In praise of harsh response
Ophir Falk
Published: 08.01.09, 18:44
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1. Change the title:
GUH   (01.08.09)
In praise of war crimes.
2. To #1 GUH
Adam ,   Minnesota, USA   (01.08.09)
Change your title to "In Defense of War Crimes". Israel is not targeting civilians, and they are responding to acts of terror. Hamas is targeting civilians with unprovoked terror attacks. Why does the left find this so difficult to understand? They need to read up on the actual laws instead of screaming 'war crime!' every time a country tries to protect it's citizens. The law is on Israel's side.
3. GUH - nice to see friends of Hamas visit here too.
Alon K. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.08.09)
Mr GUH is either a self-hating leftist, some other type of appeaser, is working for the enemy, is the enemy, or is completely mis-informed. "War crimes" would be bombing the Gaza strip till even the roaches were extinct. It would be much easier and cheaper for Israel to do that. Instead we are trying our best to avoid civilian casualties, which is really hard when hamas drag kids as human shields or fire there missiles from inside populated areas. Either way, GUH is currently liked by Hamas.
4. What a sick and evil menthality
George ,   Canada   (01.08.09)
A clear article about the sick mentality conducting this war. Mass massacre and the horror among civilians create the deterrent. This is the main combat policy of Israeli politicians and IDF generals. IDF shooting every thing, not respecting any war rules, UN posts UNRWA aids, Red Cross, Medical Ambulances and humanitarian aids purposely to create disaster among population making any future resistance very costly..
5. Someone Will Do Disproportionate Response on You
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (01.08.09)
and will justify it with the same argument. Stop this madness before it's too late.
6. #1: Why would the author praise Hamas' war crimes?
Steve   (01.08.09)
What would be your response to Hamas' war crimes were you in charge?
7. Realistic Outlook
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (01.08.09)
Thank you Mr. Falk for the realistic outlook on the conflict. It's nice to know that some Yediot/Ynet columnists still have clear minds. Between the extreme-left lunacy and the extreme-right religious fanaticism, I and many others have begun to lose faith in the editorials we read here. Good job!
8. very much to the point
Jacob ,   Beer Sheva   (01.08.09)
I would like to know if the famous legend that terror acts are committed out of desperation and that therefore a harsh response causes new terror is of French or Palestinian origin. Anyway, it is totally wrong, as the article rightly says.
9. Good Grief, Common Sense.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.08.09)
My G-d, what a shock. Mr Falk, where have you been hiding all this time since Osloitis set in? I can't believe what I'm reading - actual, honest-to-G-d COMMON SENSE. Truely, I am shocked. After all the brain-dead BS I have been reading in the Israeli (and other) media, I had lost hope that any sane people were left in the journalistic profession. Really, you made my day. Thank you.
10. O, so macho!
Isis ,   Ciaro - Egypt   (01.08.09)
An army covers its imiltary incapability with brutality. I will only say to you that your grandparents, the victims of the Holocaust, would feel shame in their graves, listening to someone like you puking out the exact military doctrines of the Nazi murderers. 'Kill 100 Arabs for every Jew!, 'Burn the ground behind you'; 'A good Palestiinian is a dead Palestinian'. Keep on, you are acting out the recepy of your own self-destruction. And by the way, it seems Hamas has managed to learn at last some military lessons from Hizbullah, it doesn't look so good for the 'supreme deterrence power' of the Land of Isreal right now. ... Thank you so much Isreal, you seem to have managed to Islamize the whole area, and bring us all back under the spectre of fascism, be it Zionist or Islamist!!! Our dream of peace is in tatters ...
11. what about.......
human ,   world   (01.08.09)
what about justice and giving the terrorist back thier homes and land
12. Misconception??
bear ,   chicago, il   (01.08.09)
Maybe to the Kadima/Labor leaders & Meretz but it was apparent to just about everyone else that unilateral withdrawl was doomed from the start. Thank Barak for starting this slippery slope in 2000.
13. #1 - GUH, And what exactly is the targeted murder...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.08.09)
And what exactly is the targeted murder of civilians/non-combatants? "Resistence"? Boy, what I wouldn't give to see the expression on your face when facts and logic give you a cold, hard wake-up call...
14. To #1 Y're right
norman ,   france, Eurabia   (01.08.09)
Judge Hamas for lack of intelligence, systematic attack on civilian targets, calling the murder and discrimination racial, non-compliance with international conventions, use civilians as human bocliers, inhuman and degrading treatment Prisoners and ... I could go
15. To #1: since when is killing muslim terrorists a war crime?
Mike ,   Israel   (01.08.09)
And if it is a war crime, then I don't want to be on the side of the law.
16. Ignoring our right to resist occupation
S Awaad ,   palestine   (01.08.09)
Disproportional response against our justified resistance is the most effective catalyst for our victory. Your great mistake lies in your stupid ignoring of our very natural right to resist you as occupier. Every normal human being must acknowledge the right for every individual to resist occupation and oppression. In reality the israelis are now and in this moment are terrorising the palestinian people.Please have some imagination!! .. four childrens setting around their killed mother for three days...! This case is documented and i hope you will see it soon.
