World citizens, wake up!
Rotem Jackoby
Published: 07.01.09, 23:32
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1. Ring Ring "Hello civilian, guess who's coming... !" Click.
David ,   Canberra Australia   (01.08.09)
"I am proud to belong to this nation, which has such moral army. I ask myself the following questions: does the world know that the IDF calls and warns civilians before it strikes their homes, used as Hamas arms caches? Does the world know that in response to this, Hamas men place women and children on the roofs of buildings, because they know the IDF won't target them? " This quote from Rotem epitomises the concerns of the international community. A group of European people use their experiences in WW2 as an excuse to invade Palestine, subjugate it's legitimate citizens under international law in refugee camps, makes them poor and defenceless by taking everthing they have in the name of some supernatural deity that no-one has ever seen, herd them into places like the west bank (1.5 million people) and cry when they don't give up even after 60 odd years of resistance. The Palestinian people voted democratically for their government, they are crowded like fish in a barrell as the most terrifying judeo-christian arsonel of munitions ever seen is pored down on their heads, they have not yet lost the war or this current battle (their friends in Lebanon beat the Israelis in 2006 - an historic victory), and when they have weapons in their homes it is to protect their families from Israeli attack. Palestinian children are being bombed and shot at the same time as their mothers and fathers, and are being left homeless. They have never known freedom or the type of utility services (ie: water, electricity, gas, hospitals, food infrastructure) known to Israelis. And to add further insult to injury, all Israeli adults are part of an organised military structure, and all of Israels military infrastructure is funded by an amount equive alent to the Trillians of ongoing international aid that Israel takes for granted. The world is watching, and we don't like what we see.
2. I agree 110% with author
amy markell ,   usa   (01.08.09)
And I am proud that the government while not perfect, has finally done something about the boarder bombs affecting the lives of our citizens. It had/has to be done. Now maybe the rest of the world will eventually respect us, if not like us ,well they never did anyways, nothing lost there. But this had to be. Just like passover plagues. see links http://www.tsofar.com/zofar/mashtap/show.asp?id=13333
3. amazing article
Lw ,   London   (01.08.09)
I have tears in my eyes. In answer to your questions: the world doesn't want to know. I have come to accept in the last couple of days, that we are Jews and this is all part of it. We have to deal with the hate and the denial and there's not a lot we can do to change it. It's not a defeatist attitude, we Jews are all brothers and sisters, we have each other and we have G-d and that is enough to survive.
4. #3
SBK ,   Hong Kong   (01.08.09)
You are not alone! There are people here in Hong Kong who fully supports Israel and the Jews.
6. wake up call
BT ,   Jax, FL. USA   (01.08.09)
Trust me we are awake it is just that the nuts have the mic. God Bless you all, and you are in my prayers. BT
7. Can I use your letter Mr. Rotem Yacobi
Magen David ,   USA   (01.08.09)
Hi, I am an Israeli living abroad and I have opened an "internet front" to help Israel's PR efforts. I think the letter you wrote on Haaretz 01.07.09 Israel Opinion section is wonderful and I would like to use it or parts of it to cut and paste into a new video I am producing. I will use an alias name and will use the text in the video while pictures are shown in the background. Would that be ok with you? Thank you and best wishes for you and kol am Israel!
8. Number 1
Libneniyyeh ,   Beirut/Canada   (01.08.09)
I salute you David - you have my respect. 2&3 - you are blind - the author does not know the true meaning of being subjugated to daily terror and fear. He only THINKS he does. He is a student unable to concentrate? How about being a student studying for months under candle light in a shelter, or at the fragments of a desk out on the dusty street? You have new clothes, new text books, tution paid - a clogge to go to. What Palestinian citizen is allowed access to a respectable college? Or even allowed access to a job? Or allowed access to come and go as he/she pleases? The world has no more sympathy for Israel, and your broken record is worn out. Shalom Alaikum
9. The world still using the Jews as perfect victims,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.08.09)
When they will stop their hates and jealousies to Jews there will be the peace, we need strong and undefeatable IDF until that day , Am Israel Khai
10. opened my eyes
georg cecil ,   mumbai, india   (01.08.09)
yes im with U and Israel,thank you for keeping the world safer.prayng for israel. thanx 4 yr. article, it opened my eyes to reality!!
