IDF: Gaza to see noontime pause in fighting
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.01.09, 11:16
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1. Sure Hamas will "sort" this food...
... and give everything to their "Freedom Fighters".
2. Oy Vey .... is this how to fight a war?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.07.09)
Why don't we have the IDF serve tea & cookies to Gazans? War, by definition, is not a humanitarian project. War is about achieving objectives, casualties & body-counts, taking every advantage, seizing every opportunity to cause the enemy damage. You know this is not a military decision. This is our trio of losers giving in to international pressure while they discuss how they can lose the war without anyone noticing, meaning voters. If they think they can ''spin'' this right, the military operation will fizzle out. That this may endanger the lives of our soldiers is a secondary consideration. This is what they did in Lebanon & they are doing it again.
3. great idea, a few hours to replenish their weapons.
jo ,   israel   (01.07.09)
4. Noontime pause
DT ,   TA Isr   (01.07.09) Hamas can reorganise and set up more civilian human shields to hide behind while at the same time attacking the IDF.
5. The Art of War
Oudi   (01.07.09)
to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. That was written thousand years ago by Sun Tzu. To fight without fighting that takes more talent and skill.
6. #1#2#3#4#
masjnoe ,   netherland   (01.07.09)
you are very aggressive. you think only about jewish people, so you are not humane
7. Pausing is a bad idea
sandi ,   chicago   (01.07.09)
Why can't egypt provide those bastards?! Everything keeps falling on Israel's shoulders. Is nybody so stupid to not realize what "humanitarian needs" stands for in Hamas language?!
8. A new kind of war: Feed your enemy and also arm him!
m   (01.07.09)
Only Jews can device such a stupid self destruction
9. We always try to get our Schlafstunde [afternoon nap]
Rick & TC ,   Israel   (01.07.09)
between 1400 - 1600, even back in 'Nam. But the Charlies didn't understand the concept.
10. What a Misguided Action
Louise   (01.07.09)
So, do the IDF get to partake in some of these humanitarian supplies? Or just Hamas?
11. #6
Jane ,   Israel   (01.07.09)
Why don't you shut up and go away, or better still, cuddle up to your moslem buddies that are taking over your country. Humanitarian??? Explain why Hamas hides behind children, uses residential and other civilian buildings to stockpile their weapons, breaks up pipes from their Israeli-made sewage system in order to make pipe bombs (yes, we've had a few of these fired back at us, easily identifiable by their markings) and poses wounded children in front of the cameras before allowing them to be taken for treatment. Oh yes, we have some of their wounded in our hospitals. Their relatives are too scared to give their names or show their faces to the media for fear of retaliation by Hamas. You just don't know what you're taling about. Crawl back under your stone.
12. IDF afraid of fighting Hamas Fighters... Great Barak ,   Gaza   (01.07.09)
im sure that Israeli soldiers are so cowards , they killing innocents by Air fighters and scared of fighting palestinians man to man......
13. #5 or a submissive foreign media....
Danny   (01.07.09)
and the EU and UN riding to the rescue
14. How sweet you are inocent Engels
You kill the one ... and you walk in his funeral .
15. Jolly good, I say-how sporting. Tea & crumpets, anyone?
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (01.07.09)
Jolly good, I say - how sporting. Two shows a day, & an extended intermission. Tea & crumpets, anyone? Perhaps advertising breaks? But no matinee? Absolutely uncivilised, old chap! Don't forget to escort the media in, so that they can get their Pallywood productions re'hearsed', shot, & tape done in time for 6 PM news deadlines in London & NY. Can coaches & referees call time outs? Will Israel start renting out the Tzaelim reserves base to Hamas, to practice military maneuvers? It is close by-I have an uncle in the trade; I can get you a good deal! Gazans overwhelmingly voted Hamas in; now they cry? BBC/CNN/UN tear jerking... I guess that they would never dream of interviewing the families of Israelis killed, or traumatised children; life disrupted for years, or (an original idea!) some real background on Gaza, going back to , say 1948, 1967, and why all these "refugees" are there, in their squalid camps. Perhaps something on 1,000,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, all settledin Israel, as opposed to the miserable treatment their Arab "brethren" impose on "Palestinians"? I guess pressing an advantage or fighting to win is an archaic concept. 'We are tired of fighting; we are tired of winning'..." Allmerde, 2005 Expel CNN, and the BBC as Enemy Persona Non Grata Propagandists. Better yet, expel Kadima!
16. to#12 you mean hidding behind inocent children and womans
Salvador ,   USA   (01.07.09)
Hamas is not manly enough to do that. man to man? you don t know what you are saying.
17. #12, apparently we can't get to your great "fighters"
Danny   (01.07.09)
because they are hiding behind the skirts of their infinitely braver wives
18. Proof of life re: Shalit in exchange for brief pause!
19. #12 There is NO electricity in gaza,yet you find a way to
talk back?You are ,   fraud.!!!!   (01.07.09)
20. #12 I hear your 'brave fighters'went to school to crouch
down & hide between ,   the legs of ur kids!   (01.07.09)
21. #12 Hamas/Palestians are like rats
sandi ,   chicago   (01.07.09)
they multiply and hide. Israel is not hiding behind women and children, don't have several wives, dozens of kids who mean nothing to them. just get a new wife, thus more terrorist rats!!!!!!!!! The terrorist Hamas and their Palestinian stooges are hiding like rats. Israelis fight like REAL HEROES!
22. IDF approves "humanitarian" something or other-DUMB!
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (01.07.09)
When referring to gazans, "humanitarian" is an oxymoron!
23. #12 Why not call on your great allah to stop the war? What?
He's on vacation, ,   doesn't like you????   (01.07.09)
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