Venezuela expels Israeli envoy over Gaza
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Published: 06.01.09, 23:51
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31. Chavz' Venezuela = Bananna Repubic
USA   (01.07.09)
Back to selling banannas after oil is an irrelevant comodity.
32. retards at their best
david ,   dallas tx   (01.07.09)
russias puppet speaks
33. Terror
Madai ,   USA   (01.07.09)
Since 1949, let's take it this simple: Whoever killed more people of the other side is the terrorist. Dear reader, get the statistics & you do the math.
34. Communist Pig Chavez
usa   (01.07.09)
Every time this monkey opens his mouth, someone should shove a sock in it!
35. #25 they'e not cowards
NSM   (01.07.09)
they just realized that Israel was right.Hamas must kick out of Gaza so that the Palestinians or Gazans can have peace again.
36. Sounds like Israel needs to return the gesture
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.07.09)
Israel needs to expel Venezuela's ambassador and a comparable level of personnel. Maybe he'll have the privilege of being reposted to one of the Arab capitols. That would be poetic justice. Venezuelan Jews are already starting to leave. There's already a small community of exiles in Miami. But, as always, it's hard to sell property and businesses under such circumstances, and there are often restrictions on moving assets abroad.
37. This man kills his own people
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (01.07.09)
he is a dictator. a ruthless leader with blood on his hands (of his own people) just like Robert Mugabe i am amused by the support he gets from all the arabs on these talkbacks. death, murder, blood, killing, devistation, from Mumbai, to gaza, from London to New York - the final war will come, and Venezuela will find itself on the wrong side as the Christian/Jewish/Hindu/Buddist world takes on Islam once and for all
38. Inferior ignorant
Do not get upset, after all, he is an ignorant racist, and racism is the synonym of feelings of inferiority.
39. Your real name is Muhamed
And yes, you are an ignorant.
40. CIA can take him out.
Mike the Hammer ,   Miami Beach   (01.07.09)
I sense his days are numbered.
41. Israel shouldn't have diplomatic relations with communists
Chavez is a nobody.
42. 41 Chavez is an enemy of Israel and America; but when
Rivkah   (01.07.09)
his heart is in the right place, he can be very generous. He sells heating oil to the Kennedy company in Massachusetts at a low cost for the elderly to be able to afford heating oil. I don't know what has made him an enemy to America and Israel, but his association with communist nations is alarming. He is going to bring ruin to Venezuela instead of blessing.
43. Israel should be blamed
Zyriab ,   MontrĂ©al   (01.07.09)
Why Israelis are surprised with what Chavez has done? The way Israel is going will make many people in this world change their minds. Israel itself is becoming an extreme Jewish state that does not repsect other nations nor religions . So, Israel should blame itself at the end. Hopefully other nations like Turkey will have the guts to do what Chavez did.
44. #12&43 don't you see we don't care.
Moshe   (01.07.09)
45. Venezuala
Mark ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.07.09)
If Chavez is expelling your envoys, you must be dong something right.
46. viva Chavez!
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (01.07.09)
A rarity among men. A true leader with a conscience.
47. I c only 1 banana republic here....
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (01.07.09)
48. #35 NSM
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (01.07.09)
If killing Palestinian children makes Israel right, then by the same standard, killing Jewish children in the holocaust makes Hitler right.
49. reply to #40 Mike the hammer
and the KGB can take Goerge 'the cloWn' Bush out. His days are numbered. He will be out faster than you think.
50. ROFL
Tell me, What Zionist front signs YOUR check each payday? There were toadies like you chirping crap about Castro when he kicked the United States of Israel out of his home too. Mr. Chavez's party won this last term with ALMOST 70% of the vote. This does NOT of course, include the talking heads in the bourgeoise class, (to which you belong I'm sure).
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