reuters manipulated video footage which they admitted doing in the 2nd Lebanese War? What appears to have happened is that Hamas terrorists removed their uniforms and mingled with the civilian population. A mortar was fired and the IDF retaliated and the shell landed NEAR the school. The fact the the shell landed near the and not on the school was confirmed by the Gazan journalist who has appeared on Israeli and foreign TV. Then there were secondary explosions in the school which means that UNWRA has allowed Hamas to use the school as a military position and used to store explosives and weapons! Time will tell but the fact is that Hamas, like Hezbollah, is cowardly hiding behind civilians although those civilians support Hamas so are they really civilians? The question must also be asked is to what extent the UN and UNWRA are aiding and abetting Hamas to further its hate campaign against Israel?
3. Hamas and the UN are both evil
Leah ,   Israel   (01.06.09)
Schools in the south of Israel are closed so that Israeli children dont get hurt by incoming rockets because we care about our children. The situation is different in gaza the children are deliberately used as human shields where Hamas are firing rockets and mortars and all this is done under the watchful eye of the United Nations. Both Hamas and the UN are both evil.
4. gazan children = terrorists in the making
François ,   Montréal   (01.06.09)
and gazan mothers as bringing up future terrorists. Tis could explain why the IDF is not really bothered by so many innocent civilians being massacred from the sky and why many Israelis remain indifferent to the crimes of their leaders (some even cheering them on). A war crime is a war crime, whether it be commited by radical islamists or by the IDF.
5. josef goebbels is alive & well in the global news agencies
debra ,   usa   (01.06.09)
they have mastered the art of propaganda against the jewish nation. they never even wait to hear israel's response to events or bother to print it.
6. Thank you Israel
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.06.09)
I wonder if you achieved anything till this moment ? rockets still falling on Israel and the killing of innocent civilians ?! is that the best that your famoues Shaheel army can do ? we already got soffocated with this army that never lost a war (opss ... forgot Hizbullah - Lebanon 2006). 60 years and we wonder what kind of peace you want to have ? land for peace or dead children for peace ? may god have mursy for all of you and your sick morals and ill mentalities.
7. Hamas Cowards
Michael ,   USA   (01.06.09)
They are killing their own people
8. Schools used for firing mortars are no longer protected.
9. Remember the UN flag alongside the Hizballah flag?
10. UN=Usual Nonsense
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (01.06.09)
The mantra of the UN is the mantra of the arab entities. Usual Nonsense, lies, outright propaganda. The UN is as believable as Arafat, the master of doublespeak was.
11. The story behind this tragic incident becoming clear
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.06.09)
Like everyone here, I was saddened and troubled by the initial reports. Contrary to the "haters", most of us recognize that the IDF doesn't target civilians, so it didn't add up. I had an image in mind of IDF officers demanding to know "What the hell happened?". But now it's becoming clear. It wasn't tank shells, it was return fire using mortars, which can't do the kind of damage reported. Now we learn from a Gazan journalist (thanks, David) that the return fire struck "near" the school. Which makes sense too, since the IDF knows all about that building (and every other building of significance in Gaza). Finally, we learn of those "secondary explosions" which means "weapons stores". So now we know who is *really* responsible for this tragedy. But don't count on the media to report it accurately.
12. @6:
Bernardo XVI ,   Vatican   (01.06.09)
A libyan teaching...morals!
13. #4 I agree
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.06.09)
if you were born as a Palestinean, what would you do ? After enjoying for the last 60 years the freedom of democratic Israel, inside an open air refugee camp, under daily humiliation, killing and suffering ? Ehuad Barak has been asked the same question by a jouranlist and his replaied very openly " Frankly; i would join a terror organization" HISTORY NEVER FORGIVES.
14. #3
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.06.09)
the great Ghandi that freed India form English rule without firing a shoot said about Jews the following: they have this sense of being always victomised" this point makes them horribly arrogant and aggresive that why no one likes them and prefers to get rid of them by sending them to Israel (the trash bin)
If there is indeed a tragedy here, it is entirely the UN's fault for not closing down the school due to the belligerencies around that area. This reminds one of the UN's idiocy in keeping an observer station opened in lebanon in spite of the advancing armies on both sides. The UN and only the UN is to blame for the non-combatant casualties in that school... should there really and truly have been any.
16. please send this video around the world
gil ,   usa   (01.06.09)
"Shoot and Cry"   (01.06.09)
...from the war zone.??????????????? NOBODY is STOPPING THEM. Not even Egypt could say NO to the request. THE WORLD WOULD CLAMOUR TO HELP THEM ESCAPE OVER THE BORDER. SO WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN & CHILDREN THERE??? Sounds like a lot of BS to me, UN IS NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!!!!!!
