Toronto: Anti-war protestors enter consulate
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.01.09, 21:30
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1. ladies are you out of your freaking mind?
amymarkell ,   usa   (01.07.09)
you are traitors and should be over in gaza if you are so darn concerned
2. shameful self hating jews. it's just sad.
LINDAL ,   ISRAEL   (01.07.09)
4. our answer will be tomorrow night
alan ,   toronto   (01.07.09)
we are expecting thousands at the pro israel rally being held in toronto thursday night. Where were these lefties when 8000 rockets were raining down on Israel. ? I think these people are demented. No one likes to see civilians hurt but sometimes it is part of a conflict that Israel did NOT start Russia would have bombarded gaza a long time ago and i think this patience that israel does, does not serve her well. Finish the job and fast and get out (while most governments are on side)
5. End the occupation of Israeli territory
Jake   (01.07.09)
by these no-good terrorist-sympathizers. Show these riff-raffs the door.
6. Abhorrent Behaviour
marty ,   toronto, canada   (01.07.09)
The behavior of these misguided self hating Jews is a שאַנדע. The media here in Toronto is happy to interview the clowns who proudly proclaim their disloyalty to their people. There were several articles in the weekend media highlighting Judy Rebick and her ilk attending demonstrations.
7. Ladies! Having Hormone issues? Blame it HAMAS!!
8. anti jewish anti israel
real jew ,   israel   (01.07.09)
self hateful jews where were they when the hamas killed little children by fireing missiles in to israel shame on the dumb jewish israeli women what should the rest of the world do if you lay down with fleas you get up with fleas
9. Why sit in Toronto and oppose the war?
m   (01.07.09)
Go to Sderot and do it from there! Let's see all the brave women who fight the consulate.
10. Jewish democratic values let selfhaters express themselves.
robert renders ,   belgium   (01.07.09)
Always have, always will. It's one of the strenghts of the Jewish People.
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.07.09)
Sovereignty,next time it could be al-qaeda.Stupid stupid self-hating jewish women.
12. No Wonder
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.07.09)
as Israel with its cast lead operation endangered the Jews all around the world and opened the door for anti-semitism fanatics that have no more objections againest any extreme worng dong ... Israel is just too stupid and arrogant to understand that this has been the worst war they fought with longterm resutls that distroyed any hope for a solution in this conflict.
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.09)
14. Dementia self destruction & Jews
Hadrian B ,   nyc NY   (01.07.09)
I am Canadian born and a Jew and ashamed that we can breed our own self destruction under the banner of peace and liberalism.
15. Self haters
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim, Israel   (01.07.09)
There is nothing more despicable than self hating Jews. These women should be ashamed of themselves. Evidently, this is their sick way of appeasing their gentile neighbors.
16. Security Guards Or Social Workers?
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.07.09)
Well I suppose they know what they are doing.
17. Ashamed
Lavi ,   Toronto   (01.07.09)
As an Israeli living in Toronto. I am ashamed of these women. I can assure all the Israelis living in Israel, that the majoraty of the Jewish population in Toronto and Canada stands in solidarity with you and the IDF.
18. ??? NOT NORMAL ???
David ben Yaakov ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.07.09)
Being a Jewish citizen of Toronto, I STRONGLY condemn this kind of activity and I am very embarrassed by it. We in Toronto, just like any other city in a democratic country, have the right of freedom of speech & expression. But fellow human beings in "certain" countries are banned from expressing their views, esprecially those that are being held hostage by a group of thugs in Gaza. Instead of you Jewish women protesting a defensive operation by OUR HOMELAND, protest the ongoing atrocities carried out by those loser thugs in Gaza on the local population (but then again, didn't the people elect those thugs???)
19. The Whole World Is Watching
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.07.09)
Israelis should stop deluding themselves. What the Israeli military is doing is illegal as defined by international law. The world knows this. Nothing you can do or say justifies what is happening. I know that it is a custom where many young Israelis travel after their military service. Understand that sometime in the near future Israeli tourists may have to prove that they did not participate in war crimes. You may not think this can happen but it can. The world is fed up with what we are seeing happening to the Palestinian people. Calling people anti-semites and trying to play the eternal victim card will not work. Those wells of good will and guilt have dried up. Israel will be judged by what it is doing today. Someday your friend or relative may be hauled into a foreign court for serving in the IDF or IAF.
20. lybian guy
LARRY ,   USA   (01.07.09)
just face it you are pissed and humiliated as you should be your fake macho hamas fighters were all mouth and no fight defeated and hiding like school girlS THE WORLD RESPECTS JEWS WHO FIGHT AND LOOK DOWN ON THEM WHEN THE STAND AND GET PUNCHED
21. A Sad Microcosm And Reflection Of
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.07.09)
Modern Israel.Even in its embassies staff/Diplomats have to hide in safe rooms bunkers.Appears to be a failing in security?
22. #19, the whole world was watching Hamas launch rockets too
Barbara ,   Atlanta, Georgia   (01.07.09)
The "whole world" said and did nothing about it. So the "whole world" and all the Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Iranian stooge useful idiots in it can kindly shut up at this time.
23. I hope their names are put on a black list
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.07.09)
These people think they are SO morally superior, but they are rather selective in their moral outrage. If it were in charge, I'd mark their Israeli IDs and put them on a list of security risks so they can be refused entry to Israel and diplomatic stations. Note that the University of Toronto was instrumental in getting the "boycott Israel" movement going on campuses.
24. World Citizen # 19
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (01.07.09)
Now that's a stupid, unrealistic comment!
25. The difference between screaming animals and fighting people
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.07.09)
Animals just scream,unreasonably.They don't understand their reasons.Actually,they don't have reasons,it is just their nature to scream.They are blinded in their own darkeness.They scream just like all animals do,in different ways-you know,kind of ta-lu-la-las and tra-la las "human's"version. Fighting people have reasons,they understand why they are screaming.They find solutions.They make humanity progress,go forward. These women in the Toronto consulate are of the first case.There is no difference between them and animals.There is no difference between them and any other form of blind hate and blind primitiveness. Unfortunately,we have to deal with this....Pity and sad...
26. Expect Copycat Attacks On Embassies
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.07.09)
Elsewhere.Israeli embassy needs a couple of big Shtarkers,or bouncers to eject these protestors unceremoniously on to their arses.
27. The women need a good man maybe
Mike ,   Baltimore   (01.07.09)
Amenophis ,   canada   (01.07.09)
Bunch of idiotic pacifist! And this is what gets the ear of the media.
29. I will marry them
Mohammed ,   Mecca   (01.07.09)
will trade three camels for each one.
30. An Embassy is National Property
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (01.07.09)
An embassy is not to be violated. If this is ignored by Canadian police, then Israeli personnel there have a perfect right to protect those areas by every means at hand. If that means merely forceful ejection, OK. If stronger methods are necessary, so be it.
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