11. To #1
Dave ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.08.09)
Obviously hasn't read much or been to the region. I recommend Australia David spends time with each side before spewing his disgusting biased thoughts.
12. So call "Free World" don't understand that RULES now is
Bob ,   Moscow   (01.08.09)
Darwin Theory - if U not a Winner, that U a Looser - but not a "Clause 51 of the UN convention", & afraid "wake up call" for them will be very painfull...
13. David such hogwash
14. David from Australia
Yaron ,   USA   (01.08.09)
You neglect to mention one thing in your well written piece.....the arabs have ALWAYS rejected in the most beligerent way the continuous presence of Jews in historic Israel for more than 3,000 years and till this day are still pissing in their drinking water all the while continuing to be absolute in their demands with nothing to offer in return. Your arrogance and moral equivalence is most appalling coming from a bloke in a country that was raped and pillaged from its indegenous population. You almost sounded intelligent until you got all self-righteous and pompous...may you stew in the ignorance that makes up your very being.
15. #8
Yaron ,   USA   (01.08.09)
C'mon now, you almost had me there for a second. If the Arabs would stop being rejectionists, the Gazans would be living in one of the most modern sectors of the middle east. Remember the mood when peace seemed possible? But of course the macho bravado that dictates decision-making has inhibited the Pals ability to live life normally. That my friend is not Israel's fault! If the Pals stop firing for one second you willl find a partner for peace in Israel (just as Jordan and Egypt).....keep shooting and suffer the consequences! Salam Aleykem
16. The war declared on Israel is a war declared against the...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.08.09)
The war declared on Israel is a war declared against the West. Israel has been under threat since the day it was established, and we know how to handle these threats and will do so now as well. Israelis traveling abroad have to be especially alert and pay attention to any abnormal occurrences. Today, we are not alone. The war declared on Israel is a war declared against the Western Civilisation by Islam. This might be the beginning of a world war as explained at : http://xrl.us/bjfox
17. to #1 David Canberra
jacob ,   tempe, az   (01.08.09)
you said: "in the name of some supernatural deity that no-one has ever seen" HE (JAH) has nothing to do with them anymore. Trust me. It is HIS adversary that they have aligned with now.
18. Send article to BBC, CNN
Donna ,   TX   (01.08.09)
19. reply
Joyce ,   Israel   (01.08.09)
When will Israel wake up to the fact that so-called civilized countries want its fall?
20. The world doesn't care
daniel   (01.08.09)
They will blame you
21. SKY news knows for SURE!
Talula ,   Israel   (01.08.09)
Hamas' Osama Hamden was interviewed last night by Jeremy, and at the end of the interview he said: " thank you for talking to us, OSAMA BIN LADEN!!!!" LOL!!! then Hamden corrected him. Freudian moment there on SKY!
22. David- downunder
Miriam ,   Canada   (01.08.09)
David, dear- your writing and thinking gives new meaning to the word DOWNUNDER- I wonder does it mean 'under a rock'? Where have you been? Must have slept all through history class- or have you been inhaling something? Please go to the library and READ up on history of the Middle East- and then come back when you have something valuable to add to this TB- Good Luck Aussie.
23. No You Rotem Yacobi Needs To Wake
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.08.09)
Up.The world simply does not like Jews.
24. Good Luck David Canberra
Gabon ,   Does it matter?   (01.08.09)
I love the courage demonstrated by David. He comes on this infected website like myself and shows his courage to stand up for the truth to these biased devils of hell. To the ignorance of you dumb idiot jews and americans...learn the truth. Go to ISRAEL and see what is happening. If you wonder what the prison area is... it's Palestine. You stupid jews with your stupid UN money think the world owes you something? I wish Hitler finished his job with your worthless souls.