17. #2 from #1
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (01.08.09)
Yes, and Arab murderers launching rockets at Israeli children - in your pathetic excuse for a brain - are deemed 'Freedom Fighters.' Get your head out of your toches! Maybe then what comes out of your brain won't resemble the brown stuff!
18. Succesful politics?
John ,   Europe   (01.08.09)
Oh, yes, how long are you making attacks on Hamas? How many targeted killings? How many armed men killed? How many arms caches destroyed? AND YOU STILL ARE AT WAR WITH THEM? This more looks like a guy who goes down the road, steps on the stone, falls, turns back, goes again, again steps on the same stone, falls, turns back, goes again... Successful tactics, I say.
19. Finally Israel woke up
Alin ,   Bucharest, Romania   (01.08.09)
I strongly agree with the article. My country fought for 6 centuries with muslims and the only valid option was the brute force. In the context of modern terrorism , you should not wait the foes' rockets to reach Tel-Aviv. Strike them hard and they will respect you.The muslims only obey the iron fist. As for the guys who condemn Israel actions....what would USA do if Los Angeles would be attacked with rocket fire from inside Mexico?What if Montreal would be hit from rocket fired from Ottawa? I think we all know the answer, so let's not talk crap about pity for the snake! Long live Israel!
VERY SICK   (01.08.09)
21. Isis from Egypt #10
Jacob ,   Beer Sheva   (01.08.09)
Miltary incapability ? The IAF could pulverize Gaza within 3 days, that would have been macho, don't you think? But to risk your own life in order to save the Hamas voters, that I call truly heroic. And to all that we did, now WE are the one's who islamized the region? That was Mohamed, wasn't he?
22. Proportion is a red herring
Tara Kennedy ,   Baltimore, MD   (01.08.09)
Proportional is only an issue when you are finding an appropriate punishment. Here, Israel is not seeking to punish Gazans. Israel is seeking to debilitate Hamas' ability to continue rocketing. We don't have to be proportional about eliminating active rocketing. If my child is held by a single gunman holding one gun, I don't call the police and tell them only to bring only one officer with one gun. I want my child defended with all resources available.
23. So when the enemy uses the same logic on us will it be ok?
24. to isis and aswad
dovdevan ,   ashdod   (01.08.09)
there are things youpi may try to evade or ignore week-end didn t initiateur this war!! a lot of arabs country like egypte jordan and saudia are very glad to see that week-end doing the dirty job once again because a lot of moderate arabs states don, t want to see hamas states in their own country soir youpi canaille guess why they keep to be very silent!! noboby isis against the palestinian people only against those killers who hides in mosque or civlian home while their children and women are dying
25. #16, # 18
Sophie ,   formerly Germany   (01.08.09)
#16: Occupation means resistance? NO Sir. Germans built up a wonderful democracy under occupation, and profited from it. You only love your sick blood-and-death romance, and you know what? You don´t have that right. #18: Hmmm. So maybe something isn´t right in what you say... Could be, couldn´t it?
26. #16, you have thr right to resist
Jacob ,   Beer Sheva   (01.08.09)
what ever you feel unconfortable with, even "occupation", but couldn't you think of another way to resist? Sit ins, demonstrations? I recommend Yoga or learning at universities. Ok, there is this thing about the virgins, but look: so many teenagers...they make noise and shriek all the time. Resist civilly and it works.
27. Hi Jacob
Isis ,   Cairo Egypt   (01.08.09)
'Pulvarizing Gaza within 3 days' is eaxctly what I meant by 'military incapability' combined with a sad macho bragging of a people who were not so long ago themselves victims of the horrors of the 'uberman'. At least 1/3 of the Palestinian victims so far are women and children, and that is not to say that all men killed by IAF are combatants either. Those who voted Hamas in are just as blameworthy, from a peace-loving perspective, as those who voted Sharon in. In the last 12 years, the Hamas 'rockets' on Isreal has killed, so i read, 12 Israeli civilians. Just as many as IAF targetted-killing operations do in the course of a 'good' week. Have a sense of proportion! And remember that the Palestinians in Gaza are already refugees who had lost their homeland in the same operation by which you have acquired one! Could I have put it in a more polite way?
28. to 10; what article did you read?
bruno ,   bouxwiller france   (01.08.09)
Dear Mrs.Isis PEACE and dreams are nice words. people who simply hate Israel and refuse to accept its existence should not talk about peace. If PEACE is not in the heart, it is very hypocrite to pronounce it. If PEACE is not in your heart you cannot blame ISRAEL for that. It is your own personal fault. Stop talking about Nazis and similar things. It is cheap talk and shows zero knowledge. The Peace dream is in pieces everywhere, from North Korea to South Africa, from Zimbabwe to Congo. I doubt these people will say that it is ISRAEL's fault. Make peace with God first. Read the Gospel. Change direction, escape from the jew haters.
29. Simple Logic
Luis ,   Auckland New Zealand   (01.08.09)
Anyone who has ever been in a fist fight knows that if someone punches you one in the face, for example, you don't just punch him one in the face and leave it at that - you go in there constantly hitting with all you've got until he can't get up off the floor. As far as I'm concerned there's no such thing as "disproportionate response." You either fight to win or don't fight at all.
30. If anyone has any more questions...
GUH   (01.08.09)
Try to ask them one at a time- debating against 7 people is like telling an angry mob to shut up... okay? Later...
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