18.  I beseech you- please read this through.
M   (01.06.09)
Hello, .. I'm an Israeli citizen living in the Negev. I beseech you- please read this through. For the past eight years the people of Netivot and Sederot have been attacked daily; some of which under enforcement a ceasefire. Hames is to be held countable for these attacks and yet the world is blaming Israel for defending its citizens. The true victims are the people of Gaza who are being used by their governments as human shields. Israel is sending humanitarian aid to those victims and tries to avoid civilian loses. Think for a moment of your home was being bombed for eight years while the world stood still… With peace. M
19. Why did the UN allow terrorists to fire from school?
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.06.09)
It is the UN and Arab Terrorists responsible for the deaths of these women and children. It is regretable, the loss of life, but put the blame where it belongs. I pray for Israel, for all civilians, and for the utter destruction of the Hamas cancer.
20. UN= Uncivilised Nations
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.09)
Hamas launch rockets inside or nearby schools, residential areas and mosques. When IDF strikes back, the victims are not what the world wants to see. So, who's to blame? Who is the aggressor here? Only stupid, uncivilised, retarded, dumbass would think Hamas is right.
21. school hours
julio ,   Plantation USA   (01.06.09)
Wow this people are so eager to learn that they send their own children to school in the middle of a war . The Israelis had a missile land in a school and of course clases were interupted because of danger.To those who believe what they are claiming, you need to step out of the theatre and come back to reality, I know I would keep my children very close to me if anything could hurt them
22. #16
samusa ,   sf, ca   (01.06.09)
Your video is from 2007 is worse than the IDF claim that mortar was fired from the school..Video footage from the carnage clearly shows a blodbath of civilians. You can close you eyes and deny what happened, but the truth about this incident is clear,
23. To Gil #16: Thank you! Done
David ,   Karmel, Israel   (01.06.09)
Its good to know that some are watching what they do! The Arabs, CNN, the BBC, SkyNews, FOXNews and so on must know that their biased reports based on Al Jezeera TV hate Israel propaganda is being watched and will be exposed. We have learned a lot from the 2nd Lebanon War including making sure that Reuters and other Arab manipulated video is exposed.
24. "Casualties Were Mostly Civilians."
USABorn   (01.06.09)
That statement alone tells anyone that not all casualties were civilians. If civilians are dying it is because Hamas is firing into Israel from civilian populated areas. Hamas is trying to bring world outrage against Israel but we have eyes to see with and ears to hear with. It is sad they do all this in the name of their god.
25. try another trick ..will you .??
Civilian ,   Syria   (01.06.09)
""we are returning the Fire "".. this is how your sitting president Peres justified his missle on QANA Lebanon .....when he was a prime minister . it must be an Israeli trick . every time you kill civilians you use that argument .. i wish i can get to your brains and hearts and see how they function .. Man really are diffrent than the rest of the world .
26. Amira Hass' parents are Holocaust camp survivors
observer   (01.06.09)
She said: This is the time to speak about the detailed maps in the hands of IDF commanders, and about the Shin Bet advisers who know the exact distance between the mosque and nearby homes. This is the time to discuss the drone planes and the hot air balloons fitted with advanced cameras floating over the Strip day and night, filming everything. This is the time to rely on legal advisers studying the operation to find the right phrasing to justify "collateral damage." Time to praise Foreign Ministry spokespeople who in their polished language, with their elegant South African or charmant Parisien accents, say it is the fault of Hamas, which uses neighborhood mosques for its own purposes.
27. #16
What a silly person you are. This video is clearly from 2007. This is 2009 idiot. The building there is not a school.
28.  #21 ,No, all family attended class
observer   (01.06.09)
No, all family attended class because it's fortified & UN they thought the UN school building made from concrete and cement was more secure than their houses.
29. To #19 David Boston: You can ask the UN why they ....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.06.09)
did not disarm Hezbollah in terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which France, Britain and the USA forced on Israel. This failure allowed Hezbollah to arm Hamas and to once again place itself of the Israel Lebanon border. The UN is in the pay of the Arabs and has proved over and over that it is a corrupt and worthless organization which allows its "peace keepers" and "aid workers" to rob, rape and turn a blind eye to the killing of those it is supposed to help! It is a tragedy that the UN and the Arab world and their supporters are condemning Israel of a self defense action while closing their eyes to the humanitarian disasters of Darfur, Zimbabwe, the Russian invasion of Georgia, the occupation of Tibet by China, the human rights violations in Myanmar and, well the list is endless! Some say it is double standards. I call it anti-Semitism.
30. Innocent children
Mike ,   New Zealand   (01.06.09)
I read a article that Hamas will revenge the innocent Palestinian childrens deaths with the targeting of innocent Jewish children anywhere in the world. Well lets hope this is just words. What I'm concerned with is that the innocent Palestinians have nowhere to go -the borders are closed, they have little choice but to stay and take their chances with their lives. Israel has one of the best fighting forces in the world however the civilised world does not look kindly to the killing of civilians.The civilian figures are not looking good and Israel will ultimately pay a price for this - lets hope its worth it. Just to make it clear to some of the posters - Children are innocent -just because they are in or near a building that is targeted they are still the innocent ones -they do not have the choice.
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