25. #1 - I agree
Jacob ,   Sharon US   (01.08.09)
I'm glad to see someone else sees it the way the majority of intelligent people who don't watch nationalistic or right-wing propaganda television programs. I've supported Palestine this entire time, and I really want an honest response to this question. Isn't it possible, just possible, that the fact that the Palestinians feel robbed is the cause of their rockets? If you are forced from your home at gun-point, what are you going to do? Leave or fight back to the best of your abilities? I feel that this whole thing is because the Palestinians won't lie down and die quietly like the Israelis would like. I also would like to ask, rather randomly I admit, why the Israel attack two, count them, TWO UN schools? Why does Israel use Tungsten bombs? Why are they using Uranium depleted rounds? Cluster bombs? And of all things, why do they insist on using White Phosphorus? These things together are basic war crimes, as stated by the Geneva Convention. White Phosphorus itself, if I'm not mistaken, is actually banned under international law. I see this as an attempt at genocide. If the Israeli bombs don't disintegrate the Palestinians, then your Uranium will give them cancer, if that doesn't work, some will be disfigured or sterile because of the side effects. I also read an article saying that Israel was putting Palestinians in camps. Sound familiar? In short, this is nothing short of systematic genocide, and the world will notice and there will be consequences.
26. The world knows
Blue ,   Ocala, Florida USA   (01.08.09)
The world knows but most choose to ignore the wolf until it is at their door. Then it's too late. I would think that after the slaughter on 9/11 , every American would be reminded of what it felt like to be a Jew and support Israel in every way. As a Christian I am commaded to support Israel, but I do so out of love. History and the Koran itself prove that this brand of terrorism started with Mohammed over 1300 years ago and will stop only when Muslims set themselves free with the truth about Islam. Until then they will reap what they sow. Sadly much of the world suffers also.
27. To #1
ex-syrian jew   (01.08.09)
What does WWII have to do with it? Myself and more than 50% of the population in Israel were driven out of Arab lands where our families lived for centuries by our arab neighbors.
28. Lebanese, take a look in the mirror before posting
the Palestinians in Lebanon don't have it any better than the people of Gaza. They aren't allowed access out of the camps, they can't find a job within the camps, they aren't allowed to study certain professions and can't study outside of the camps, they get medical treatment only within the camps....Not to mention that you bombed one of their camps to dust with Artillery 1.5 years ago without caring for their well being.
29. I suggest people read #5, there's no other reason for this
conflict than the hate taught and demonstrated by the Arabs. Israelis and Jews are never taught to hate like this.
30. To David from Canberra Australia
Zuri ,   Sydney Australia   (01.08.09)
I would like to relate to some of the things you have said: First I understand the anguish and the dismay of fatalities in Gaza, In fact not just me, but many Jewish people and Israelis around the world are against any collective punishment against Palestinians Your mixing and lacking of commonsense when it come to understand this article, There is no excuse of people which been to Holocaust to use their experience and suffering to inflict pain and misery on Palestinian people, neither to invade Gaza, in fact,this is a very stupid remark and you simply did not read the entire article, or you just read bits and wanted to lash out at the Israelis and Jews as one with no-real understanding that this about a person that wish to live in PEACE Certainly Israel do not have a problem with Terrorist group HAMAS as democratically elected government, Israel is only concerned action executed by this terrorist organization agains Israeli citizens We are all against the killing of innocent civilians, there is no justification for killing ANYONE in Gaza We only ask for Palestinians to stop firing rockets at Israel, that's all . Living in Australia give you a different perspective over life around the world, Yes I understand you feel somewhat righteous and that Australian soldiers alongside their American and British counterpart fighting war against terrorism avoiding civilian casualties you maybe in LALALAND because you not know what's going on Finally David or Daud according to you spelling mistakes, We are all AGAINST killing Palestinians, Israeli in not against Palestinian people. Yes we would like to live side by side with Palestinians as long as Hamas does not fire rocket further and further into Israel and then hide behind women and children Israel will protect it's citizens, it does not wish any casualties however Israel prefer peaceful option and true cease fire
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